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Happy Halloween!

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Closed until next October (2014)
If anyone needs to contact me during the off-season,
please PM my main account, Evergreen Willow.

11/06/13 - Closed again for the year!
10/18/13 – Open again for the season! Some new items have been added to the Treasures and Treats sections.
They are marked as *New!* beneath the sample images! There is also a new freebie here in the first post~

I’m also participating in the >Halloween 2K13 Collective<, which has cool stuff from a bunch of different artists, so check it out! c:


It's sometime just past midnight, and you are traveling along an old path through the woods when suddenly
your lantern runs out of oil and you become lost. There's a small light off in the distance, so you head towards it.
You eventually stumble out of the woods, but you now find yourself in the middle of a graveyard. It's hard to make things out in the dark,
but you appear to be surrounded by very old gravestones, many of which are moss-covered and crumbling. A chill runs down your spine
as you begin to hear whispers coming from behind you. You turn and are terrified to see that there are
several ghosts lurking on the far side of the graveyard! You feel frozen in place, not knowing whether you should run or
hide or perhaps just keep trying your best not to scream, when suddenly a hand grips you firmly by the shoulder and drags you away.
You open your eyes to discover that you do not seem to have been taken by ghosts, but rather by the gravekeeper, who has
dragged you into her humble shack to save you from the restless spirits. She tells you that it won't be safe to leave until morning. She also has quite a
collection of junk sitting around, and she's more than happy to let you take some of it off her hands in exchange for a few coins...
It seems you're going to be here all night, so...

Welcome to The Graveyard Shift!

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During the time the shop is closed, leave a comment HERE if you take them! c:

User ImageUser ImageUser Image
Autumn Invitation // Tea Cauldron // Turnip Lantern

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Forest Apple // Halloween Grave // *New!* Bewitched Pumpkin

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● Follow Gaia’s rules and ToS.
● Do not advertise in my thread. Asking to trade shop links is fine, though.
● Do not claim shop images as your own work.
● Do not edit or alter any of the items you take, but resizing or adding your username is fine.
● Do not sell or redistribute shop items without my permission.
● Do not quote the first page.
● Feel free to use the images you take in signatures, toy boxes, post styles, or wherever you want within Gaia.
● Be nice to others in the thread and have fun! c:

What To Do!
This is now a tip shop, so please make sure to read!

1. All items in the shop are now unwatermarked and can be saved directly from this thread. Take as much as you like!
2. Save your items to your own image host, such as PhotoBucket.
3. Please post in the thread to say that you took some items and find a post on the first page to tip using the "tip post" button!
4. We're done! c:

-Also, please note that these items will only be available while the shop is open and I will be keeping a list of owners. After the shop is closed, watermarked samples will return and only the first post items will be available until next year!

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A variety of interesting treasures that I dug up, er, discovered... Discovered someplace that certainly wasn't at the bottom of a grave. Of course.

User Image User Image User Image
Festive Broom // Witch's Camp // Scarecrow

User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image
Pumpkin Lamp // Ghost Lantern // Harvest Jack // Candelabra // Spell Book

User Image User Image User Image
Joyful Spirit // Evil Spirit // Wailing Spirit

User Image User Image User Image User Image
Raven // Swamp Pumpkin // Skeleton Key // Witch's Hat

User Image User Image User Image User Image
Candle Skull // Demon Lantern // Haunted House // Pumpkin Spook

User Image User Image User Image User Image
Fortune Pumpkin // Harvest Hearth // Autumn Lantern // Owlkin

User Image User Image User Image
Fall Fence // Midnight Patch // Pumpkin Cart

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
Magic Familiar // Pumpkin Staff // Gravekeeper's Lantern // Stack o' Squash

User ImageUser ImageUser Image
Possessed Pumpkin // Messenger Owl // Jack-o-Lantern Tree

User Image

A little assortment of treats to sweeten up your Halloween night. Enjoy them!
They're really not too shabby, considering that my gravekeeper's shack hardly has anything that qualifies as a kitchen.

