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Am curious about the best places to hurt for Flame Heart, Mystic Frozen, and Rough Wind. Am doing the job change quest for TaeKwon Master. Already got Great Nature. Any help would be greatly appechated(sp?).

Currently hurting for Mystic Frozen. Can't enter Undersea Tunnel since it is Vip only. I read that a dungeon I could try is the Brasilis, but don't too much info on it on the wiki site.

Edit. Thought I would edit this instead of posting another topic. Was able to get Mystic Frozen, and Rough wind. Rough wind was bought for 45k. Mystic Frozen was a gift from a kind player. All that is left is Flame Heart. Until I see someone selling one in the market. Plan on hunting monsters that carry the item and work on leveling up so I can fight them. Monster that is closest to my level is Panzer Goblin. To get ready. Plan on fighting the Orcs and doing the equipment quest.

Edit 2. Was able to finish the job change quest. Bought Flame heart for 50k, and bought the next set of items I needed. Gold dust for 3k and the other item for 15k. Noticed something odd happened to the cam during the quest though. It had changed the view point.
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Best place to hunt for Mystic Frozen is in the Ice Dungeon near Rachel, actually.

What server are you on? I think I have some of those items on my alt account on Ymir that I could give you.
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Ice Dungeon is also known as Ice Cave right? The info on the site said it can be found on the Ice Titans there.

Na, I am on Yggdrasil.

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