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Smoof has now returned to Gaia! Unfortunately, I will only be on until the end of the month, and will be away from my computer quite often. Therefore, I have lowered the number of slots down to two. If you do not like this, then do not order. It was either limit the spots, or don't open the store at all. Thanks to all the patient people out there who were so kind to my suddenly leaving. <3 I hope everyone will slowly be able to find thier way back here, again.

Welcome to Sweet November! This is a shop where you can buy little pixel toys, such as plushies and Ickle figurines. However, these are not just your ordinary toys, for we add a little something to each one to make them come alive and move! So go look around and Happy Shopping!

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This is the shop guardian of Sweet November! She will be making sure everything is in order whilst I am away! Treat her kindly, and no stealing!

Post 1: Introduction <-- You are here!
Post 2: Rules
Post 3: Plushies, Ickles, and Art
Post 4: Specials
Post 5: Ordering, Slots, Past Customers, and Waiting List
Post 6: White List
Post 7: Affiliates

*All other posts after this are reserved for future use!*

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July 29, 2005: It's the grand opening of Sweet November!
August 2, 2005 (1): We now have a shop guardian, who is also featured on the new link buttons! For now, I will put the link button code here, until I get the Affiliates page up (which will be soon!)
[See Affiliates Page]
August 2, 2005 (2): I have now added an Affiliates page! Please PM me if you would like to be affiliates and I'll take a look at your thread!
August 27, 2005: Sorry for the dead-ness, everyone! I'm preparing to release some limiteds (what they'll be of is a surprise, though =D).
October 17, 2005: Added some new examples! I'm also still working on the limiteds (darn school...messing with my Gaia time...). But fret not, as they shall be done as soon as I can manage!
October 19, 2005: Omg yesh! I've FINALLY gotten around to making an October limited plushie xD. But you can't blame me, for I have school. I'll most likely finish it on Friday (along with those on the waiting list). So keep an eye out!
October 21, 2005: Yaaaaay! *dances* I've finally finished the Halloween limited! I know it's extremely late, but I'm sure you'll forgive me if/when you buy it and see the full thing, because I spent a lot of time on it, and I must say, I really do like it =). So take a look!
October 24, 2005: Okay, so I've had somewhat of a busy time this weekend :3. As of now, keep your eyes out for the following upcoming releases:
- A donation doll(s)!
- Premade collectible plushies (only one person knows what they'll be of and she's not telling lol).
So yeah, I've also got some cool new ideas in the works (so now you know what I do when I should be doing homework...). I'll try to get some of these up next weekend, or the weekend after that!
November 5, 2005: Hmmm...it seems the last time I updated, it didn't load. Oh well! I've finished the donation plushie. I'll also update them from time to time, so if you donate continuously, you can collect them! All the Donation Mermaids follow a theme. If you keep coming back, you can try to guess what they are ^-~.

December 20: Five days until Christmas! Yippee!
Well, the shop has been reopened in honor of my wonderfully-needed Winter Break! In addition, there is a CHRISTMAS FREEBIE for you all! Go down the the 'Plushies' section, and please, please, please read the note before taking one! Thank you, and Happy Holidays from Sweet November! <3

January 2, 2006: Happy New Year, everyone! Well, it is now time for this lowly shopkeep to get back to school, so I'm closing down the shop as I'll have no time to fill orders. Gotta crack down for the homestretch...or at least until Spring Break.
February 4, 2006: Well, still trying to find time to fill orders. Sorry for the wait everyone! I'm also trying to see if maybe there's another mode of taking orders that might be more convenient for everyone and would fit in with my schedule. So vote in the poll if you're planning on ordering in the future! =)

February 17, 2005: Wheeee! I've given the shop a head-to-toe makeover, with new banners and ITEMS! What's that? New plushies? Without stitching? With plastic bodies! LeGasp! They are ickles! Go to the items post and see for yourself!

