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The Clouded Canvas.

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A Joint Art Shop By Members Of The Art Institute Of Gaia

Remember when you order from an artist you MUST send that artist the gold. DO NOT
send me the gold as it is everybodys' shop
and they deserve what they worked for.

All artists are part of The Art Institute Of
Gaia which you can find
at the link below. Please check us
out and even join! We'd love to have you.

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//Welcome//Rules//About// Artists
//Slots//The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
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//Welcome//Rules//About// Artists
//Slots//The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

User ImageI do expect that you respect my rules
as they are made for one purpose.

That purpose is to keep everyone
happy and free from inconveniences.

Consequences will appply for not following
the smallest rule I make.

I trust that you will provide a great, safe
environment for the other Gaians.

Most of my rules center around Gaia's

Respect is something else I center these rules
around and it is what makes the world go round.

Even if you do not agree with my terms or
in general, me, you must respect the rules.

Following the rules and staying around will
bring you the privelage of being on the white list.

Disobeying the rules a certain amount of times
will get you on the black list.

The white list is somewhere you want to be
because it shows who here has the respect and
decency to obey the rules and create a fun
environment for the other people here.

The black list is definitely not a good place to be.

It will be the thing that keeps you from being a part of
this shop and disables you from purchasing anything.


•Please follow Gaia's ToS
•Please respect artists

•Please Respect customers
•Do not disobey partners, artists, or managers ever

•Keep language clean
•Be specific when you order otherwise you will not get what you want

•I am not a fan of 'chat speak' in the slightest bit so don't do this “Hey cn igetz sum art frum uplz?”
•Although I will probably do this myself, try not to stretch the page!

•There is NO NUDE ART so do NOT ask
•Do not advertise or spam here without permission

•Fill out the order form and post it here, DO NOT PM your orders!
•Question should be posted here and someone will assist you
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//Welcome//Rules//About// Artists
//Slots//The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

User ImageIn this Joint Art Shop we provide a myriad
of styles for you to choose from.
We sell Chibis, Manga Style, and Animated art.
Our art is for your enjoyment and personal use
and if you are looking for quality you are in the
right place.

All of our artists are part of a guild called
The Art Institute Of Gaia.
The idea to open up a shop came from the inspiring
art created by tons of members and we hope to spread that

Art Styles
Manga- Chibi, Regular.
Design- Tek Teking, Graphics, Pixels. Animation

Programs Used
Gimp 2
Adobe Photoshop Elements 5
Adobe Photoshop Elements 6
Adobe Photoshop CS2
Microsoft Paint

Sites Used
Gaia Online
Tiny Url
Tek Tek

An artists main reward is to see or in our case,
read the reaction to a piece we made for a customer.
The feeling we get is indescribable when we know that
you like our art.

You make us want to get better every single day
and for that we thank you because without you
a shop like this would not be possible.

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User ImageThis is the place where good and frequently
asked question will be put.
We will answer them as quickly and as
thourough as possible.

If your question is more important than others
you may PM ME ONLY!
If you want to ask about future items on sale
please comment the AIG MULE and we will respond
within a day or so.

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The Extras post is where we will be placing
our contests and other things like prizes for
the first person on a certain page.
There will be seperate rules her but remember
the original shop rules are to be as followed .

Future contests will include an art contest,
a tek tek contest, and more.
We ask that you refrain from asking questions
until we have some more information posted here.

We might also use this post for announcements so be on
the look out for certain changes.
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♥Pickled Symphony♥


[Sample 1]

Chibi Order Form For Symphy

Style: Sketchy, Regular, simple.
Shot: Head or Waist
Ref. Picture: Avatar or OC Link
Color: yes or no

Sketchy: 300 Gold
with color: 500 Gold
Regular: 600 Gold
With Color: 800 Gold

Head Animation

Animation's Action: This means what the avatar will be doing. It can be
Jumping up and down with happiness, it can be
throwing stuff and almost
anything you can think of. Just put what
you want it to be doing here. It can be
multiple things for an order with 1-8
different animations.
How Many do you want?: you can only currently have 1-8 different animated avatars.
Text on sign: IF you ordered an avatar animation holding a sign please put here what you want it to say. If you did not order a sign
leave this area blank.
Color Edits: If you want me to color edit anything here please
put the color and the item(s) that you want recolored.
Avatar(s) Included: This is where you would
put the username
and picture of the person you want to be in the
animation with you.
Anything else: if there is anything else you want me
to do please put it here. If what you ask for is impossible I

Price for Each regular animation: 300 Gold
DEAL Price for group of 8: 2000 Gold

Price for each Color edited animation: 500 Gold
Price for group of 8: 4000 Gold

Price for each couple animations: 600 gold
With Color edit: 800 Gold
Price for group of 8 couple animations: 4800 Gold.
With Color edit: 6,400 gold.

