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iShining Armor
iShining Armor
So how alive is this topic? <3

Horsie that you?

Yesh~ Was hacked AGES ago so i had to change my name rolleyes

@Ray: I know right... And some things just....didn't inflate along, they just became worthless >.<

Aww that sucks, Good to see you online though, perhaps I'll try again to give gaia another chance when I have some free time.

Also yea the inflation bothers me so much. Im gunna try to get a new laptop and tablet and get back into doing sprite work background and edits. My cousin wants to make a social community site similar to how gaia was in the past and though we will have content you can purchase to help the site itself thrive. We're being more fair and have decided any content purchased with real money should be represented by real materials. I.e you can buy a stuffed animal or plushie or actual real life item based on the site but no spending real hard earned cash on digital pixel and items.

Thats unique, well there are loads of other avatar communities, so i wish you luck X3
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My God, Ray! You still have a shop :'3!!
Is it just me, or have most people stopped doing avatar edits? ;_;
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Well I kinda haven't done one cause the demand wasn't really there, except for extreme image posing "Cosplay" I guess. where they gave me an image and wanted a re-image in gaia pixel format. which was fine but I miss those that have original art or char creation. but Gaia has created so many items I see where it would become hard to be unique. plus it's hard to continue in a community that is solely on personal gain now.
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