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um i think i get the rules sweatdrop im gonna illistrate gaia av's hopefully. but... where do i put it again? sweatdrop
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Um, it seems as if my Bouquet shop doesn't belong here. But where DOES it belong????
stop makin tricks
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Image Use~

Privately owned images

This section deals with the use of graphics from artists' personal sites. This includes but is not limited to the sites of icon makers, pixel artists, CG artists, and other independent creators.

You may NOT:

o Use any and all images that you do not own in your graphics without the written permission of the original artist. You must be able to provide proof when asked. A general note on the artist's site, or a 'Terms of Use' constitutes as written permission. Even with this permission, credit must be clearly, fully given. *

o Sample, edit, or use art or items that are under copyright protection. If the artist places © symbols on the picture or page containing it, has right-click protection, posts a terms of use on their own site that says so, or otherwise makes it clear on the site that the images may not be used, then the images may not be used.

* - Please read the Proper Credit section of this sticky for more detailed information on permission and proper credit.

Commercial images

This section deals with graphics, such as Anime/movie/TV screenshots, Videogame screenshots/sprites, artbook scans and any other commercial work.

You may NOT:

o Use or offer to use images eg. anime, movie, game characters without permission from the copyright holder or the artist who drew them. Just stating "Images owned by Fox" or similar is not good enough.

- this includes scans, screenshots or other similar images, even if you took the screenshot yourself or bought the book/magazine etc that you scanned the image from, you STILL need permission.

- this also includes sites such as animewallpaper.com or animerender.com. You need the permission of the artist/company that owns it. Just because it's free to download does not mean you can make a profit off of them.
o Use stock images without permission from the person who took them.

o Use any photobucket, google or other similar images without permission of the artist/company that owns them. Asking the person who uploaded it does not count as they do not have the authority to give you permission, unless they made the image themselves.

o Use traced, copied or eyeballed images.

You MAY:

o Use drawings including fanart you made yourself.

o Use drawings including fanart that others have drawn if you have their permission.

o Use drawings, stocks etc for your own personal use or for others for free. You must not charge them anything in this case. Such shops would then belong in the Art Freebies sub-forum.

o Use brushes available in software programs such as Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. If you download extra brushes, it is preferred that you credit and link back to where you got them from.

o Use fonts available in software programs such as Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. If you download extra fonts, it is preferred that you credit and link back to where you got them from.

Gaia Online images

This section deals with the use of commercial artwork of Gaiaonline.com. The official artwork is defined as the avatars, avatar clothes, borders, Rock Puppy, etc. It does NOT include any user-created art found on Gaiaonline.com, such as users' signatures or entries in the Art Arena.

You may NOT:

o Edit, modify or display official Gaiaonline.com images in any way which my misrepresent Gaia's policies and theme. This includes, but is not limited to avatar edits which are completely nude, sexual, or nude and poorly censored, showing the shape, outline or colouring of genitals, nipples or pubic hair.

o Sell, save, edit or otherwise use any images found in signatures, sig-pages, forum posts, personal posts, Art Arena posts, Mini Shops or Breedable Pets stores of other users outside of the agreements between you and the owner/creator.

You MAY:

o Use and modify official Gaiaonline.com artwork, including avatars and layout flourishes within the forums only. In other words, Avatar Edits are allowed in Mini Shops, as long as they are used only within Gaiaonline.com (this does not include the Art Arena!), and credit is not taken for the original image outside of forums of Gaia.

In shops, this agreement is generally that if you pay for a graphic, to the creator, you have the right to use it - unedited - for its intended purpose only, and not claim ownership. If no other agreement is posted, the creator is protected by the terms of the preceding agreement.
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