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MadMan McGuien's Cuddly Bear Shop. Skullies coming soon...

We currently have a Create-An-Item Contest going. Check details in the contest post!

Contest's are now up.

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From Voodoo Themed Shop to Cuddly Stuffed and stitched bear. Mad Man McGuien is a Mad Scientist who set out to create the ultimate Voodoo Like bears... Needless to say...They didn't turn out as he planned. They came out a stitched bears...With cotton polyester personalities. Thus We have gotten Mad Man McGuien's Cuddly Bear Shop. With some crazy mad scientist behind a sewing table stitching cute bears.

Order form
The Selection
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How to Get a Cuddly Bear

�View the Sales information in the Following Post.
� Fill Out The Form Below
� Send Trade To MadMan McGuien
�How much do they cost?
For basic 250, Limited 500, Custom 750

[color=Darkgreen][Size=18]Bear Order[/size][/color]
Bear Name:
Bear Gender:
Bear Type:
Bear Number:
Cert Color:
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For Basic Bear (Rainbow, Natural, Wildlife) 250
For special Bear (Random Event Bear) 500
Customs(If they get opened it will be rare) 750

The Bears..

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Accessories for the bears will be coming soon. Enjoy the selection we have so far though.

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**Note: If you see an arm included, that just means it changes the arm position of the bear.It does not give your bear a third arm.
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A custom will consist of two colors. You will also be aloud to change the color of your cert to something other then the colors shown above. Ex. Light blue Also you will be aloud one special marking

You will fill out the form only if you have one of the custom slots.

Lines: (Bear or Skullie)
Bear Name:
Bear Gender:
Color of bear:
Special Mark and or Pattern:
Cert Color: (You can choose your own)
Owners Name:

1.Page Contest Winner
2.Bump Contest Winner
3.Advertising Contest Winner
4.Raffle Winner

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Owners list


dot bear (1)
NeverAndEver7 (2)
Ty5565 (1)
Invisablle (1)
Atomic Pixie7 (1)

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Show us off to your Pals...
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Our Own Pals

Want to see your Shop, Quest, and or Thread Fill out the following Form and Pm it to MadMan McGuien. Title Pm "I wanna be your pal."

What is this: (Mini Shop B/C Shop. Quest etc.)
Url: Please no Image's

Mini Shop's

B/C Shop's

Lucky Noodle

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Because of limited funding as of current All prizes will be Customs. Please note I'm not doing CosPlays or Lineart Edits as of this time. Only color Edits on bears. Hopefully Custom Section will be up soo to explain more in depth.

You Can Earn More then One Bear

Want an item that is uniquely yours. One that no one else can get unless they pay a highly ridiculous price? Well okay not that but still. Like how gaia has those create an item for your avvie contests? Well here is your chance. Ink, color, create an item that is unique to you. No other bear will have it and it will never be reproduced. Not even on custom bears. We know how they like the wings on one and want the same. Not happening here! The winner of this contest, judged in by the poll, will win a custom bear with their item on it! All others will be held in the archive. maybe for future use, maybe not. Have fun!

Page Contest
Page Contest
Till we hit 100 Pages. Every tenth page Ex. 10,20,30 First poster will receive a free custom Bear.

Bump Contest
Bumping Contest
For every First to 100 Bumps will receive One custom Bear. Please if converstaion is available Conver. YOui may number the post to count as bumps. Posts not Numbered will not count.

Undergoing Construction

Advertising Contest
Advertising Contest
For each Day you have our banner in your sig.Ccome in and post in Large Orange font that your advertising for that day. For each day you post that you advertised You will receive 1 Ticket. Advertising will end on the last Sunday of every month for a Grand prize of a Custom Bear. Second shall receive a free Basic Bear.
If you are interested in earning more then one ticket per day Refer people to the thread. If the fill out this form
[size=15][color=limegreen](So and So) Referred me to this shop.[/color][/size]

And your name will be added to the ticket list.

Ticket Holders

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Do you have a friends birthday coming up? Want to buy them A birthday bear, a custom bear? And possibly win a custom for the month?

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Purple Birthday Bear!!! For 250g you can has this pretty bear. For you or for a friend. ^.^ Beware who knows whats inside that balloon.
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Line art: Coal'
Ownership: jessieomer
Layout: jessieomer
LayoutBrushes for banners: obsidiandawn.com

Line Art: Coal'
Ownership: P.I.D.A.
Layout Idea: LadyStary's Dust Bunnies

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