User Image User Image User Image User Image
Pumpkin Pouch // Sweet Candy // Bag of Loot // Sour Candy

User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image
Ghost Pop // Mellowcreme Jar // Pumpkin Parfait // Candy Corn Tea // Dipped Apple // Overdecorated Cake

User Image User Image User Image User Image
Pumpkin Potion // Slime Shake // Paper Treat Baggie // Pumpkin Pie

User Image User Image User Image User Image
Candy Cauldron // Bottle of Blood // Field Cupcake // Candy Corn Pudding

User Image User Image User Image
Jack Horner Pie // Pumpkin Syrup // Apple Barrel

User Image User Image User Image
Bag of Treats // Punch Bowl // Bag of Tricks

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
Pumpkin Cake // Marshmallow Skewer // Pumpkin Pocket // Popcorn Ball

User ImageUser ImageUser Image
Cajun Pumpkin Seeds // Haunted Tea Pot // Cider Stein

User Image

A little collection of Halloween imagery in the most traditional Halloween colors.

User Image User Image User Image User Image
Midnight Wanderer // Lonely Tree // Blackened Skull // Restless Owl

User Image User Image User Image User Image
October Skies // Trick or Treat // Pumpkin Hill // Moonlit Curiosity

User Image User Image User Image User Image
Ghostly Flames // Witch's Abode // Skeleton's Watch // Haunted Graveyard

User Image

These little guys can be found lurking behind gravestones and in darkest corners of the graveyard.
I'm really not sure what recently inspired them to start wearing colorful ribbons all the time...

User Image User Image User Image User Image
Orange Cat // Purple Cat // Green Cat // Yellow Cat

User Image User Image
User Image User Image
Orange Wolf // Purple Wolf // Green Wolf // Yellow Wolf

User Image User Image User Image User Image
Orange Owl // Purple Owl // Green Owl // Yellow Owl

User Image User Image
User Image User Image
Orange Bat // Purple Bat // Green Bat // Yellow Bat

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All of the items in this section were once available from my mini shop, "The Willow Tree".
Some of them were regular event items and some of them were free to users who helped me chase the ghosts out of my shop,
but all the ghosts are out roaming the graveyard this year, so you're free to take the items!

User Image User Image User Image
Treat Tote // Cider Pumpkin // Candy Corn Bag

User Image User Image User Image
Midnight Cake // Spooky Cookie Tin // Black Cat Cake

User Image User Image User Image
Jack Doll // Ghost Doll // Cat Doll

User Image User Image User Image User Image
Candy Corn Cake // Chocolate Skull // Cookie Packet // Pumpkin Pop

User Image User Image User Image
Choco Bar // Candy Box // Halloween Truffle

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A list of customers and people who have been sent gifts.


