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zhucie's avatar

Rainbow Lunatic

          I nearly finished the orders.
          But I need to go. x____________x
          Can you tell tam tams that some of the orders I filled are in the file please? 8D
be brave xD

custom stuff is a pain o_o

          But they're so scary o xo

          They look like such a pain, the HHH dolls D8
          -stares at rows of rows of choices-
they're actually not that scary xP
it was so hard for me to choose ):

          I can't look at them for too long @__@;;
Kiwi Hatake's avatar

Beloved Regular

User ImageUser Image

It's possible to make a HHH doll really cute like. o 3o Like so:
User Image
Just pretend you don't see the scary stuff. xP
it's a cow 8D
meonji's avatar

Man-Hungry Cat

      I has read that. Will go do it noww. 8D

          o 3o
          It's looks... confused. XD

          panduhhhh~ <33
heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
meonji's avatar

Man-Hungry Cat

      Panduhh doesn't love me. < A <

panduhh doesn't love me either o:

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