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I really Want to see custom Dolly open 0.25 25.0% [ 45 ]
Please Open Custom Tea-cups/pots 0.18333333333333 18.3% [ 33 ]
Hmm Do themed Unlimiteds 0.20555555555556 20.6% [ 37 ]
I want My cookies now. 0.10555555555556 10.6% [ 19 ]
I dont really care 0.044444444444444 4.4% [ 8 ]
Poll whore - thanks bye 0.21111111111111 21.1% [ 38 ]
Total Votes:[ 180 ]
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Hello, welcome to the shop Sweet Silhouette, where the sweet and fluffy come alive to go into your homes! Find things from rabbits, to little star wands! Here people are always welcome, but remember mean little fufu’s will get blacklisted so follow the rules and the fair wont bop you!

Sweet Silhouette Was Originally Brought to you By Pyandaa
My final words:
I, pyandaa, give full ownership to you, dark_iced_angel, of Sweet Silhouette. You have my permission to sell my art. :]
Remember though, all images stay on Gaiaonline!

I do not claim this art, It is done By pyandaa and i thank her for letting me Keep her Art Going For you guys/girls to enjoy!

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Hiring/Looking for staff
Re-Opening After a long time away
please dont quote the first post .....
finally all done and accepting orders
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Yes!! I have always wanted to buy your Tea Cups. *o*
(Going to try applying for a job first though... it would be
awesome to work here.) <3
aww why thank you ^ ^ i might be making more tea cups
unfortunately they wont be the same as the originals because my art isnt the same style. but i will try

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