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My Blacksmith has me bored. Shame too, it's at 93. But when you're throwing gil away in the god damn clock tower all day while soloing you start thinking of other ways to amuse yourself.

I've decided I want to play a Ninja. I know that Ninjas focusing on their magical skills have, with Renewal, seen reduced effectiveness. So I'm looking at how I can make a Ninja that is primarily Killing Stroke focused, but can also level via throwing. It should, in theory, be quite doable. In reality I'm dumb. I am really really dumb. For real.

So here's some questions:

1.)Throwing weapons, how do they work? And I don't want to talk to a Sage, because you know. They lie. And anger me.

Actually my question is: where do Kunai fit into the mix? I'm told that Huuma Shuriken are high damage, but high delay, throwing weapons and Shuriken are low damage weapons that really aren't worth it. Kunai are apparently moderate damage... when do I choose them over Huuma?

2.)Does anyone know what stats, if any, infleunce Coin Toss/Zenny Throw/Throw Coins? I know it's expensive. That's not what I'm asking.

3.)Clearly for a build that I'm considering STR, VIT, and DEX would all be important skills, with a heavy emphasis on STR and VIT. How much AGI should I consider, and why? I just can't seem to come to terms with such a simple little thing. Like STR I know I can easily get to 100, focusing on the right gear to push it there. Vitality I'll probably push to about 80. Haven't figured out Dex yet, not terribly worried about LUK or INT but might set them to be 10 with full bonuses. But... that AGI... :c
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Oh my, I should check Gaia more often.

Anyway. You actually won't need that much AGI if you get the ninja skill Cicada Skin Shed--a fool proof auto-dodge is a lot better than Flee that may or may not proc, provided you use it carefully. Still, getting about 20 to 30 AGI wouldn't be a bad idea. It helps with attack speed and after cast dely (which Throw Huuma has, if I remember correctly).

Don't forget to get a moderate amount of DEX for kunai accuracy! 40 or 50 should do it.

As for the weapons themselves...well, the Huuma shuriken are a bit slower and you have to line mobs up just right in order to make the most of them, but the greater amounts of damage they do make them a good choice for higher levels. You could just use kunai until about level 75 or so; they're relatively inexpensive and do enough damage to make them worthwhile leveling tools for most mobs. Plus if I remember correctly they come in a lot of elemental types, allowing you to gain the elemental advantage in most situations.
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First of all, it'll really help us if you're going to tell us what server you're playing in, the features (i.e rate, max lvl/jlvl, max stat and skill points, does it have a stat/skill reset NPC, possibility of obtaining MVP cards, custom items etc.)

Scratch that. Private servers aren't allowed here, lol.

Items that increase Str and Atk are a must (Box of resentments, Stat Foods)

I suggest that you don't follow a hybrid build, since it only halves your efficiency with Killing Stroke. Regarding to the stat build, I think you should check RMS's forums. There are builds there that can be done in official servers.

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