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me too XD *kicks self*
I Want art!
Name: lylstarryazngurl
Art Type: Dolls: Gaia Avi
Link to references: [x]
Payment: Pink Alien Tattoo + 5k (blinking)
Extra Information: Mouth 5~ May I have "Starry ♥" written on the doll? Thank you~ C:
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@lylstarryazngurl: accepted blaugh just a note: I might not be able to do the moon thing whee but I might give it a try whee were would you like me to write Starry ♥ ? as under the doll is my little logo/credit to me rofl
lol it's fine~ C:
hm, on the side going downwards? i'm not quite sure, so you can decide~ ^__^; <3
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-all doll slots are closed- (unless you seriously want to bribe me >.< wink rofl
lol it's fine~ C:
hm, on the side going downwards? i'm not quite sure, so you can decide~ ^__^; <3
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okies I'll find a place heart
lol yay~ thanks for accepting me..
ugh tattoo not showing up. </3
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thats alright umm starry? (do I call you starry?) whee heart just send the trade when its working 3nodding heart

oh lawl. OTL
"You have more than 800 items in your inventory. Only showing 800 items."

i'm going to send from a mule, is that okay? silly gaia. ):

uh, realized i could've just moved the tattoo.. but i already sent the trade from my mule lol. DDDDX
sorry about that! gonk

my internet sucks right now. emo
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starry xD that fine rofl

I know what you mean, I had an item stuck on my account, I think it was that flute that kept giving me pms whee and wanted to give it to my mule but because I had 800+ Items I couldn't + gifting was down whee so annoying sometimes

phew. User Image
gaia's a buttface.

in reference to your earlier question, starry is perfect! do you like being called dawn? ^^
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xd I'm actually picturing a butface rofl

yeppies blaugh

lol! User Image

nice to meet you! C:

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