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Mini Shops Conduct and Etiquette~


Bumps are posts made, with little content, for the purpose of moving the shop to the first page of the forum.

A bump may be plain text, the simple word: Bump, or a fancy picture.

Advertising bumps are not allowed. These annoy many shopkeepers, and take away their business. It is very rude to advertise your store/thread in another user's shop.

You may link bumps to your store, but the content of the image should not be a gratuitous advertisement. The largest text must be the word 'bump', and no slogans or encouragement to leave the current store may be posted.

Even if you think that your advertisement is tasteful, the shop owner has a right to have the bump deleted.

You should also not bump shops that are still on the first page.

Post Deletion

A shop owner may ask a moderator to delete any posts in a thread that are extraneous, if

1.The posts are in between the shop owner 'setting up posts'
Owner: Placeholder, need 3 posts.
Owner: Owner's list.
Person: What's this? A shop?
Owner: Darn.

2.The number of bumps or extraneous posts makes the thread hard to read (such as images that are so wide that they stretch the screen), or of unwieldily size.

3.The shop owner is offended by the content.

4.The post or bump is an advertisement, or otherwise encourages the patrons to leave the shop
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