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Table of Contents:
Post 1: WTF?, Rules, How to Order, FAQ, Blacklist
Post 2: For Sale!!!1111
Post 3: Customers, Donators
Post 4: Affiliates

1. WTF?
So you're here and you're asking yourself, "WTF IZ DIZ!!!!!!11??@" Simple! It's a petshop - or more accurately, a shop full of Lucky Animals, run by myself and Araiso. Many of the things that we sell have special powers to bring luck into your life. Not to mention they're pretty cute. We will soon have a wider -- and better drawn -- selection. Thanks for stopping by!

2. Rules
1. Do NOT order in a different manner than what is asked of you under the "How to Order" section. This will result in your request being totally ignored.

2. Don't be a douchebag when posting in this thread.

3. Don't advertise in this thread.

4. Don't post topics completely unrelated to this shop.

5. Don't flame other people in this thread.

6. Opinions are welcome. Douchebaggery is not. If you cannot draw the line, I will draw it for you.

7. There will be no bargaining regarding prices. Pay up front.

8. Don't steal anything on this page.

9. The stuff in this shop is for your Gaian signature/profile/blog ONLY.

10. Please don't direct link. This sucks up bandwidth and can cause problems.

More rules may come depending on whether or not people behave themselves. Breaking one of the above rules [except 1 and 7] will most likely result in your inability to buy ANYTHING from this shop, past, present, or future. You've been warned.

3. How To Order

PM PLKittypie with the following:


Item Name(s)*:
If buying for a friend, their name:


Then immediately start a trade with PLKittypie with the correct amount of gold.

Doing anything different from above will result in your order being ignored. NOTICE: IF YOU START A TRADE WITHOUT PMING YOUR ORDER* IT WILL BE TAKEN AS A DONATION. NO REFUNDS. It's your own fault if you can't follow simple directions.

*Your only salvation is PMing or mentioning in the trade name what page your order is on. I'll forgive you.

Your order will be sent AFTER the trade is completed and I have received the gold. I do this because of dishonest fools who might cancel the trade after being sent their order. Don't worry, I have no reason to rip you off. 3nodding This shop is meant for selling art. I'd love it if I could see my/Araiso's things all over Gaia. heart

4. FAQs
Coming soon.

5. Blacklist
None for now. Keep it that way! mrgreen
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NEW: Gung-Xi Fox!

Aww! Don't you want to just squeeze it to death? Kitsune can be lucky or unlucky, depending on the circumstances. Some say that they grant you wishes, while others say they will curse you for a millenium...Warning: Gung-Xi Foxes are not guarunteed to be alive or dead. Drawn by Araiso.

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Price: 150g

NEW: Kittypoofs!

ZOMG! WTF are they?! They're so...cute!! So fluffy! So...so...POOFY!! They appear to be marshmallow-like, which could bring good fortune in love and romance, but don't eat them!!

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Price: 60g per, 100g per set

Bath Bunnies!

Hey! Can't you see they're taking a bath? Oh well, they don't seem to mind.

Rabbits are good luck in many different cultures. If your Chinese zodiac animal is a rabbit, you're one lucky person!

User Image

Striped, splotched, and spotted bunnies come in all different kinds of colours and combinations. It isn't just limited to the colours shown; you can have a brown bunny with purple spots, for instance. Also, the spotted, striped, and splotched bunnies are individually patterned, meaning that no two people will have the same patterned bunnies.

Custom-coloured bunnies are also available for an added 50g.

Regular Bunny: 70g
Patterned Bunny: 80g
Custom One-Colour Bunny: 120g
Custom Patterned Bunny: 130g
Set of Regular Bunnies: 300g
BONUS: Buy two patterned bunnies [160g] and the third is free!

Bunny Eyes: +10g
User Image
More to come!

Bunny Mouths: +10g
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Mini Maneki Neko!

These cute little kittens want to be your friends! It's rumoured that they will bring you good fortune...

User Image

Calico - The luckiest of all!
Black - Wards away evil spirits; Wealth
Cyan - Healing
Green - Knowledge & Wealth
Blue - Wisdom
Pink - Love
Purple - Enlightenment
Red - Luck
White - Purity, peace, & confidence
Yellow - Happiness

Price: 30g per, 280g set

More to come!

jellybutter - FIRST EVER CUSTOMER!!! heart - Lucky Cats set
SaphireSienna - Gung-Xi Fox


jellybutter - FIRST EVER DONATOR!!! heart - 470g

Want to link to my shop? Use these! PM PLKittypie to become affiliated!

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These people are awesome. Go to their shops!!

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