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My Shop has been re-opened, and has moved! Update your links, and come check us out! biggrin

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I have been accused of stealing someone else's idea. This hurts, and I am outraged. Not only, because someone decided it'd be ok to try and ruin my name, but the work I am accused of stealing *ahem* lower quality art, for lack of a better word. Why I would steal someone else's work? I have no idea. I guess people think that two similar ideas from a very popular Japanese character is stealing.

So, in my defense, I have put together some evidence showing that I did not steal from anyone.

Exhibit A)

The person who accused me says my shop opened a few days after the other shop. Well, fine. It did. However, the planning for my shop goes back months. A few days in between means nothing, when you look at the quality of my work compared to theirs. If all she has to go on is the pose (which is popular for Tare Panda) and the dates, then that's pretty pathetic. Look at the quality of my work, compared to theirs. How exactly am I supposed to come up with various colours, items, ideas, and a layout in 4 days?

Exhibit b)

I created a Photobucket account just for my shop. The account was created April 29th 2006. Two months before the other person's shop opened, I had my separate image hosting account for this thread.

I also created a mule account on Gaia April 17th 2006.

Why Pandamaniia?

I chose the name Pandamaniia, because it looked and sounded similar to Pandemonium. Pandamaniia has two 'i's', simply because the Gaia name 'Pandamania' was taken. It also looks pretty funky XD

If you want to go back further, I mentioned having an idea for another panda shop in my journal, due to the fact that my previous shop had to be taken down. That entry was made December 9th 2005.

For a while before my store opened, I had various panda signatures to give people a taste of my new store. Maybe you saw one of them?
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I also told friends in one of my guilds, that I was going to create another shop. If you'd like, I can get them to vouch for me.

Exhibit C)

As I mentioned before, my shop took a few months to create. I had various designs for the panda base. It all started with this image:
User Image

Originally, the panda was going to sit in a ball, but after realizing I'd have to customize a ball, as well as the panda, I decided against it. I also didn't like the look of the leg, so I changed it to look more relaxed.

This is the old base. Notice how the lines aren't as clean as the new one. This base was created before I discovered the 'pen' tool in PaintShop Pro 8, which is what I use for my images. This file was last modified April 10th 2006. The date created is different, due to it being moved around from different computers. It goes by when it was installed on that particular computer. The fact that the old base was last modified before I even created the Gaia account, tells you something, yes?

Last, but not least, I would like to point out that a few days after my shop was first opened, I discovered Bammi's shop. I saw the link button in someone else's shop, and checked it out. I thought someone might accuse me, or him, of stealing the idea, but I brushed it off, as I didn't think anyone would confuse my drawings with his. Turns out it did happen, and I laugh at the ignorance.

And seeing as my original account was created in 2004, I have a few hundred thousand gold worth of items, some amazing friends, almost 6000 posts and an adorable fan base, what makes you think I'd copy from someone else?

kthxbi xoxox

Ps. Enya r0x0rz!1!
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Pandamaniia is now Open!

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