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Gathering Ingredients
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Each drink requires specific amounts of ingredients.
Use the random number generator [#1 - 8] and get the corresponding numbers.
Collect enough ingredients to turn in and claim your drinks!
Post the numbers and the page you won them on in my profile.

  1. ice
  2. melon
  3. mango
  4. blueberry
  5. raspberry
  6. strawberry
  7. lemon
  8. lime

Example when finished
Melon Punch
3 melon - page 1,2,3
3 mango - page 2,9,11
1 ice - page 7

Booberry Mix
2 blueberry - page 3
2 raspberry - page 8,11
2 strawberry - page 8
1 ice - page 9
Random Events

While you're in the garden you may stumble across random events.
Depending on what option chosen you can either win or lose. There are six hidden freebies.

    Example scenario
    While walking to the garden you happen upon an old basket. Do you take it?
    (Quote this with your answer. Time limit from this post: 5 minutes)

    A. Yes
    B. No

    Your answer: A
    My reply: The basket has holes in it. Not very useful.. (no prize)
For the Lazy (:

Instead of collecting all these ingredients in the scorching heat,
you can pay a hefty sum to get the drinks made instantly.

Each item costs 1,000,000g. There are 12 items in total (6 drinks, 6 freebies).

    Order Form
    [size=24][color=red][b]It's too hot! ):[/b][/color][/size]

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Event duration July 1 - August 31

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"Hello traveler! Thank you for stopping by my shop. The weather has been awfully blistering hasn't it? For a special time this summer I will be mixing up some refreshments that will keep you cool.

Only the freshest ingredients are used in these drinks. BUT in order for me to make them, YOU will have to help me gather materials.

Behind the shop is a large garden but it isn't just any ordinary one. There is something.. alive about it. Don't worry though! As long as you don't step on anything, nothing will happen.

Just a final note. Please do not pass out in the garden. Wouldn't want to end up as fertilizer. "

entrance to garden has been closed

Now before entering the garden just sign the waiver form above. I am not responsible for any side effects, lost limbs or in serious cases, death. 4laugh

*Garden location will be revealed after payment
* Entrance fee covers all drinks

notes for myself, records etc

    RP format
    (time limit from this post: 00minutes)


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