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Begun in 2006, closed for a couple years while Rodney went to college, and now reopened as My Breakfast Talks, the Muffin Kit and Olisikit shop has had a long and varied history in the minishops forum. Olisikits, a freak accident of narco-bioengineering, are pancakes brought to life and now need YOU, yes YOU, to care for them. Because Dr. McKay isn't about to send all of these things to college on -his- salary.

They don't look like pancakes, they look like furry elf goat things but it's okay, I promise they are made of the finest batter and sometimes edible ingredients.

To guide you through the shop are our two mascots Muffin and Mer, please do be attentive and listen to what they have to say, they have experience with the shop you will undoubtedly need.

User Image User Image

"Muffin, don't forget t'tell them about the rules."

"Oh yes, make sure you read the entirety of the rules and how to order sections before ordering and check to see if the shop is open via the thread header. If it says Closed or Hiatus save your order for later, otherwise order away!"

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How to order and sample orders
Olisikit Base Options
Olisikit clothing and accessory options
Thread history, plot, and biography listings
Rules, Roleplay explanation, and contests

Raffle and Freebies

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In this section you'll learn how to order and follow Mer through making a sample order. It's all really easy so don't get scared away by the length.

♥ STEP ONE ♥ Make your choices from the olisikit and accessories section!

♥ STEP TWO ♥ Post your order in the thread, using the form belown.

♥ STEP THREE ♥ Send the trade for your total amount to Dr. McKay.

♥ STEP FOUR ♥ Be patient! Once Dr. McKay has you order filled the trade will be accepted.

♥ STEP FIVE ♥ Complete trade! This is very important, your order won't be PMed till you complete the trade.

That's all there is to it! Now let's go through a sample order and break down the parts you as the buyer and future owner need to be aware of.

All base Olisikits cost 5,000 gold a piece.

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Hello loves, I'll be guiding you through the steps needed to make sure you fill out the order form properly and make sure you understand all of the options available t'you. If you have any questions about this jes ask in the thread and Dr. McKay or one of the helpful regulars will have an answer for you.

Now lets take a look at the order form.

Olisikit Style:
Olisikit Season:
Signature size included:

Now we'll look at a sample kit, in this case the lovely Miss Cerise, coy and playful as usual.

User Image

As you can see olisikits are rather large compared to some other adoptables and breedables in t'minishops. Don't worry yourself, we'll get to explaining size options in the order form.


♥ So first you need to choose olisikit style, Cerise here is a light Olisikit, characterized by slim musculature and dainty shoulder size.

♥ Next is the season of your Olisikit friend, in Cerise' case she's a fall. You can tell by her red fur colour.

♥ Accessories are varied and available in the post underneath the Olisikit information. Cerise is wearing a mix of accessories as y'can see. Accessories are free to put on new Olisikits, but any pre-owned olisikit will need to pay a 500 gold fee to have accessories added on.

♥ Name is self explanatory, put in here what y'want the 'kit to be called. Make sure you aren't mistaking this for your username!

♥ Finally signature size is where we get into size options. All kits come with a base size but for an optional fee you can get a 480 signature size kit that will be Gaia safe. This is 100 gold extra!


That's all there is to it, just follow these steps and select your choices from the options in the posts below. Don't forget to send the trade and accept the trade when it's time and you'll be fine!
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Olisikits come in two styles and four seasons as was mentioned in the how to order section.

Each base Olisikit is 5,000 gold per oliiskit

User Image

The first style we'll go through is Dark. Olisikits have genders assigned by you and can be changed or modified at any time, their genders are not explicitly stated anywhere save for how you portray them in your biography or via roleplay. Dark olisikits are bulkier and often have thicker fur.

Next we have Light Olisikits which are more svelte than their dark kin and have longer hair.

As you can see both olisikit styles come in four colours or seasons, fall, winter, spring, and summer.

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Accessory cost is included with your olisikit but keep in mind that if you are adding accessories to an olisikit already made it will be a 500 gold fee to do so.

Until our seamstress has been rebaked we'll have to let Muffin guide you through shopping selections!

User Image

So I know you want to jump right in to putting all sorts of frilly ridiculous things out for your new friend/housemate/scrounger, but there are some things you need to keep in mind first!

All items come in one color unless stated otherwise with a ★ beside it in the description at which point it's available in yellow, pink, red, or green. Make sure you include the color you want the item to come in with your order form or it will go to you in pink regardless of the assigned gender of your 'kit. Sometimes items will come in colors other than those four, in which it will be marked on the description for the item or listed as a separate item entirely.

