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Taking a small break. Past limiteds can still be bought. See you in spring/summer!


          Aug 23, 2012: Hello everyone! The past limited page is updated for easier access and a cleaner look. Check it out!
          Dec 29, 2011: Cleaned up closed/inactive affiliates list. If you would like to re-add your link, please pm me.

          1. Status & News
          2. Rules & FAQ
          3. Samples
          4. Payment / Slots
          5. Procedure & Order Form
          6. Limited
          7. Link this shop
          8. Affiliates
          9. Extras
          1. Gaia's Terms of Service and Minishop Regulations.
          2. Do not quote front page, spam, troll or anything that is reportable.
          3. No stealing, editing, or copying anything here please.
          Anything created in this thread stays on Gaia only!
          Please report any thefts if seen anywhere else.
          4.Trades must be sent (if you have been accepted) before any work is started.
          5. Feel free to order multiple dolls, as long as you can pay for them. wink

          What program do you use?
          Adobe Photoshop to color and draw the dolls. ImageReady to animate.

          Can you teach me how to pixel?
          I'm terrible at explaining. ): Try looking up pixel tutorials and practice.

          Can I use your base?
          No. ): I will not tolerate art theft! If anyone is seen stealing/copying
          my base will automatically be banned from all my shops and reported.
          Only Unknown Trinity has my permission to use my base.

          First row are my base. Second row is done on Hikari Jade's base.
          All dolls have a transparent background and are in GIF format.

          Can do
          - avis / ocs

          - cluttered
          - certain animals
          - ugly items

          I'll add more things if I come across them. If you have any questions about your character, please ask before ordering.
          Regular Price: 50,000g per doll
          Bribe: 150,000g per doll
          Items can be offered, but please check with me first.

          1. closed
          2. closed

          1. Champeine
          2. Saibraeus
          3. BlueyNova

          0. Only order when doll slots are open.
          1. Fill out form correctly and post in thread. Wait for an approval then send trade immediately after.
          2. I will show you a watermarked sample as proof that your art is done.
          3. Complete the trade when you have received your samples.
          4. I will send you the clean version.

          Order Form

          Royalty Base Form // here
          [size=16][color=#88BB44][b]Royalty Base Order[/b][/color][/size][size=11]
          Nametag: Choose a font below. Leave blank if you do not want a name tag.
          Picture: Please include one! or your order will not be considered.
          Eye: ?
          Mouth: ?
          Skin Tone: ?
          Animated: (blink, double blink, bounce, or none)
          Extra: Any details you want included etc.
          Offer: ??

          Kola Base Form // (animation unavailable) // here
          [size=16][color=#FFBB00][b]Kola Base Order[/b][/color][/size][size=11]
          Nametag: Choose a font. Leave blank if you do not want a nametag.
          Picture: Please include one! or your order will not be considered.
          Body base: # ?
          Face: ?
          Skin Tone: ?
          Extra: Any details you want included etc.
          Offer: ??

          ( Font Choices for name tag. Here's a sample form. )
          None at the moment.

          Order Form
          1. Fill out form correctly and post in thread.
          Send trade to Unknown Trinity immediately after.
          2. Limited will be sent through pm.
          3. Save image your own server! No refunds will be given back if you failed to save.

          Ordering for yourself
          [b][size=18][color=deepskyblue]For Me![/color][/size][/b]
          I will send the trade to [url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/gaia/bank.php?mode=trade&uid=3500874]Unknown Trinity[/url]!

          Ordering for others
          [b][size=18][color=orange]Special Delivery![/color][/size][/b]
          To: (receiver)
          From: (sender or remain anonymous)
          I will send the trade to [url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/gaia/bank.php?mode=trade&uid=3500874]Unknown Trinity[/url]!

          Missed a past limited?
          link exchange.gif
          - Only accepting 88x31 and 200x40 sized banners.
          - Make sure to link back to this shop also.
          - Post your link if you want to exchange. (:
          - Broken links or closed shops will be removed. Just post again to be re-added.

          User Image

          User Image
          User ImageUser Image
          Artist | Layout and Graphics

          Unknown Trinity
          Mule | Handles and delivers limited orders.
          In charge when Ink is not around to answer questions and what not.

          " Royalty " doll base (c) Pantone.
          " Kola " doll base (c) Hikari Jade.
          Fonts from DaFont.
          Color palettes used on dolls are from Sparkling Ice and Porcelian Doll.
          Templates from Ego-Box.
          Image hosting thanks to Photobucket and Imageshack.
          Coloring & animating program thanks to Adobe.
          Shop graphics by me. Graphic resources from 99mockingbirds.

          Reported and banned from all my shops.
          wolfblazer - copied my base
          maxie012 - posted mine and several other people's art in his profile
          Delicious Salvation - copied thread layout as well as other people's layouts/art

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