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What color should the new layout be? :D

Blue 0.2885032537961 28.9% [ 266 ]
Green 0.1648590021692 16.5% [ 152 ]
Purple 0.18004338394794 18.0% [ 166 ]
Red/orange 0.12147505422993 12.1% [ 112 ]
Hot pink 0.16919739696312 16.9% [ 156 ]
Other 0.075921908893709 7.6% [ 70 ]
Total Votes:[ 922 ]
Sora ga takakute seiza ga takusan mieru
tsumetai kuuki no naka ai o shinjiteta

3 months? Wow, that's a long time o.o;;

I can see the constellations in the high sky
and believe in love in this cold air

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Woah that is a long time! Considering these are pre-made pixels. O_O
Wondering if you wanted to do a link swap? 8D

Here's my button <3

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Hey Rikio bb, it's been a while! Remember Kas? 8];;

I HAVE A SUGGESTION. Easter is coming up and all so I think you should make cute Easter-themed shakes. Especially a bunny one! And this is not just because I want a bunny one but am too cheap to pay like 5k+ for one. Ehee.

- Sodashake order form -
Username: Foxgirl_0001
Deliver to: To me.
Flavour(s): All regular and sparkle shakes.
Total: 1, 900g
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I just came to say I canceled my trade, it's been about 3 months. =O
I'll be back when you re-open, hope that's alright. <3

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Pixel doll is a gift from Eri Fox.
Post style by Azhuria.

...You know what? It HAS been three months...Perhaps there's been some RL things for the shop owners. Its understandable that RL takes precedence over this...

Anyways, I hope people don't mind, but I'll cancel my trade too. Nothing against the shop, or anything...I'll be back when it (hopefully) reopens. =D

- Sodashake order form -
Username: your gaia username ;D lil-asian-cutie101
Deliver to: you or anyone ME
Flavour(s): list how many of each flavour you want! Peach ( the sparkle one )
Total: Add up your total here! 110
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Link me? =)
I linked youu.

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(Yesh. Laugh at the Tinyurl I actually got. ahah xp )

- Sodashake order form -
Username: IcedxWings
Deliver to: Moi.✖✖^^
Flavour(s): Lemon-Lime,Watermelon,Peach,
Total: 330g

- Sodashake order form -
Username: emo_icecream
Deliver to: myself
Flavour(s): 2 Lemon-Lime, 2 Watermelon, and 2 Mint Choco Chip
Total: 320g

- Sodashake order form -
Username: candy sushi
Deliver to: me
Flavour(s): If you buy all the sparkle ones it is 1120g! ( 100g discount)
Total: 1120g

- Sodashake order form -
Username: BeatOfAnAngel
Deliver to: Me :]
Flavour(s): Aquatic (No bubbles)
Total: 1,000g

- Sodashake order form -
Username: tsukimeushi
Deliver to: me!
Flavour(s): peach, the more expensive one : D
Total: 110
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  • Friendly 100
  • Full closet 200

- Sodashake order form -
Username: Tatsu_The_Dragon
Deliver to: Myself (Tatsu_The_Dragon)
Flavour(s): All Flavors (Sparkle)
Total: 1120

- Sodashake order form -
Username: xXm a l l y p a n d aXx
Deliver to: Mee please!!
Flavour(s): Lemon Lime(110g) and AQUATICA(1000g) w/o bubbles please!
Total: 1,110 gold

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