Hello there, I a, LionheartedTANK, call me Lion or Leo.

I am the leader of the guild -SanctuS- in Ragnarok Online, Valkyrie Server!

I am having a hard time finding decent applicants so I will set up my guild and members info here.

Here is the ranking-
0- Holy King of -Sanctus- Can Invite members, Punish 0% tax
1- Holy Queen of -SanctuS- Can Invite members, Punish 0% tax
2- Holy General(only can be 3) Can Invite members, Punish 2% tax
3- Royal Guard Can invite members, Punish 4% tax
4- Royal Healer(Priests) Can Invite members, Punish 6% tax
5- Divine Knights (only can be 4)Can Invite Members, Punish 8% tax
6- Royal Bankers(mechants/blacksmiths)Can Invite Members, Punish 10% tax
7- Royal Assassins (cross/Assassins/thiefs /ninja)Can Invite Members,Punish 15%
8- Royal Squire Can Invite Members, 20% tax
9- Ancient Royalty Can Invite Members, 25% tax
10-Royalty Can Invite Members. 30% tax
11-High Noble Can Invite Members, 32% tax
12-Noble Can Invite Members, 34% tax
13-Veteran Member Can Invite Members,36% tax
14-Official Member Can Invite Members 38% tax
15-Teacher Squire 40% tax
16- Squire Leader 45% tax
17- Adept Squire 50% tax
18- Squire 55% tax
19-Recruit 75% tax(usually dont make a recruit unlee...)

I usually make people royalty or higher, if like them or they pay the fee.

This is a guild for level 60+ members and will change to excluded to lvl 150 when i am a royal guard. Our goal is to me number 1, and we have events and offical ceremonies, our guild hall is the Prontera Church. If your a recruit it costs 75,000zeny to rank to official member, and 25,000zeny for each additional rank after for anyone aswell. Rank 6 and up you have to be my elite of the elite.Personal trusted and do a S class mission.(will explain missions later) To rank normally you have to do E, D, C, B, A, S, and SS missions and a certain number, low ranks and levels will get Es.

Now heres the list of Guild members-
LionheartedTANK Crusader Base 82, job 45 Holy King of SanctuS
apreel Priest Base 44 job 1 Royal Healer, future Queen, my fiancee(she special)
Gildas Priest Base 73 job 39 Royal Healer
Leiber Knight Base 60 job 22 Holy general
BurningStars Ninja Base 23 job 22 Royal Squire(He rebirthed so hes pas 99)
Hibobobo13 Assassin base 90 Job 52 Royal Assassin

We have 16 spots open.

We also have (as soon as we get merchants) a sort fo guild bank, you donate those item to me or the Royal Bankers and make sure I know, we will sell and either give you the money with a 10% cut, or if you let us, keep it and hold it for other played to buy things, higher ranks allow you to barrow more money.

If you would like to join, PM me on gaia or a probably better way would me message me, lion, on ragnarok, and I will hold a test for you. You pass your in, when your an official member we pull all the guild members together and have a ceremony at the Prontera church where we also hold all meetings. Only requirments are, base level over or equal to 60, rebirthed, a fun person who i can get along with even a bit, dont bot, and are willing to do what ever you can for the guild.

WE want YOU to join us!