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Whee!!! I'm back!!! I'm lazy, so the whole starting a new shop might not work yet lol...buuuuttt...I'll get to it lol...

As for now, I am back in business! biggrin

heart Jeny

I started the shop hoping to make some extra gold! I've always like Fruits Basket(manga) and since the main characters sign is onigiri, i decided that would be the signature item!!! I love onigiri! the way they taste and look! biggrin

I am currently question for...Penguin Slippers!!!
For all those who donate and/or buy things from my shop! it means so much to me!!! 4laugh

~~Donators of 200g or more get a gift of my gratitude heart

~Table of Contents~
1st--Intro[you are here!]
2nd--Rules, How to Order
3rd--The Products
4th--Coming Soon!
6th--White/Black lists
7th--About Me/Panty Auction
8th--Etc[links in&out]

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Another fruit version of our previous freebie!!! if you take this, please post "Life's a bowl of cherries..."

Free Pocky!!!
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For every 10 bumps you make on here you get a free pocky!!! the choices are chocolate, strawberry, and banana!!! After you've made the 10bumps, to prevent it from being buried in other posts, just pm a me about what pg you finished the 10bumps and what flavour you'd like! 3nodding
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User ImageHere is where you can know the Rules and How To Order!


If you break the rules you'll get put onto the blacklist...and i wish to keep that section of the store blank!
1. No flaming, stretching pages and being rude to me and other customers
2. PLEASE DO NOT STEAL MY ART! If you find other one doing this please tell me ASAP
3. Please be patient and do not cancel orders after you have already filled on in and have sent the trade! it causes confusion towards me with my orders...
4. After I send the order, DO NOT CANCEL THE TRADE!
5. I have a life and I do other things on Gaia, I'll try to finish your order as soon as I can so please be patient!
6.After I send you your order, HOST THE IMAGE YOURSELF. I'll only have your order on my photobucket for three days! afterwards i'll delete it!
7. Please BE NICE to others! I'd like to make this shop a good place for other gaia users to have fun and chat! smile

Thank you to those who follow the rules!! It makes my shop easier to manage as well as making it easier for the people who go here!!

.:How To Order!:.

1) Please Fill out and post the proper order form for the art that you want! Orders that aren't used with the right form will be ignored!
2) Send a trade to me with the proper amount of gold, and please put the page number of your order in the title!
3) Wait for me to confirm the trade!
4) After I finish your order I will send it to you and then you must confirm the trade!
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Now, usually riceballs have the umiboshi or salmon roe as a filling, with seaweed covering it, but my onigiri are just plane rice! And you get to choose what they look like!! All rice balls get a leaf underneath! no charge! But if you would rather have your onigiri without one just say so!

The plain base for the onigiri is 150g, if you would like a decorated one they are 200g!(display sizes are slightly smaller than the actual base)

User Image
(from left to right)
1. fireworks base*
2. leaf base*
3. poka-dot base
4. star base
5. plain base

*bases that are marked are able to have color changes for 25g. Choose three colors for the fireworks, and one color for the leaf(will have different shades though..)
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eyes(left to right)~

mouths(left to right)~
1. D
2. )
3. 3

User Image
1.Sacred Leaf~50g
2.*Bunny Ears~50g
The bunny ears and sacred leaf are now revised and back!!!

User Image
1.Panda hat~50g
2.*Fox Ears~50g

User Image
1.Bouncy headband~50g

*the ears won't be uneven at the ends. It just looks this way for the sample

~~Cheek Designs!!!~~
User Image
1. heart~25g
2. star~25g
3. clover~25g
4. butterfly~25g
[[this is a new feature and its like a "sticker" for your onigiris cheek!!]]

[b]Onigiri Please![/b]
[b]cheek design?[/b]:
[b]leaf underneath your riceball?[/b]:(Free!)
[b]tip?[/b]:(Optional, of course!)

