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Current Status: OPEN!

No Spamming
No Flaming
No Page Stretching
Follow all ToS rules

Read all rules before purchasing anything.
When you get your order host it into Photobucket or Imageshack.
These items you CANNOT equip, they are only dolls.
Post your order in the store.
Send trade after posting order and please CONFIRM it.
I do everything on MS paint.
No CLUTTER avatars.
You may post what avatar you want made into.
Dolls take generally a week to 3 weeks depending on difficulty.
TIPS welcome!
If you do not follow rules or guidelines you will be blacklisted.

Base Credits: http://www.kawaiihannah.com/pixelart/


1. Rules
2. Prices
3. Mini/Couple Dolls
4. Regular/Couple Dolls [Coming Soon!]
7. Bumpers
8. Orders
9. Freebies
10. Banners and Affiliates
11. Other

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User ImagePricesUser Image

600g for Tweeny Mini Dolls

1500g for Tweeny Mini Couple Dolls

3000 for Regular sized Single Dolls [COMING SOON!]

5000g for Regular sized Couple Dolls [COMING SOON!]
/w Baby-Child Doll Extra 1000g
User ImageTweeny MinisUser Image

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Please send trade after posting your order!
✖ Order Form for Tweeny Minis ✖
Name/Order for: Post the avatar you want the doll made into.
Base numbers: Pick a body and a face or just a body.
Couple: If so, post other username and also the avatar
Decoration/Extra: (word bubbles, signs, hearts, etc) 50g per decoration
Animation: (What type of animation) 100g or more
Type: (Couple or Single)

"I got these bases from a website called Precious Pixels KH (http://www.kawaiihannah.com/pixelart/) and give full credit to the artist, 'Hannah Summers'. I got permission from the rules page on 10/22/05."
User ImageRegular Single/Couple DollsUser Image


<Order Form for Regular Single/Couple Doll>
Base: Post which one from the link above.
Couple: If so, name of partner
Baby avatar: I can add a baby/child doll in there for 500g more. You can tell me what kind of outfit you want on it too. Bases are on link above. Scroll down to see it.
Extra: (Music Notes, Bubbles, etc) 10gp each
Words: Free; What you want it to say on the bottom

User ImageBumpersUser Image

Princess-Fanoria-Pagan heart

User ImageBlack List User Image

xX-iAce-Xx {Sent trade but did not confirm even after I finished doll}
LillyOfTheValley7 {Never sent trade and pmed but never replied}
User ImageOrdersUser Image


These are some of the recent ones, I might have the old orders available still. So just ask if you don't see your name below! ^-^

Cant Escape{x}
Bingo was its name-O{x}
User ImageFreebiesUser Image

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User ImageBanners and AffiliatesUser Image

Link me:

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User ImageOtherUser Image

Pm me for a price for any of these items.


User Image Now Opened! User Image
Princess-Fanoria-Pagan's avatar

Romantic Gaian

<Order Form for Biggie>
Name: Princess-Fanoria-Pagan
Base Numbers: 4 and A
Ouantity: 1
Extra: 10gp each

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