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whee heart VERY epful Thread! Yay stickies and Mods!
I made a desktop background using adobe photoshop, it uses pictures of a glass rose that I had Re-coloured. would that be alrigh tto post in a minishop? if not where do I post it?
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How do I give credit if the site I got my doll bases from is down and I can't contact the owner?
its rly cool they have mini shops
mini shops rule but I WISH IT WAS FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I WISH THEY HAD EVERYTHING THAT IS A MINI SHOP DAM STANKY FREE COMMAON WHO EVER MADE GAIA MAKE SOMERTHING FREE GOSH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Random COMMETS!!!!


Random COMMETS!!!!

It is greatly encouraged that any graphic that you sell in your Mini Shop or Breedable Pets store should be 100% your own work. However, any graphic for sale in your Mini Shop or Breedable Pets store must be mostly or almost all your own work and idea.

No whole graphic, icon, sprite, or other image, that is found on the internet or another source and is not your work, may be sold in Mini Shops. No part of it may be traced, copied by eye or copy and pasted to be passed off as your own work.

Spirit of Mini Shops

You should not try to make a profit on Gaia by exploiting the hard work of other artists, whether they are Gaia users or people off site. Therefore, all images must be properly credited and with courtesy links back to your benefactors. They were kind enough to grant you permission, so return the favor! biggrin

The Mini Shops Rules and Guidelines exist alongside other independent sets of rules, such as Copyright laws and Artists' Terms of Use. Always go with the most conservative rule, and you can hardly go wrong. You should understand the spirit of these guidelines, as a protective measure for artists. The rights of an artist will always be honored over the right of a Gaian to pursue gold. If you try to exploit loopholes in the wording, break the rules in spirit and/or blatantly disrespect the rights of artists for Gaia Gold, you are breaking the rules.

If you wish to open a Mini Shop, you must read and understand these rules in their entirety. It is your responsibility to make sure your shop is legal.

~ Mini Shops moderators

Artist's Rights

  • If someone in Minishops samples your image without permission, is in violation of your stated terms, uses a whole image without permission, or is in violation of another agreement, you have the right to request the removal or editing of that whole image regardless of any work done by the other party. If necessary, a moderator will remove it.

  • Anyone claiming to be the creator should contact a moderator or the person in question. They should be prepared to prove ownership, if it is disputed. This could involve emailing the moderator from the address listed on the site the image came from, or placing a note on the site, etc. Proof doesn't have to be given to the general public in order to protect the privacy of the artist. It will be enough for the moderator to say 'I have been shown sufficient proof to believe this is the creator'.

    Maliciously impersonating a creator will result in action against your account.

  • If you should find someone who is stealing art from you, please report them. Posting accusations, "GTFO" or "Reported" can be seen as harassment or spam. More information on reporting is contained in the 7th post.
wut crying
nice job dude allalalalalal lol
post for gold
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I WISH THEY HAD EVERYTHING THAT IS A MINI SHOP DAM STANKY FREE COMMAON WHO EVER MADE GAIA MAKE SOMERTHING FREE GOSH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish more things didn't cost so much or at least were available for Gold as well and not only for Cash.

Since I have no cash I need to buy my collectibles and evolving items expensively from the market. I'm glad there's mini shops now I can at least make a little more cash for my dreamy avvie!

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