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

February 18, 2005: Well, since this update was so close to the last one, I'll keep both in large font. THE ART SHOP IS OPEN! Go check it out, and please vote in the poll! I want to make sure the pricing is fair. After this, I don't think we'll be having any more big updates, since my creative juices are running low from all that xD.
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Before proceeding to the plushies, please take time to read these terms. It could save you a lot of time and trouble (I promise!). And I've even arranged everything out into nice, easy-to-read paragraphs! Come on...you know you wanna...*pokes*

No taking anything without my permission: All graphics in this shop were made by me, down to the very last pixel, unless otherwise stated. Please do not take any graphics from here without first requesting permission. Failure to comply will result in reporting and the user will be banned from this shop, and from all my other future threads, until they apologize to my satisfaction.

If you want something editted: After completing thier order, customers have 15 days to have anything changed. This includes small errors with pixeling and animation. This does NOT include redrawing items because the user has changed thier avatar. If the user wants a new avatar, they must make a new order. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a warning.

Please do not direct link: After ordering, the user will have 2 days to transfer the image to thier own host. Two possible image hosts are photobucket and tinypic. Once these 2 days are up, I will be free to delete thier order from my own host. If said user has forgotten to transfer the image to thier own host, they may contact me, and if I still have the order, I will upload it for them. Otherwise, it is thier loss. MONEY WILL NOT BE REFUNDED FOR DELETED IMAGES! If the user will not be on for a couple days, and will have no way of transferring thier order within the time limit, they may post it within thier order that they need more time, and I will give it to them. If I catch anyone abusing this rule, they will be severely punished to the point of losing thier image and not having thier money refunded!

No removing my signature: I include a watermark on all of my items. These are not to be removed! If I see anyone who has removed my watermark, or has traced my art in any way, shape, or form, they will be reported! Also, I have not put 'sample' marks on some of my examples, so please do not take them! These belong to thier original buyers!

You do not have to link back: I do not require a link back to my shop, although that would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you choose to link back and you wish me to link a thread of yours as well, please PM me and request to be affiliates.

I, the owner of this shop reserve the right to change these rules at anytime. However, I agree to post a notice if I choose to do so.

Please type the first letter of your username in the 'Special Usercode' spot on the order form so that I know you've read these rules. This does not include any brackes, periods, or other grammatical marks.

You are responsable for following the terms of this agreement. By placing an order, you have specified that you comply with these rules and agree not to break them. Ignorance will result in punishment (degree to be determined by me, depending on the severity of the action).

Thank you for taking the time to read through these and happy shopping!
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This section is closed while I fill the orders! Please feel free to either reserve a spot on the Waiting List, or check out the other sections (or my even affiliates)!

Samples (Oldest - Newest)
Of course, it goes without saying that the samples MAY NOT BE ADOPTED BY ANYONE OTHER THAN THE ONES WHO ORDERED THEM! If you would like your own plushie, please order one for yourself. They're only 500g, and I would love you much more if you did that!

User Image User Image User Image

Standard Plushie:
- 1 Pixeled Plush
- 2 Free Animations

Please note: Each separate animation counts as ONE! This means that...

a blinking avatar + a blinking plushie = TWO animations
an emote + a basic animation = TWO animations

Please count the number of animations you want before ordering. Thanks!

User Image

User Image

- Cluttered Avvies (12+ items): additional 50g per item
- Additional animations (2+): 25g per animation

User Image

These are ickles! Miniature versions of your favorite cartoon character, element, etc. Each is completely pixeled and animated by me! And don't worry - those annoying, wriggling 'sample' signs will not be on the actual product ^.~.

Note: You do not need an open slot to order an Ickle! Just post your order in the thread, send gold, and I'll PM you the final product as soon as I get on.

User Image

Ickle Sailor Moon - 300g

User Image

User Image

This section is closed while I fill the orders! Please feel free to either reserve a spot on the Waiting List, or check out the other sections (or my even affiliates)!

It seems as if a new shopkeeper has arrived! Unlike her pixel counterpart however, this girl prefers drawings over dolls, and has decided to watch over the new art minishop!

Lineart: 250g (12+ items add 50g)
[no samples yet]

Flat color (no shading): 350g (12+ items add 100g)
[no samples yet]

Single color shading: 350g (12+ items add 100g)
[x] [x]

Full colored: 500g (12+ items add 150g)
[x] [x]

Add a simple background:
Lineart: + 75g
Flat color/single color shading: + 100g
Full colored: + 150g

Original Characters:
I would be more than happy to take OC commissions! However, please keep in mind the style of my art before ordering. You may also ask any questions either in this thread or through PMs.

