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cori chama
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          @ cori chama :

        goshh i cried days on end because you didnt respond to me

        maaan anyone in a rebellious phase i dont know how to handle. my baby sister has started to get into it and she says no when i ask her to like, not eat that paper... i sit and look at my mom like "what do i do when she says no???"
        i have respect for the teachers that deal with it but still manage not to be an a-hole about it. THAT's when they get my respect

        lool house full o girls + one guy.. oh and my step dad who spoils him because he is the only guy... i have a lot of beef about that mainly because my bro's so wimpy ):
        being the same sex sibling is easier to communicate i think because you know what's actually going on and can relate easier to pains or methos od bullying (females tend to do emotional and males tend to go with physical; though recently both have been doing equal amounts of emotional..)

        he'll be like TJ from the show called "Smart Guy" xd
        wow i would spoil him if he went to my school. hugs and smooches all around! :D
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        Nooo! We DO have something special!
        No more tears! gonk

        rofl omg, that is too funny: "don't eat the paper!" "no." LOL
        I totally remember those days, there is no reasoning with them in the young and or rebellious phases so BOTH suckkkk!
        I concur, when you have non a-hole teachers, who care and do their job properly
        then WOW I am blown away and forever in awe and wonder of you

        crying More emotional?
        (yea girls/females do connect more on an emotional level 3nodding

        DO YOU?

        I would take pictures of all the love and embarrassment! Mwa ha!
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cori chama
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          @ corichama :

        its very frustrating because app'ers really not good fo ryou but she doesnt want to stop? q A q

        *ahem* excuse me teach, BUT YOU ARE ROCKING MY WORLD!!
        i have a few teachers in my school that i treat like my buds (and not the disrespectful kind of treating your teacher but like the respectful but still friends way)

        well, emotional as in emotional pain (verbal bullying for example)
        and typically females are more known for being in touch with their feelings. its great to meet a guy liek that though. : )



        pfft sure you can be the weird girl in hiding behind the door with her creeper camera XD

        aaaand im off! ive got homewrok to finish off (00ps!) and need to sleep after so i wont reply until tomorrow or s/t :3
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        AWE app'ers! Love that.
        You are right, it is bad for you I had a phase where I would chew on it when I was younger also...maybe it is a dietary thing for some kids? Like the ones who eat paste?

        //shines spotlights on you
        //cranks up the music
        I remember when I was in school and had bud teachers (the kind you have) GOOD TIMES
        //is 24
        //works for now
        = u=b

        ah, ah, ah
        gotcha gotcha bullying o n o
        IT IS great to meet a guy like that, you find one that you aren't gonna keep send him my way, ok?

        ; A: I am so olddd

        > u> I will get the camera that takes like 100 frames per second!

        OK! I hope you are able to finish it all and get a good night sleep!
        I have to work 1-10pm tomorrow, so I will reply late!
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cori chama
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          @ cori chama :

        what?? oh.. i didnt mean to type that but i have no idea what i meant? xD;
        i tried to chew on paper once and yuckk havent tried it since. i was pretty lucky as a kid that i didnt eat random things

        bud teachers are the best teachers
        did you work right out of secondary school?
        i plan to go into post but thats only because i know what i want to get into

        ahahahhh that'll go well "yeah so i have this online bud. ive never met her so i dont know her too much but she seems like one of those girls that dont overly obsess :D!!"

        ahahaa there are tons of shows that just make me scream MEMORIESSSSS
        def makes me feel old doing that 0,: (like That's so raven, hehhehh)

        pfft i ended up not getting any of it done until this afternoon and some during the class xD;
        i got the poster done though~ so that's all that matters haha
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        LOL I thought that was what they called the paper! 'apper'! xD So I thought that was adorable!
        I know I had eaten paper, some money and some sand before...I was weird...OTL

        Ok, which is Secondary School?
        I forget the terminology for that~
        What do you wanna get into? O u O

        See, that is a PERFECT introduction, who wouldn't want me then? ;'D
        That's so Raven! I loved That's so Raven! ; u ;
        What about Melissa Explains it All? DId you ever watch that one?