User Image

a. Bunny Ears
b. Flower Hairpin
c. Heart Hairpin
d. Fairy Wings
e.Hipster Glasses
f. Slim Shades
g. Angel Head Wings
h. Devil Head Wings
i. Neck Ribbon ★
j. Arm Warmers ★
k. Scarf ★
l. Leg Warmers ★
m. Headphones
n. Collar

User Image

o. Mini Top Hat
p. Animal Hairpin in Bunny, Kitty, Frog, or Puppy (specify which ones)
q. Medic Cross Eye Patch
r. Kid Gloves
s. Gentleman's Gloves
t. Head Slouch Kitty in Kiki or Coco (specify which one)
u. Tail Charm in Heart, Spade, Diamond, or Club (specify which one)
v. Pendant necklace ★
w. Lower Arm Bandage
x. Beaded Bracelet ★
gg. Round Glasses

User Image

y. Cats Eye Glasses
z. Goggles
aa. Orchid Hairpin
bb. Night's Flower Hairpin
cc. Bar Hairpin (up to two choose any colour you want)
dd. Black Eyepatch
ee. Wristwatch
ff. Upper Arm Bandage
jj. Loose Tie
kk. Jelly Bracelete (Up to three per wrist, choose any colour you want)
ll. Hair Ribbons ★
mm. Skull Hairpin
nn. Heart Locket
oo. Dogtags

User Image

pp. Cake Slice Hat
qq. Cake Hat
rr. Messenger Bag
ss. Circle Scarf ★
tt. Tilted Crown ★
uu. Flower Crown (choose from red, purple, magenta, or white)
vv. Nano Pet
ww. Cellphone with Charms
xx. Deer Horns

User Image

Kitty 1. Grey Splotch, 2, Mocha, or 3. Carrot Cake
Fish 1. Green, 2. Purple, or 3. Teal
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Here you will find the rules YOU MUST LIVE BY while in the thread. We'll break them down into three sections, general shop rules, roleplay rules, and contest rules.

General Shop Rules:

1. Be respectful to others.
2. Follow all of the order steps.
3. Do not PM your order.
4. Keep double posting to a minimum.
5. Do not Quote any of the first page posts.
6. Do not Spam us with stupid things.
8. Do not advertise your shop unless I know you personally.
9. Do not ask to know me personally.
10. Do not complain about how your order is taking forever for me to do.
11. Upload your olisikit to your own image host.

Roleplay Rules:

1. Do not godmode, if you think something is too powerful talk it through with staff or the other players. Communication is key, never do anything that the other person would be uncomfortable with.
2. Do not use cosplay characters (characters from anime, movies, media you don't own) before speaking to Dr. McKay about this. Often times you will find RP characters for sale in the auction thread for this use, or you can order a custom olisikit, which is explained further in the shop information post.
3. Do not use Olisikits from prior to the reboot in the thread for Roleplay. While I know you loved your kits and I loved making and playing with them, the plotline of the reboot requires that all olisikits be rebaked. For information about rebaking please read the shop information post below.

Contest Rules:

Be courteous to others and respectful of the final decisions of staff or the RNG. When a contest is running information about the contest will be displayed here.

Current Contest: Flyer contest! Make a flyer image using a graphics program or online image editor for the March edition of Gotta Get Vexed.

Pertinent deets:
March 3rd at 9:00 PM EST
Include the words "Gotta Get Vexed" somewhere on the flyer

You have till March 1st to enter and Scyne will be the contest judge. Winners get a free Shop Community Radio t-shirt for the kit of their choice.
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Shop Description and Basic Information

Olisikits come in two varieties, we aren't talking about the dark and light kind, but the history of an Olisikit. The first kind of olisikit is the kind that has no past, no prior memories, no life before being an Olisikit. They are the blank slates, the Olisikits who build from nothing before. The second type are Olisikits born from the soul of someone who died. These souls do not have to be from the same reality as the shop, and often aren't. They live again and it's up to the player to decide how many memories they've retained from their past life, if any at all.

The "shop" is the size of a small township and is comprised of multiple buildings fronted on the street side by the mall-like size of the main Shop and surrounded by a thick wilderness that protects the shop from the eyes of the outside city. Outsiders call this the Eyesore, insiders just call it the "Shop" a name that held over from when the complex was more like a manor estate than a township. Along the front street aside from the shop front face that acts as the funnel to the rest of the Shop is a collection of small secondary shops run by Olisikits with tradeskill backgrounds. Some of these shop fronts are empty with vacancy information in the windows, little placards they say "If interested please contact Dover or Muffin."

The shop main building is three stories and contains among many other things multiple seating areas, a couple of kitchens with the largest on the main floor, a club like lounge, multiple indoor garden courtyards, the primary library, and no closets save one broom closet per floor.

Behind the main shop building are the two flower gardens and one kitchen garden, an outdoor market with stalls available on a first come first serve basis, multiple pools and small lakes, a small aquarium exhibit, a playground, and several small cottages between large brick boarding houses. On several doors is rental information for the cottages and boarding houses with the same message as the shops along the street.