*This section is new and thus, subject to change.
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Occasionally, I might feature some special items, contests, or events. These shall go here, as will examples of past specials.

Halloween 2k5
Halloween Limited Plushie!

User Image

Euphoric Sadness

Christmas 2k5 Freebie
Christmas Freebie!

User Image

Pata lover
Euphoric Sadness
Riven Le Fay
User Image

Step 1:
Post your order in this thread, using one of these order forms:
* For the 'Special Usercode', read the Terms of Use! *

Custom Av Plushies:

[b]Picture of my avvie:[/b]
[b]Special Usercode:[/b]
[b]Name of image host:[/b]
[b]Extra Comments:[/b]

Premade and Limited Plushies:
[b]Name of Plushie:[/b]
[b]Special Usercode:[/b]
[b]Name of image host:[/b]
[b]Extra Comments:[/b]

Chibi Art:
[b]Picture of avatar(s):[/b]
[b]Type of Art:[/b] (lineart, colored, etc.)
[b]Pose:[/b] Leave blank if you'd like me to choose. If your pose is too specific, I'll try my best but I'm not making guarantees.
[b]Special Usercode:[/b]
[b]Name of image host:[/b]
[b]Extra Comments:[/b]

Step 2:
Send the trade with payment (and donations? *hinthint* lol j/k ^.~).

Step 3:
Receive your order by PM!

User Image

There are two slots for either art or plushies. Ickles and premades do not need an open spot. If a spot is blank, then please go ahead and place your order. If not, either pay a Waiting List fee, or come back later. Also, please do not rush me as this is FOR FUN. I have a life outside of Gaia and sometimes I'm too busy to pixel/draw.

Plushie Slots: OPEN!

1) gigi_raykon_

Art Slots: OPEN!

1) gigi_raykon_
2) Miss Jeanette

User Image

If you wish to order, but don't feel like stalking the shop constantly, you can have your name put on this list! As soon as the slots are opened, you will get your order filled right away.

Step 1: Place your order (see top of this post).
Step 2: Put in the comments that you would like to be placed on the Waiting List.
Step 3: Include an extra 150g fee to reserve a spot!

Sorry if you don't want to pay, but the whole point of this list is that for a small amount, less patient or online people will still get a chance to order! After all, we wouldn't want this to just turn into another long list, do we? =P Also, I might give you free Waiting List spots if you just come and visit a lot, chat, etc.

Pixel Plushie Waiting List:

Chibi Art Waiting List:

User Image
Tinelle (P)
ElvishSorceress (P)
Taka Tsume (P)
Little Miss Snow (P)
Awarrior (P)
Ang3licMnMs (P x2)
D3nis3 (P x2)
PremiumHeart (P x2)(A)
MegaSama (P)
darkshards (P)
Pixilate (P)
humanbox (P)
AldreaOrcinae (P)
[Laiya] (P)
Lemonzz (A)
kittenluv21 (A)
leynah (P)
Yiesha (A)
Tsuki Yagami (P)(I)
Faye Ghost (P)
Lemonzz (P)
Atrocious (P)
User Image

This is a list of cool people, who have helped out either me or the shop in any way! I will occasionally have special prizes and such for the people here, because they are just that awesome! <3

Regular Visitors:
Leynah: One of the first to bump here! She is probably one of the most common faces I've seen in this thread, and an absolutely adorable person to boot n_n <3.

heart ElvishSorceress: 1.5k
heart Taka Tsume: Dried Grass Skirt, Decorative Daisy, Felicia's Gloves, White Paper Cat Band
heart Himatatsu: 500g
heart Rikku Neko: 1k
heart D3nis3: 1k
heart Dragon Sneeze: 6k o.o <3
heart MegaSama: 200g
heart darkshards: 50g
heart humanbox: 350g
heart [Laiya] - 75g
heart PremiumHeart - 1k
heart T.e.n - Chyaku Norisu scarf o.o <3
heart Yiesha - 1k
User Image

If you would like to be affiliates, please just PM me, and I'll check out your shop. If I like it, I'll accept

(which will be most of the time, so don't hesitate!) Also, if I like your shop, I might request to be affiliates with you!

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*Cuts ribbon* And we're open!

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