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Yay, chobits out.
♥ your pixels ~~ o 3 < ;
Thank you<3 I made the base myself. whee
woww. they're really good&cutee ~~ :3
i probably couldn't make a good base
even if i was payed a million dollars. T ~ T ;;
XD Thanks. Yeah, bases are hard, I've done only three.
Second-Only a blob XD
Third-These, I'm pretty happy with them.
xd heart

well , practice makes perfect ? ~~ X3
biggrin Oh so true. Have any doll suggestions for me?
~17th Floor Order~
Your name: A Spoonful of Agent
Dolls to purchase: Death Note- L, Misa, Light, Near, Mello
Total cost: 250

~17th Floor Limited Order~
Your name: A Spoonful of Agent
Dolls to purchase: Dark and Light Chii
Specific number?: 1, if possible. If not, then any number's fine.
Total cost: 200g

TOTAL: 550

XD I suggest Matt of Deathnote. >3>;
hmm . .

( i really like . . )
naruto, prince of tennis, fruist basket ♥

( others . . )

ourhan high school host club, full metal alchemist,
tsubasa, clamp stuff etc ~~ :33
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~17th Floor Order~
Your name: Tellah Amna
Dolls to purchase: Yuzuki, Kotoko, Sumomo, Chi
Total cost: 200g

~17th Floor Limited Order~
Your name: Tellah Amna
Dolls to purchase: Dark and Light Chi
Specific number?: Any is fine 3nodding
Total cost: 200g

I know you're working on Tales of Symphonia... but can I suggest, if it's not on the To Do List, some Tales of the Abyss dolls sometime? ^_^
Alright, well, I'm definately planning on getting around to naruto,fruits basket,and tsubasa. I hope to get to some of those others as well. whee
fwee ~~ sounds great .
can't wait to see them ~~

i'll order soon . . maybe after i eat some lunch.
i'll be back ~~ ninja heart

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