Directory of Shops and Services:

Tiel Stitchery- Clothing, accessories, whole ensembles, and fashion advice. Run by Elekt and assistants to fulfill an Olisikit's every garment need. The shop has heavy draped fabrics in lieu of wall coverings, hanging lanterns of varied models, and an old fashioned wrought iron sewing machine table bolted into one corner. Light atmospheric music plays at a level productive to polite conversation. {This is where you go to buy pre-made or custom clothing for a previously purchased Olisikit.}

Captivating Curios- Specialty items infused with magic and mystery. Currently under the management of Lovecraft and his assistant Mannix. China, antiques, strange baubles and knickknacks line all of the corners, with a seemingly empty table in the middle of the store cordoned off by a red velvet rope. Floating tables hold books that hurt to look at and others that draw you to touch them, just once, just one time. A sign in the window says in flowing calligraphy, "You break it, you've bought it." Sometimes there is the smell of gardenias or roses, sometimes there is music, but at no time is it clear where any of that is coming from.

Stars with Moon Cafe- A traditional coffee bar in colours of brown, cream, and blue. Upper management and owner unknown, it is staffed by Merwin and a handful of teenage kits with a job openings sign in the window. It smells strongly of freshly ground coffee. A small cold case in front of the register has various sparkling juices and the signs are all hand written or drawn on chalkboard planks. Low seating with wide tables conductive to working or groups dot the cafe with a corner divided by a wall section bordered by windows and filled with floor pillows. A sign in the window, also handwritten, says 24/7 free Wi-Fi.

BunnyFish Cafe- A Maid Cafe with pink and mint upholstered booths and cute music serving a variety of dainty pastries and loose leaf tea. The uniform is mint or pink depending on the ranking of the maid serving. One of the only shops that seems to draw customers from the city outside the shop, it is often packed till it's close at 5:00 PM. A list of rules is printed in menus and also in flowing script on the hostess stand at the door. "Do not touch the maids, do not ask for personal information from the maids, Do be polite to the maids."

Lunar Fortunes- A tiny shop drapped in dark heavy black fabrics, lit by candles, with seating of the carpeted and floor pillow variety. The scent of it is heady and cloying, and drugs one to complacency or comfort depending. Hanging herbs set to dry, baubles of crystal and light, and jars of glowing darting things create a lower drop ceiling. Run by the fortune teller Lunesta, this shop sells readings and potions of unique properties and also acts as a homeopathic sleep clinic.

Shop History

In January of 2006 Dr. McKay got tired of drawing avatar portraits and opened a shop based on a badly drawn cat in flash and then somewhere along the line anthro cat elf goats, bunnyfish, and who else knows what got added to the shop, undergoing slight changes, redraws, and updates along the way. In 2010 personal loss spurred Dr. McKay to take another look at his life choices and resulted in an attempt at college that failed a little but is now being restarted in an effort to keep his GPA at 3.8-whatever. If there are suddenly two spaces between some sentences blame it on the APA.

So that's the OOC of the shop's history. Now let's delve into plot history.

Dark Wonderland opened up a rift in the library during halloween and steadily it corrupted olisikits of all kinds. Almost no one was immune, regardless of their skill and training, and as more 'kits fell into the library's rift the power of it grew until it was warping the very shop itself, causing spacial anomalies and entirely new sections of the shop to seemingly grow and warp all on their own.

Eventually Muffin and Lovey, working together, decided there was only one option. To completely collapse the shop's reality.

But Muffin made sure that there would be one legacy remaining, every single olisikit's unique batter is still on file, samples ready to be added to new batches and rebaked. While these new olisikits might not have full memories or any memories at all is a case by case bias, but at least there is some hope.

As for Dark Wonderland? You'll have to ask the proprietor of the small shop on the ground floor of the Olisikit shop front beside the accessories store. She might be able to tell you something, if you can catch her working.

(So what does that mean for you as the player, and your olisikits? Can you get your kit rebaked? The answer is yes! But it's a little more complicated than that. You might have to buy a rebake or win one from a contest. If your olisikit was a base kit in a season colour of red, yellow, blue, or green, you can ask for them to be recerted sans clothing or accessories for 1,000 gold.)
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Olisikit related Links:
Auction Thread
Flatsale Thread
Guild Main Page
Biography Listing
Shop Tumblr
Offsite Orders
Out of Shop, Small Group, and Private Roleplay Information
Organization Listing
Rebaked Flatsale Kit List
Night Lights Episode One

Shop Directory Link List:
Tiel Stitchery
Stars with Moon Cafe
Lunar Fortunes

How to get your biography listed in the Biography listing? First make a public journal post, personal guild forum post, or any other on-site public use feature to create your biography. Next post the link here in the shop. Staff will add it to the main directory of biographies. If it hasn't been added within a couple of weeks, give us a kind reminder, we are people with lives and jobs (or school) outside of Gaia. Feel free to RP with your 'kit in the meantime, biographies are not necessary to Roleplay.
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Available till Feb 14th, Valentines Olisikits! Use the order forms below to get them for yourself or friends! Please note whether you want a signature size version, cost is included as opposed to normal batch kits.

Type of Limited Olisikit:
Name of Olisikit:
Sig size:

or if ordering for someone else

Type of Limited Olisikit:
Name of Olisikit:
Recipient username:
Do you want the gift PMed:
Message for recipient if PMed:
Sig size:

User Image

Price: 10k- Accessories included in cost.
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Special stuff goes here ~

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