This is the animation I am talking about if you are confused.
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Art Syle:anime, chibi, free style
Type Of Shot Available: head, bust, waist, full
photoshop no color X
photoshop colorX
pencil no colorX
pencil colorX

FS:free style
C: chibi
A: anime

Head- P C:1K - P A:1K - PS C: 2K - PS A: 3K - FS:1K
Bust-P C:1.5K - P A: 2K - PS C: 3K - PS A: 4K - FS:2K
Waist- P C:1.7K - P A: 3K - PS C: 3.5K - PS A: 6K - FS:3K

Full Body-P C:2.5K - P A: 5K - PS C: 5K - PS A: 8K - FS:4K
With Color:

Member Rank In AIG: Member
Extra Information:A little thing about the free style, its how i love to draw so wait some fight poses with a kinda anime style, also i do it in just in phosothop.


Username: Lil_LocoCocoa
Art Syle: Anime Chibi, Abstract, Anime Crossovers (You better know what I mean D:< wink
Type Of Shot Available: May vary O.o
Style 1 Anime Chibi
Style 2 Anime Chibi
Anime Crossovers
Anime Chibi: 500g
Abstract: 600g
Anime Crossovers: 2-10k (Price may vary, depending on the Picture)
Member Rank In AIG: Member
Extra Information: If you want an Anime Crossover, remember to indicate the reference pic!! (Ugh, I bet you don't get what I mean, at all x333)

♥Sweet Tangerine Dream♥

Username: Sweet Tangerine Dream
Art Syle: Manga-style, somtimes chibis(if requested)
Type Of Shot Available: Head, Bust, Full Body, Chibi
Samples: ((I'll need to upload some))
Head- 500
Bust- 700

Full Body- 900
With Color:
Head- 1,100
Bust- 1,300
Ful Body-1,500

Head- 1,700
Bust- 1,900
Full Body- 2,100
Member Rank In AIG: Crew
Extra Information:
Your art may take a little bit of time, say a week or so, when my classes are in session. I have break coming up, but after that I'll be extremely busy. The color prices are for the picture to be colored without using the computer. The extra/other section of prices is for art to be colored using the computer. Please note: Until I get a tablet, this will take longer to get to you! Also, if I'm not home, I can't scan your art, so you'll most likely get your art on a weekend.
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//Welcome//Rules//About// Artists
//Slots//The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

User ImageHere are the slots for the
artists. Please look here

daily if you have ordered
something. You must send

trade immediately after
seeing your name in the slots

of the artist you ordered from.
We will blacklist you if you fail

to complete the trade when we
send you the sample of the

artwork. Artists might have
specific instructions on the

steps. If so, you must look
in the artists post and read

about the indiidual artist's
'extra' column. Thank you

for your time.

♥Lil_Loco Cocoa's Slots♥
1. Lee1402

♥Eduardk's slots♥

♥The Girl From The Moon♥

♥Sweet Tangerine Dream♥


1. Lee1402

User Image5.

♥Pickled Symphony♥
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//Welcome//Rules//About// Artists
//Slots//The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

User ImageThe Goodies
(white list)
The goodies are people who post here frequently,
never break rules, and shop here frequently.

This is where they will be admired by all!

The Badies
(The Gray list)
The badies are the people who
post here often but have
broken the rules once, and didn't complete the steps of trade

These people will be boo'ed here.

The Uglies
(black list)
This spot is for people who never followed rules,
or have broken the biggest one, or have ordered and recived
their samples but never paid.

You will be immediately restricted from posting here
and obviously buying things.
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//Welcome//Rules//About// Artists
//Slots//The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

User ImageThis post is where I and other

staff members will be posting

announcements and updates

that will effect the shop.

I am hoping people will

check here often because

it is a good way to find

deals and contests to enter.
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//Welcome//Rules//About// Artists
//Slots//The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Link Us?

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[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/mini-shops/the-clouded-canvas-a-joint-art-shop/t.44723377/][IMG]http://i311.photobucket.com/albums/kk472/PickeledSymphony/Gaia Graphics/pickled14png.png[/IMG][/url]

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//Welcome//Rules//About// Artists
//Slots//The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Do NOT steal any of these. They belong to me because I purchased them in a shop! You will be immediately black listed for any theft!


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User Image User Image User Image

User Image User Image

User Image User Image
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••♥Pickled Symphony's Dream♥••

Please help?

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Total Value: 18,973,385 Gold, 15,500 Tickets
After Exclusions: 18,730,466 Gold, 15,500 Tickets
[Item Information]

Item List:
Biancamella 4th Gen
Hermes' Moon
Angelic Sash
Staff of the Angels
Dreamer's Dust
Picolitrosso's Urn 2nd Gen.
Unicorn Horn
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Shop is now currently open!
Please begin ordering!
Thank you for your time.

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