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Dolls and Templates~

If an artist has made templates/bases/other images available for use that are meant to be edited (such as dollz), please abide by the agreement that the artist provides. You do not need to ask for permission if the artist says that you don't have to in the agreement; it is only if no agreement is provided, or you wish to do something that is not allowed by the agreement, that you must get provable, written permission.

Most doll artists ask that you not redistribute the base. This means, do not post the unedited base on Gaia even for illustration purposes. This is because someone may see it on Gaia, without seeing the artist's terms, and use it without abiding by the terms. This rule is usually broken without ill intent, but please abide by it.

o You may NOT:

+ Use dolls and items from online doll makers.

+ Use dolls you made in a doll maker if you edit the image/color over the items.

+ Use dolls made using a doll maker if you just plan to use them for banners and wishlists. *

+ Break the base maker's rules even if they aren't in the Gaia or Mini Shops rules.

+ Use dolls or images even if the base maker doesn't mention displaying or distributing doll images.

+ Use parts of other peoples' dolls to create your own.

+ Use bases if the base maker's rules are in a language you can not understand.

+ Remove the base maker's signature from the base you want to use.

+ Display unedited/naked doll bases in your shop thread. **

* - Exceptions can be made in some cases, depending on the doll maker's rules and how much work you've put into the banner image. In such a situation, please contact an online moderator to see if you will be allowed to sell them.

** - The only exception is if the base maker specifically gives you permission to do so. If you must display base images, then you need to watermark the images.

* You MUST:

o Provide bases with undergarments or provide a link to a nude base rather than posting them directly in the forums. Posting naked doll bases is not allowed as it infringes on the doll maker's rules.
what the *******************************************************
Thanks 4 the info. on mini shops, bcuz i was thinkn' 'bout opening a shop. Thanks a lot smile
can you sell icons and cursors? question
uh ok nope
lots of rules burning_eyes
15/15 smile
15/15.... So cute!! lol biggrin razz

Thats so rotfl
I would like to ask something about minishops. I would like to make a Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Custom Roller Coaster Store, it would be people putting things on a order form and I'll post a picture of there order with a video, is that ok with the rules of the Minishop?
Wow.Its ridiculous that any 1 feels the need to bump their shops up.

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