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Graphics and Art by Bunni hime, DO NOT steal
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You hear the sweet chime of a bell as you pushed open the entrance door to the strange little shop. A delicate little sign hangs from the wall in front of you and welcomes you to "Sugar Spell". The atmosphere is clouded with thick sweetness. As you curiously wonder around, your eye catches a glimpse of tiny little... things. Jumping and playing in little jars. Backing away slightly at the strange sight, something bumps you from the back. Panicking, you turn around fast, only to find a little brown cat staring right back at you. You smell chocolate! Moving in closer, you think it's coming from the cat right in front of you. How strange! You wonder.
"May I help you?" A gentle voice asked. You turned your attention to where the voice was coming from. A little girl with golden eyes, smiled back at you. "What is this place?" You asked, looking around curiously. The little girl laughed, and walked towards the shelf as she took out a bottle containing a small pink blob. Grabbing the brown cat's paw with her other hand, she walked towards you.

"Welcome to Sugar Spell! Where we make your sugary experience, magical!"

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WELCOME to Sugar Spell!.

A buildable collab shop!
Here, we have two kinds of buildables available for you! Candy Drops (Pixel buildables) and Sticky Paws(CGed buildables). Read and Follow the steps on each post carefully and make sure you place your order in the correct manner! Don't worry if you're unsure about something, feel free to let us know!
Once in awhile, our little witch creates new flavors or items from her little workshop so please come back and check often!

We also offer art! But the slots are not always open and often require bribing! ♥

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Table of Contents.

Sugar Spell
Introduction// Table of contents
Rules// White list// Black list
Candy Drops// Introduction
Candy Drops// Putting your candy together
Candy Drops// Ordering
Sticky Paws// Introduction
Sticky Paws// Putting your candy together
Sticky Paws// Ordering
Suggestion Box
Links// Links in// Links out
Art Corner// Bunni hime // Kyress

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gaia_star ANNOUNCEMENT gaia_star
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Hey everyone!
Rururin chan here, this will probably be the last announcement I will be giving.

The artist of Sticky paws has lost interest in the shop and hence we may be closing. But do not fret! If you like Candy drops please be on the watch out for it again! But as of now, we will still be leaving the candy drops section open for orders.
Yes, we will be moving thread in the near future as Bunni Hime will need to sort out a few things with the shop. Thank you all for your understanding and we hope to see you again!

PS. If you want to be updated on announcements like this, please post in the thread to let us know!

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User Image

Follow Gaia TOS.

Respect other Gaians, not only here but everywhere else as well.

Be patient for your orders and replies.

DO NOT flame, troll etc.

DO NOT quote anything from the first page.

DO NOT steal anyone's works, graphics or art. I cannot stress enough how upsetting this makes the artists.

Anything sold in this shop is only to be used on Gaiaonline

Once you send trade and order, you CANNOT back out from it. When we quote your order your order is final!

DO NOT break the rules.

We have the rights to change the rules as we see fit. No questions asked.

Post "Kitty kitty bon bon!" on your first post to this thread if you have read all the rules.

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White List.
Sadist Kuro :: Because he is Uncle Horse & first customer!

Black List.
No one here yet, lets keep it this way!

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User Image
Here you can find out all about the latest news and updates on events, new items and offers!
All the artists here work on 8+ GMT. So the events will too!

Also If you would like to be quoted when there is an update or announcement for the shop please let us know!
We will put your name up in a super secret list.

User Image = Candy Drops
User Image = Sticky Paws

18Apr13'Shop is closed for revamping
1Mar13'Free bases event End.
28Feb13'New CD Items added!
22Feb13'Past events journal added.
22Feb13'Valentines and CNY events taken down!
20Feb13'Update quoting list Avaliable!
10Feb13'V-day Special added!
2Feb13'Rules revised!
30Jan13'3 new events are up!

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User Image
User Image = Candy Drops
User Image = Sticky Paws

1Feb13'-TBAUser Image[[Out with the old, In with the new!]]

Past events:Here

User Image

Out with the old, In with the new!

Active/CompleteUser Image
User Image
Anyone remembers these little guys? They were old Candy Drops that have been sold around Gaia before. If you happen to still have them around with you, you are entitled to 50% off your first Candy Drop! That means if you have two orders, it only works on one! Just post their image together with your order and you're good to go!

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User Image
You follow Rururin to a row of shelves. Countless bottles filled each gap with something lively and colourful inside.

User Image

"These are Candy Drops! Each individually cast out with the finest sugar, magical ones that is! Also made out of the best witchcrafting spells you will ever find! Cute little things aren't they?" The girl smiles at you, patting the container. "They come in a variety of flavors! So don't worry about not finding one you like. By the way, their clothes are edible too." Rururin moves her free hand towards the row of jars next to her and gestures to a row of them. "These are the items you can dress your Candy drops with! Pretty neat huh?" Settling the glass container back onto the shelf, she smiled back at you and made her way back to the counter. "Well if you need anything, feel free to let me know! Take your time and decide what you want on your Candy Drop! Don't forget to fill out the order form when you've made up your mind!"

