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more charms! 0.10503282275711 10.5% [ 96 ]
more plushies! 0.2746170678337 27.5% [ 251 ]
more baby plushies! 0.17177242888403 17.2% [ 157 ]
more orbs! 0.17614879649891 17.6% [ 161 ]
more stickers! 0.19365426695842 19.4% [ 177 ]
something else (please post) 0.078774617067834 7.9% [ 72 ]
Total Votes:[ 914 ]
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Want to make a suggestion? just post in thread ^___^

in green the wishes already granted heart


Chibi the Cat
perhaps you could do a series of lucky cat figurines? (just google maneki neko) maybe do a lucky cat coin too (possibly with a collar and bib)?


Also,you should do a sticker based on sweets.


I would love to see one (sticker) with a rainbow in the background

Moar customizables? *W*

More stickers. Your stickers are so cute~! And more plushies.

suggestion : animated animals with moving ears


raven plushie

Bitten Pockii

-Star Plushies // ref but with different expressions on them >w<

-Crescent Plushies // with different expressions :3

-Food plushies ?


blood, bats and kitties<3

((about potions))
You could also do variations of them for Halloween..like bottled witch stuffs


more bird themed things <3


I hope you can come up with some animal stuff soon. Like a puppy bone lol. something like this xd You can even come up with certain theme. Like animal accessories. bones, collar, puppy paw or cat paw, etc.

I love frogs! And I don't see any yet. xD

Indie Damsel

Also if I can make a suggestion, could you possibly make an Owl Plushie? (If you do choose more Plushies)

- costumes (maybe witch hats, costume limited items for build-a-cat, etc., all of different color combos)
- standard candy, lollipops, chewing gum, gummies, chocolate, etc.
- trick or treat tote bags and pails
- cauldrons, pumpkins, decor, scarecrow outfit for build-a-cat (complete with hay stuffing)?
- wicked crystal sculptures (something with some mystical gemstone, dundunduuuunn)
- for build-a-cats: moon background (clouded and cloudless, full and not full moons)
- gothic stuff in general, coffin cakes, coffin jewelry boxes?

You can use candies from around the world maybe, or invent a Nagareboshi Signature Candy (complete with very elaborate, creative packing)?



other base pets: fox, wolf, dog.
Lolli-pop Psycho
bunny base


antlers // mouse toy // bow tied around the neck.


Neck Ribbon [click] - tie (with/without collar) [click] - bowtie [click] - Companion Kitten [click]
Cat Toys [click] - Food Bowls [click] - Catnip Plant (or other flowers) [click] - Cat Beds [click] - Double Tails [click]

>>Also: More mood bubbles, more collar/ribbon colors, Option to change inner ear/nose color, ability to name them<<
(( If I can think of anything else to add I'll let you know ASAP! Hopefully this is enough to work with for now. ♫ ))


I also think a cat bell collar would be adorable too (or even bells on the tail ribbon or paw ribbon). heart
You can do a lot of cute styles and colors of bells. For example, look at this cute strawberry set (1 - 2). rofl

Serafeen pg.363

Markings such as stripes or spots

Sachie Whitby

blood mood bubble, more blood
, vampirey stuff

Sachie Whitby
vampire fangs! that way there can be undead kitty.

you need a pirate hat!

pirate hat biggrin

I'd adore seeing some rainbow items in the future too! I like how you incorporated some food items for us minishop foodie addicts. mrgreen


Pet Treat Cupcake Cookies [click] - Cat Treat Hor Devours [click] - or even cute Taiyaki[click]!

Strawberry Dessert
More colors for the bow (481)

A fish in its mouth or at its feet?

Mew Muffin
cream beret?


Maybe a rainbow background in a style/color theme that can be paired with Grass Background (310&920)?
Also, more sunglasses choices, such as xx (especially the white pair), and theeese~~.
* U * { ♥♥♥ )

Also, maybe a G-pin/Gaia logo badge-pin and also a badge-pin for each town (Aekea, Barton, Durem, Gambino). Maybe even include the letter G (as a Gaia logo) on the sunglasses' sides. ;o
Sunglasses and logos, as well as logo pins, can also come in different colors. c:
Also, the two-tone color done with the eyes in the buildables should be used more often, such as in eyewear; it's simply to die for.

more skins for the buildable kitties.
1 of my cats is striped with white paws,tummy and muzzle and
the other is black with white paws,tummy, neck and muzzle.

Lacey Cupcake
Fish plush toy for kitty

Princess Kuchiki
Maybe different color/style hair(or ear) bows.

*Night sky background/backdrop (Wintery, Summery, Springy, Autumny)
*Star-shaped rug in different colors, and also some with cute faces on them
*Quilted/Patched-looking Skins (one covered in fabric patches in weathered and new conditions, and the other with a quilt fabric patch or two with stitching on the sides that fix up holes, the sort you see on peasant dresses)
*Headbows in different colors, and also flowers to go on the head
*A little star/symbol that can go on the butt. > U <

shirt ? 4laugh

Queen Kianra
They're soooo cuuute. Couldn't get better! ;u; But maybe some....nurse-themed ones? Like a needle, a hat with a "+", etc... <3 I dunno if you had the item, but maybe some blood splatters?


id suggest sakura's or cherryblossom petals ^-^


halloween items for the pet~


Feathers? Either similar to a hairclip or strewn around the base like the cat had just eaten a bird
chocolate brown eyes
skull and crossbones bubble
Event type items for halloween or christmas

Sachie Whitby
How about some seasonal Christmas items like a candy cane that the kitty can hold in its mouth or a Santa hat.


White ball of wool


maybe some snowflakes

maybe some bowl of food? o:

more candies and chocolates! YUM!

Dark Angel Seira
Flower bg, Snowflake bg, Angel wings near head, Item like the sweet lace alice bow, some kitten outfits?, earmuffs, butterfly/fairy wings.

Crew Draggy
Yes um! Food items, such as cakes near to the paw or on the head or on the back. If you ever use this idea, may you credit me? :3 THANK YOU!

Horny Mushrooms

eating strawberry jelly toast XD


More light furs? XD I don't even know there's so many items *U*

rainbow fur color, rainbow BG


perhaps maybe foods? That could be cute~ like, little ice cream cones or rather, a little cup/bowl of ice cream, water, milk, etc?


black studded collars. Belted blindfold. Black spiked collars. Devil tails.


chocolate pocky, cream-colored patches, and toy (in mouth) [teddy bear]

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Tricky Bunny

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Tricky Bunny

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Tricky Bunny

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Tricky Bunny

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Tricky Bunny

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Tricky Bunny

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Star Builder

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Tricky Bunny

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