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And open for posting! Affiliates still need added and more artists are likely to enter and perhaps submit freebies, but at least the thread is all set up.
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-Snags first post-
Couldn't help it whee

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-waits for thread to open- >w<
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~ gives the new thread huggles ~

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I am so excited =)!
Are we allowed to take the freebies at this time? if so I am taking them ^^!
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Oh, yay, its up! I can't wait for it to open. :3
I am so excited =)!
Are we allowed to take the freebies at this time? if so I am taking them ^^!

Yeah, you're allowed to take them now. =3
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Awesome thread set up ^^
Looks very pretty with the lovely banners!
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yay can't wait smile
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The thread is way too cute this time~ I love it!
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I'm excited already. *subscribes* I took freebies, so thanks, everyone. biggrin
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