User Image

User Image

Putting them together!.

User Image

1★Base Colours = 200g
User Image

2★Mouth = 50g (Only 1 per Candy drop)
User Image

Warning! Clutter at your own risk. You may choke while eating.


Cream = 100g
User Image

Syrup = 100g
User Image

Toppings = 50g
User Image

Sprinkles = 50g
User Image
Sugar//Rainbow sprinkles//Choco rice

Blush = 50g
User Image

Back Ribbon = 200g
User Image

Hair Bow = 100g
User Image

Twin Bells = 200g
User Image

Animal ears = 200g
User Image
Available in all Base colours [[Refer to part 1. "Base colours"]]

Halo = 300g
User Image

Mini devi horns = 300g
User Image

Beanie = 150g
User Image

Pirate eye patch = 100g
User Image
Black// Black+heart//White//White+heart

Tilted Top hat = 150g
User Image
Black base
White base

Mustache = 100g NEW!!
User Image

Ninja Mask = 150g NEW!!
User Image

Shades = 100g NEW!!
User Image

Beret = 200g NEW!!
User Image

Bandana = 150g NEW!!
User Image


Plain Collar = 50g
User Image

Plain Scarf = 100g
User Image


Animal Tail = 100g
User Image
Long puffy//Short puffy//Long slim//Short slim
Available in all Base colours [[Refer to part 1. "Base colours"]]

Devi Tail = 200g
User Image

Pitchfork = 200g
User Image

Mini Devi Wings = 350g
User Image

Cupid Wings = 350g
User Image

Fairy Wings = 350g
User Image

4★Container = 400g
The colour for these containers are up to you! You may use this Link to help you pick.
User Image

★Step 1 : Background colour + Shape(50g for each extra shape)
In this step, pick a base background colour. Next pick a shape and colour. You may do double colour or double shapes.

★Step 2 : Floor and Ceiling
Pick a base colour. You may pick two separate colours but it will cost 50g more.

★Step 2 : Boarders
Pick a base colour.

User Image

Event items!.
1★These are special event items that are available for a limited time only! So get them while they're still around! Past limiteds will be sold for a much higher price than before.

CNY2k13 Snake year base = 350g Unavailable!
User Image
Available in all base colours above! Choosing this will replace your normal base. Please put "CNY2k13" into your base colour order + the colour of your choice when ordering
You may dress them up like usual bases.

User Image
User Image

The Process of Ordering!

Step 1★ Fill out the order form bellow! Post it in the thread.

Step 2★ Wait for your order to be quoted! This tells you that we have accepted your order! Please be patient in waiting for our quote! We can be very busy at times.

Step 3★ Once you have been quoted, send Rururin Chan a trade titled with the page number your order is on and which product you have ordered. Eg title: "Candy Drops page 10". And don't forget the gold!

Step 4★ Confirm your side of the trade once we have sent our blank offer! Don't worry, we will only confirm our side when we have given you your Candy!

Step 5★ When we are done and have posted up your candy, we will complete the trade. We will quote you again so that you recieve a notification! So makesure you come back and pick your goodies up!

Step 6★ That's it! Let us know when you've picked your candy up! So we know to take it down >v<

Order Form.
This order form is for Candy Drops Only! Please move to Sticky Paws section if you wish to order that instead.

[quote="Bunni Hime"][color=#2cd893]★[/color][color=#53efa1][size=18]Candy Drops please![/size][/color][color=#2cd893]★[/color]
★[b]Base colour[/b]:
★[b]Head Gears[/b]:
★[b]Neck Gears[/b]:
★[b]Back Gears[/b]:
[align=center]★[b]Need a container for that?[/b]:Yes/No
[align=right]★[b]Background Colour[/b]:
★[b]Shape(s) + Colour(s)[/b]:
★[b]Floor + Ceiling Colour[/b]:
★[b]Boarder Colour[/b]:
[align=center]★[b]Total Charge[/b]:

Example of an order form would look like:

Candy Drops please!
Base colour: Strawberry
Mouth: Happy
Head Gears: Animal Ears(Cat, Strawberry)// Cream(Vanilla)// Topping(Cherry)// Blush(Red)
Neck Gears:Scarf(White)
Back Gears:Animal tail (Long Puffy, Strawberry)

Need a container for that?:Yes/No

Background Colour: #fef2bc
Shape(s) + Colour(s): Stars (#65a3ff and #ff99af)
Floor + Ceiling Colour: #a3a3ff (Floor) + #4a4a4a (Ceiling)
Boarder Colour: #ffffff

Total Charge:890g

User Image

Do not take them if they are not yours! People have paid for them and it would be stealing. Stealing is a no no.


User Image

Past Customers.

