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So yeah, I opted for a no skill crusader, just pure AGI, but I'm having a hard time leveling now even with AFM. Same with my other characters. Knight and Gunslinger.

For some reason I always hit a wall when I reach 80. Currently killing wraiths and evil druids but the exp is too small. like 1.5 or something.

Know any place where I can level up?
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yum_tea You're going to have a hard time until you actually get skills. Even passive skills like Increase HP Regen or Spear Mastery would help you level more efficiently.

Evil Druids and Wraiths should tide you over 'til 85, at which point you should switch over to killing Dark Priests until 90 and then grab an ice weapon and fire armor to go to Magmarings until 99. That's the easy way. There are, of course, many other places to level. You should use the iRO Wiki Database to search for monsters 10-15 levels higher than you in order to maximize your EXP gains.

Good luck!
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I've been going one map south of Veins to kill the Stapos at lvl 80. Just ignoring the plants till I'm higher level.

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