New Item!!!
I love mochi...you must too right...?
The Bases are 100g each with a choice of mouths and eyes!
User Image
1.blueberry mochi
2. ube mochi
3. banana mochi
4. redbean mochi
5. greenbean mochi
User Image
1. )
2. ^
3. 3
4. D
User Image
1. 0 0
2. > <
3. ^ ^
4. @ @
All items are 50g!!!(more coming soon!!)
User Image
1. purple ribbon
2. red ribbon
3. blue ribbon
4. pink ribbon
5. headband
6. panda hat
7. bunny hat

[b]Mochi Please[/b]
[b]tip?[/b]:(Optional, of course!)

Custom items for mochi will be 75g but the base(including the eyes and mouth) will be 200g instead of 100g!
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I've been thinking of an avi art shop. But that will be hard...ahahh...
User Image
User Image

Nightmare Chibi(1)
~sAtAn eLLa~(5)
Schizophrenic Angel(1)
Rainbows and Sunshine(1)
Dark Haze Midnight(1)

[[well i know i had alot more customers...but i forgot to put some lol sorry!!]]


if you've donated 100g and over you get to be put in my donations list!!!(if i've missed anyone please bear with me!!!)

Rikku004~300g heart
Panda.Gal~500g heart
Nightmare Chibi~220g
Schizophrenic Angel~300g heart
Rainbows and Sunshine~200g
stif~doll ears heart heart heart
~sAtAn eLLa~ ~ Chyaku Norisu Scarf heart heart heart x10

User Image
User Image
...White List...

Panda.Gal~For being very nice and friendly, being a regular customer, and making me avi art!!! *sniff* it was the first time anyone gave me art!!

Rikku004~For being a regular customer and bumper, and for just being such an awesome person!!!

Goth.Sox~For bumping in my shop and being suuuper cool when chatting!!!

[.kristin.megan.]~For being an awesome fellow pinay and bumping my shop and being a regular customer!!!

~sAtAn eLLa~ ~For being an awesome sister and bumping and advertising my shop alot!!! I luff her very much<3


...Black List...
No one! good! lets keep it that way!
User Image

Name: Jeny

Age: 14

Height: 5'3

Hair Color: Dark Brown with redish orangish highlights with blonde streaks!

Eye Color: Dark Brown(veeerrry dark brown!!)

Favorite Color: Light Pink and Light Blue!

Likes: Cherries, Manga, Pandas, Aliens, Chinchillas, Moogles, sunkist, onigiri, mochi, ice cream, Flowers, Beading, Cherry Blossoms, jewelry, notebooks, stationary

My Computer<3: the whole top(basically)[x]a close up on the top[x]and a closeup on the bottom! [x]

I love doodling and drawing cute things!! My workspace is sorta cluttered in all these trinkets...but i like it that way hahah!! i don't really color my drawings lol but i still have fun doing them!! My favorite things to receive in art are pandas, candy/food with faces on them, and of course anime-style people! I love nature and i can be pretty ticked off when people disrespect the environment! Please don't be shy to send a random pm and friend requests! As long as you're nice and you talk to me, I'll be delighted to accept your frendship!!
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Limiteds are only sold for a certain amount! Once that amount is gone, so is the limited!!(unless requested again by high demand, and for course the price will be higher..)

User Image

Domo-Kun Limited: 300g
Sold: 1/15
1. ~sAtAn eLLa~
2. ________
3. ________
4. ________
5. ________
6. ________
7. ________
8. ________
9. ________
10. _______
11. _______
12. _______
13. _______
14. _______
15. _______

[b].:Limited Please!:.[/b]
[b]Username:[/b](if this is a gift, please specify in comment to whom its to)
[b]Tip?:[/b](optional of course!!)
reserved for future use!!
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Affiliates, other links, etc

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


If you would like to trade links please send me your links code! And please use mine also!!

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don't steal please....or your gonna go on the blacklist!!!(j3n3lLa is my old username)

User Image User Image User Image User ImageUser Image User Image User Image User Image User Image


User Imagethank you Panda.Gal for the awesome art!!!!!
reserved for future use!
reserved for future use!
*Cuts ribbon at the opening of shop* xd

The Onigiri Corner is now open!!!
Onigiri Order Form
base: 5. Plain base( can it be light pink like the ears?)
eyes: 1.><
mouth:1. D
items: 1.Bunny ears
leaf underneath your riceball?: ok
Total:200g i think thats right

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