Aulora - pg. 7
Avellini - pg. 12, pg. 31
A y s t a h Sheer - pg. 5
BabyDucklingLove - pg. 2, pg. 18
babyvamp123 - pg. 9
Beau Coeur - pg. 8
Bella4diamond - pg. 25
bstar955 - pg. 11
Chalk_mine - pg. 5
Chemille - pg. 16
Coprophagia Master - pg. 5
Crysanity - pg. 9
CrystalRose84 - pg. 28
Custard Bun - pg. 14, pg. 34
Dayion - pg. 8
DJ Kuike - pg. 14
DNxangel - pg. 21, pg. 38
Dollysweets - pg. 36
drama50 - pg. 34
Evil doer - pg. 12
Ewic - pg. 25
Fayt_of_Redemption - pg. 4, pg. 22
Flammable Rainbowz - pg. 4, pg. 19
fIorence - pg. 27
ForeverInMyHeart12 - pg. 37
Friday_Dora - pg. 3, pg. 18
FrostyPeaches - pg. 16
Funkeh Wheezle - pg. 5
Goddess Selenity - pg. 26
HaruNoBara - pg. 6
HisKittyBoton - pg. 36
iEmo_Strawberry_Waffle - pg. 2
Il Corvo di Verona - pg. 35
irawrtunes2 - pg. 14
Jay Wayne - pg. 15, pg. 35
Jessie0611 - pg. 3
Junge Leiche - pg. 9, pg. 32
Kaitaia - pg. 2, pg. 35
Kami Kukki - pg. 35
Kiwi Hatake - pg. 2, pg. 26
Lady_Ashina87 - pg. 26
lailahy - pg. 28
Leytacle - pg. 3, pg. 11
lilgothicprincess - pg. 28
Lily_Spiral - pg. 3
Lolli-pop Psycho - pg. 19
lucystar - pg. 23
mahareta - pg. 12
Mama Zavala - pg. 4
Marffiie - pg. 5
Michellexcp - pg. 11
Minsio - pg. 5
Mistress_Umbrae - pg. 5
Moonxlitxsky - pg. 37
Nerosity - pg. 24, pg. 38
Nikkiquin - pg. 6, pg. 19
Nyumonster - pg. 16
Octopi Alibi - pg. 18
Perfect Melancholic - pg. 36
Pineroot - pg. 6, pg. 18
plushiesexual - pg. 33, pg. 37
Precious Savage - pg. 5
Princess Kuchiki - pg. 14, pg. 34
Princess XxPlaygirlxXALT - pg. 11
Pugnacious Banana - pg. 15
purrrplekitty - pg. 2, pg. 13
Radiant Raynebow - pg. 8
Ragers - pg. 4
ralphy71889 - pg. 38
Reoca - pg. 23
Riftwing - pg. 7
Roxy_roxanna2 - pg. 24, pg 34
Sachie Whitby - pg. 13, pg. 35
Seleane Mosaic - pg. 26
Serafeen - pg. 2, pg. 21
Serkunet - pg. 20
Silvedra - pg. 22
SilverTetsusaiga - pg. 10
SilverWolfSun - pg. 28
Skm Imperatoriene - pg. 4
Soldier of Song - pg. 21
SoundsOfATragicDeathWish - pg. 15
Sparkle1110000 - pg. 28
Stephenie_The_Furry - pg. 17
Sugar Teacup - pg. 27, pg. 37
Susomi - pg. 18, pg. 21, pg. 33
TaAshe - pg. 15
Tayasu Sango - pg. 6
Tellah Amna - pg. 31, pg. 38
TheBrokenNani - pg. 35
The . Demonic . Angel - pg. 3
The Rhyming Ghost Anon - pg. 14
THeSLuSH - pg. 22
T N Honey - pg. 9
Vaginal Glitter - pg. 13
vampire2711 - pg. 34
Wahya - pg. 11
waterangel1432 - pg. 35
Watervoir - pg. 14
windmagician - pg. 9
xPiikachuu x3 - pg. 10, pg. 19
Yuri2476 - pg. 17, pg. 35
Zelthane - pg. 28
Zephyr Estelle - pg. 21
Zlae - pg. 3

Those Who Have Been Sent Gifts

Azhuria - pg. 4
Candycane Scartissue - pg. 36
Custard Bun - pg. 34
Dayion - pg. 19
Ella4fun - pg. 25
Fayt_of_Redemption - pg. 2
Freaksrus - pg. 22
Kamileunaire - pg. 21
lan-neko - pg. 22
Melancholies - pg. 21
Naeyru - pg. 4, pg. 22
OrliDeppgrl1526 - pg. 20, pg. 22
plushiesexual - pg. 34
purrrplekitty - pg. 22
Rimedragona - pg. 20, pg. 22
Saedusk - pg. 21
SashaFey - pg. 22
Serkunet - pg. 4, pg. 22
Spiry - pg. 9
SS2-SITH LORD - pg. 38
Tenko72 - pg. 22
theflamerises - pg. 14
Wahya - pg. 4, pg. 22
Werebit - pg. 22
Zephyr Estelle - pg. 22
Zhiyi - pg. 4

User Image

If you would like to trade links with me, just post yours in this thread! Don't forget to add my banner to your own shop~! c:
Any banner size is fine within reason. Other mini shops only, please!

(Also: Given the nature of this shop, I will only be open during October. If you wish to remove my link afterwards,
that's fine of course.)

Link In

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Links Out

User Image

● All images were created in Paintool SAI and Adobe Photoshop 7.0.

● All textures used are my own tea-stained textures.

● The theme of this shop was heavily inspired by the fantastic graveyards in many Legend of Zelda games. <3

● Need to know anything else? Just ask!

User Image
● Evergreen Willow is my main account. I am the owner/creator/artist/shopkeeper here.
I love gardening, BLT sandwiches, Halloween, Legend of Zelda, and old horror movies. <3

User Image
● Gravekeeper Willow is the shop mule.

Hm? What are you doing all the way down here at the last post?

As long as you're here, enjoy a photo of my guinea pigs, Wilbur and Pumpkin,
in their Halloween sleeping bags. <3

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