Sadist Kuro: [X][X][X]

Hayes28: [X][X][X][X][X]

Susomi: [X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X]

Galla aka Gallagher: [X]

la amoureux: [X][X]

Exotic Kitty:[X]

Kool Cookies XP: [X]

Cendrilion: [X]

panda hiiro: [X][X]

peekchu: [X][X]

Custard Bun: [X]

chiplix: [X]

PepsiSoda101: [X]

Jay Wayne: [X][X][X][X][X][X]

Yuri2476: [X][X]

Dancing In Lunar Rays: [X][X]

Ewic: [X]

Pseudopathogen: [X]

khkid: [X]

Reoca: [X][X][X][X]

iPeyn: [X][X]

Koohii Monsutaa: [X]

Princess Kuchiki: [X][X][X][X]

TheBrokenNani: [X]

iSweetXCandy: [X]

-Explosion-Array-: [X][X][X]

Magician Arcana: [X]


User Image
User Image
Unfortunately, we are not selling these anymore.
The artist of sticky paws is unable to maintaining this section and hence we are closing it.
We are very glad you enjoyed sticky paws and hopefully something else similar will be taking over this spot!

User Image

User Image
User Image

Putting them together!.

1★Base Colours = 300g
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
Guava Strawberry Raspberry Orange
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
Lychee Soda Blueberry Grape Blackcurrant Licourice
User ImageUser Image User ImageUser Image
Caramel Chocolate Dark Chocolate Lime

2★Head = 100g
User Image
Spike Fluffy

3★Nose = 50g
User Image
Round Normal

4★Eyes = 100g
User Image
Lady Normal Kid Shiing Grr >w< OuO Beady

5★Mouth = 50g
User Image
Smile Smile Open Cat Grin Huh Sourpls Just kidding What? Playful

6★Tail = 150g
User Image
Down Up Lion

Warning! Clutter at your own risk. You may choke while eating.


Available in all base colors given above.

Accessories = 200g
User Image
Colar Ribbon Ring Scarf Bandana

Normal Top = 200g
User Image
V-neck Turtleneck Round neck Singlet

Top Male = 300g
User Image
Gentleman Office Colar shirt

User Image

User Image
I (Kyress) don't like to repeat myself so take note.
Only colors from the base color [refer previous post] are available for picking.
Do not use hex code; #1DA8F2 . Only Candy Drops use hex code, this isn't applicable for Sticky Paws
You can mix two base colors / flavors but no custom.

Order Form.

[quote="Kyress"][align=center][color=#2cd893]★[/color][color=#53efa1][size=18]I'll take a Sticky Paw[/size][/color][color=#2cd893]★[/color][/center]
★[b]Base colour[/b]: color
★[b]Head[/b]: Item (leave empty for default; round face) ( price )
★[b]Nose[/b]: Item // color ( price )
★[b]Eyes[/b]: Item // color ( only the blue area will change color ) ( price )
★[b]Mouth[/b]: Item ( price )
★[b]Tail[/b]: Item ( price )
[list][list]★[b] Accessories[/b]: Item // color ( price )
★[b]Top[/b]: Item // color ( only the blue area will change color ) ( price )
★[b]Total Charge[/b]:[/align][/color][/size][/quote]

Here's what your order form should look like or Rururin will get confused >w<7:

I'll take a Sticky Paw
                Username: Candylicious
                Base colour: Lime
                Head: Spike ( 100g )
                Nose: Normal ( 50g )
                Eyes: Kid // caramel ( 100g )
                Mouth: Just kidding ( 50g )
                Tail: Up ( 150 )
                    Accessories: Ring // Caramel ( 200g )
                    Top: Gentleman // Raspberry ( 300g )

                Total Charge: 950g

User Image

Don't take the sticky paws that aren't yours. They're a loyal bunch so Rururin can't guarantee your safety if you do~


User Image

Past Customers.

Sadist Kuro: [X]

Bunni Hime: [X][X]

Susomi: [X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X]

Galla aka Gallagher: [X]

Hucking Foes: [X]

CrzyAlterEgo: [X]

Kool Cookies XP: [X]


Custard Bun: [X]

Jay Wayne: [X][X]

Sache Whitby: [X][X][X]

Personal Monstrosity: [X][X]


Owl-Chan: [X][X]

Ewic: [X]

Sugar Teacup: [X]

User Image

User Image
Got a Suggestion? PM us or Leave a comment in the thread! Rururin will look into it!

It would be cool to have glasses and more neck items, too. ^_^ heart

If you made salaryman accessories and gear, I would make an entire company. *_*


Maybe you can add some clothes items? Like coats, skirts, shirts. Or even ties would be neat.
...Though, if you have some of these already, just ignore me. I didn't check the front page. XD

User Image

User Image
User Image
Rururin Mule account for Sugar Spell.
Also known as Rururin Chan! The witch incharge of making those delicious candy treats!

User Image
Bunni Hime Owner and artist for Candy Drops

User Image

User Image

[[Accepting only 88x31 and 200x40 banners! Feel free to post or PM me with your link!]]

User Image

For Shop
[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/test-forum/sugar-spell-dnp/t.84422993_1/?_gaia_t_=7564#4][img]http://i1297.photobucket.com/albums/ag39/SugarSpellShop/Sugar Spell Shared Folder/Linkin_zps8eefccb6.gif[/img][/url]

For Sig


User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image

User Image
A post where Bunni hime and Kyress advertise their art!
User Image

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