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just wondering who else has been a GM/Sub-GM/Admin/Sub-Admin any server [just dont name the server ~.~] here on the wonderful world of Gaia and what you liked about being a GM.

I loved being a sub-admin before the admin of the server I worked for decided to betray his staff. It was fun helping people with their problems and stuff xD.
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If you're asking about ROs GMs, you're in the wrong place. You'll be better off asking Heim and the others at RO's official forums.


If you're asking about Gaia's forum administrators, you're still in the wrong place. You should go to the Community Discussion forum and ask your question there.

While I've never been an Admin/Mod here on Gaia, I have served in that capacity on other forums in the past. I was a Moderator at the old Cherry Blossom Boards (first a Local Mod on the Artistic Endeavors Forum, then a Global Moderator) and an Administrator at its later incarnation, TsubasaForums.Net. I had fun at both jobs, though I think I might have been a better Admin than I was a Mod simply because by then I was older, more experienced, and more mature in how I dealt with people. Both times I was allowed to deal with rule breakers and troublemakers pretty much however I deemed fit, and as a teenaged Mod I often resorted to public humiliation to keep people in line. That was...not the best course of action, and when the CBB went down and reincarnated as TF.Net years later, I avoided doing that to the best of my ability. (I won't say I was perfect, I did indeed mess up and behave boorishly a couple of times when some people pushed my buttons a bit too hard.) Still, both my service as a Mod and as an Admin were valuable learning experiences for me, and I appreciate Shannon and Steph giving me the chance to work with them all those years ago.

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