        Ata girl! lol
        Procrastinators unite tomorrow!
        What kinda poster was it? o u o I am glad you were able to get it done!
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cori chama
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          @ cori chama :

        woahh yeah okay paper makes sense
        my baby sis puts everything in her mouth. but paper is her favourite.
        my sibs and i never ate like dirt of sand (not purposefully at least) but my bro did like to store coins in his mouth for a few days as a baby. it was terrifying.. x___x

        high school is secondary school for mee~~
        i want to be an adorable baker uwu♥

        no but i did watch sabrina the teenage witch with her in it?
        the show that i watched the same time as TSR was Lizzie McGuire
        i rewatched an episode of lizzie and goshh its a bit dumb but i remember loving it completely

        pfft what a bad influence!! encourage me to procrastinate.
        dont you know im an impressionable young teenager? xD;

        it was an information poster about the career path i was on in co-op
        (im being a chef's assistant right now so i searched chef)


        Order sent! Please accept the trade when you've checked I sent everything you ordered :)
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        Days? I bet that was way terrifying!
        Nothing happened tho, right?

        Oh! Then yes, I loafed around my parents house for about 2 years and then I went out and got me a job~
        //lazy a**
        * u * I would buy all your food! lol
        How long have you wanted to be one? Always? Your own store?

        xD Sabrina the teenage witch! Oh man~ Good times.
        I know I liked Lizzie McGuire a bunch back in the day, but at the same time the episodes always annoyed me and I don't know why...
        Nooo, you can't go back and watch things! D: lolol (well not a lot of things anyway)

        > u> I live to be evil. Mwa ha ha ha!
        Procrastination is my game!

        NO WAY! How are you liking it? Is it fun?
        That sounds so awesome!
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cori chama
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          @ cori chama :

        yeah, just days. thankfully not weeks or months x___x
        thankfully nothing happened, no. after that, he's been super neat freaky and he hates mess, even when he's eating.

        my parents refuse to support me if i dont go into post-secondary when i finish my extra year
        (they do so because they never got a chance to and bluhh good intentions but tons of pressure)

        LOL please do!! i need someone to support me!! xD
        Goshh that's a long story if you're up for the read.
        TL;DR: ive been seriously thinking about it for a year and a half now
        I originally wanted to be an Artist but that was financially butts so I had to change it around. Years before, I considered being a Chef because I loved the kitchen so much but I rapidly found my (for a lack of words) wimpiness when it comes to blood.
        I threw that idea out and when I couldn't become an artist anymore (forcing myself to choose another passion of mine), i turned to my outrageous list of AWESOMO jobs. Baker was there somewhere but I looked it over and didnt' consider it
        I panicked for about a week over my list to figure out what I wanted to do with my life so I could steer the last year of HS towards it, hopefully not missing too many mandatory classes.
        I went through my list and WOW i couldnt do more than half of it so I ended up with about 5 things that could possibly work.
        Lo and behold baker was still there. I chewed on the idea for a few days, asking friends and family for their thoughts.
        I considered it some more until I said yes!! this is what i will do. I can make the world cuter, i get to smell delicious, i get to eat all teh delicious i make, AND i stil get to be an artist but instead of pen and paper, its chooclate and fondant uwu

        boop boop 0 v0

        LizzieMcGuire annoyed me too. It wasn't until I rewatched an episode did I realize it was because Lizzie was a really annoying teenage girl and was constantly whining. Also Miranda was grrr she made me mad at times
        You can't tell me what to do!!! xD;

        yessss i am thoroughly enjoying it
        originally i didnt want it but you know, kitchen exp is kitchen exp so i hopped on board
        i dont regret it yet cause everyones so nice there o uo

        did i ever ask you what you do? i feel like i did but i cant remember goshhh
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Beautifully Done
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          @ beautifully done :

        ive sent your order~
        please make sure ive sent them correctly before accepting your trade
        thanks for ordering! : D
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/lurklurk ninja
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          @ reoca :

        hello miss minishops
        i see you > U>

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