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I have a Pauldron, with one card slot, and I'm not sure what options I should consider. I do have a Yoyo Card, but not sure how good Perfect Dodge + 5 is. Any suggestions?

Edit: this is for a Blacksmith/Mastersmith
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Generally speaking, most people stick Raydric or Whisper cards in their garments for 20% neutral property resistance or 20 Flee, respectively. Considering only Swordsman/Merchant/Thief types can wear it, Raydric might be your best bet.
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Raydric/Deviling cards usually are the staples in garments, with exceptions for a few builds. If you're after def,resistance, Raydric or Deviling should be used. If you're after Cart Termination damage, try using Giant Whisper.
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Raydric card is the best card for your whitesmith
In case you are still wondering about the yoyo card, +5 perfect dodge would give you a 5% chance to dodge physical attacks, including criticals. It will not be reduced by having multiple enemies attacking you like regular flee does, but it won't block skill attacks. It's generally good in combination with a flee build, or on its own if you have a perfect dodge build.

However, no matter what you do, flee sucks on blacksmiths. I'd go for the reduction cards like other people mentioned.

By the way, the yoyo card goes on accessories, so I don't think it applies to your Pauldron anyway.
Also, I'm not sure which version of the game you're playing, but if your server has the Dragon Manteau, I'd suggest trying to come by one. If the dungeon where it drops exists on your server, then it shouldn't be hard to come by in the market and it would be a direct upgrade to your Pauldron. In my server, the Dragon Manteau and Vest combo has become a newbie staple like the Undershirt and Pantie used to be, but the manteau is actually good enough on its own that I continue to use it in the high levels.

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