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Welcome to the Leaf Village Bakery!

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I've been wanting to open up a shop for a long time now... but I've been lazy xp Thanks to my dear friend Sushi-chan aka ff8dolphin I made the shop razz

This shop will mainly be composed of food and some puff puffs later on and other non edible items... I will be using my creations and I have permission to use ff8dolphin's creations don't flame or scream at me for stealing... cuz I'm not confused


Poor Shirley, I wonder what will happen when she finds out her thread is being moselted @__@ you can be our official thread molester. 3nodding

We have an official thread molester! (LordTyKun) hah i bet your store doesn't have that xp

Read the Rules!!! biggrin

Table of Contents
heart Rules/Updates/
heart Bakery Treats
heart Emotes
heart Order Form
heart Banned List
heart Links
heart Dream avatar and wishlist
heart Staff
heart Reserved
RulesUser Image
arrow Follow ToS
arrow Be Nice!
arrow Do not Steal my stuff or buy my items to sell it as your own
arrow Bumps are appreciated
arrow Do not PM order forms to me!
arrow Do not bug me with PMs asking where's your order... please be patient
arrow Post the order in the thread
arrow Please do not direct link my images
arrow You start the trade
arrow Do not post your questing items and ask for donations
arrow I DO NOT MAKE CUSTOM ORDERS! do not pm asking me to make you an animated pocky GIF!

UpdatesUser Image

6/22/07 new sweets, drink, meals, and CHOCOLATE MOUSE CAKE
6/20/07 new drinks smile
3/14/07 Store is back open with new food! TACOS!
12/2/06 Store is on hiatus
9/16/06 Cell phones are available!
9/5/06 Onigiri Emotes available!
9/4/06 Japanese rice balls available in the meals section
(w. sesame and w.o sesame) and Dango also available in the
sweets section!
8/25/06 Birthday cakes with candles are available!
8/24/06 Candy apples and root beer are available!
8/17/06 More selection of drinks
8/17/06 Candles in progress...
8/17/06 More Sushi is available and Cakes are available!
8/16/06 Store is up!

heart Donators: heart

1. ff8dolphin ( heart heart heart heart heart eek ) she donated 11750g biggrin
Bakery TreatsUser Image

Non edible Pixels

User ImageUser Image

Just provide me picture of your avatar and I'll do it. I am using bases i made for the key chains. Avi keychains are 650g each, this includes the base, hair and hat, a neck item/accessory (scarf, necklace, etc), shirt, pants, shoes, and an item your avi can hold any additional items will cost 50g extra. You may not remove my initials from the keychain.

Cost: 650g

User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

Whooo the leaf village bakery not only sells food and emotes! But also cells pretty cellphones biggrin yay! (text cell phones can only have 1-4 letters like brb, afk, bbl, hey, bump, etc.)

Cost: regular cell phones are 50g each!
cell phones with text are 60g each!
cell phones with animated text are 80g each!


User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

Yummy Birthday cakes! You may choose the flavor, and color of gel and flower! Two gel colors are an extra 10g. Birthday cake with candles! Comes with any flavor that I made so far! Maximum number of stick candles is 14. Number candles are available just state how old the person is. Candles are just an extra 50g. Cakes have their own order form to fill out. You can make out the cake to whomever you are buying it for. For example the word gel may say, "Happy Birthday Mabel" (Having a long name on the cake may result unclear words. I suggest use a short nickname for those with long first names.) Adding a name on a cake is free!

Flavors (left to right): Plain, Lemon, Vanilla, Chocolate
Gel Colors: Blue, Red, Green, Purple
Flower Colors (flowers on tray only!): Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Orange, Yellow
Word Gel: Blue, Red
Candle colors (you may only choose one color): Pink, Blue, Green, Purple

Cost: 200g each, additional 10g if you choose 2 gel colors, and an additional 50g for candles

User Image
Chocolate Mouse just big enough to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours.

Cost: 100g

User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

Sushi Flavors(left to right): Fish Roe Sushi, Big Sushi, California Roll, Special California Roll, Shrimp Sushi, Cucumber Sushi (it comes in a pair) and, Egg sushi

Cost: 10g each

User Image
Take me to the ball gaaaame... something something something! :]

Cost: 10g

User Image
Pizza for any occasion!

Cost: 13g

User ImageUser Image
Whoo Japanese rice balls! We have plain and sesame rice balls.

Cost: 10g each

User Image
Here's a taco, theres a taco, meaty taco, cheesey taco, taco taco taco taco duck

Cost: 12g


User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
Creme Delights! Relax in the Summer with one of these! Now comes in 3 flavors: Mocha, Orange, Strawberry
In addition you can also order a creme delight with your avvis reflection in the cup for an extra 30g :]

Cost: 100g each

User Image User Image
Coffee, comes in 7 colors to match your mood. You can now add whip cream for an extra 5g

Cost: 10g each

User Image
Thai ice tea to cool down those hot summer days :]

Cost: 20g

User Image User Image User Image
Milk helps build strong bones!!!

Flavors: Plain, Chocolate, Strawberry

Cost: 10g each

User ImageUser Image
Oooh its tapioca pearl drinks!

Flavors: Kiwi, Watermellon

Cost: 8g each

User Image
Bartender, I'd like a root beer please!

Cost: 8g


User ImageUser Image
UBER cute cherry and orange gummies :]

Cost: 50g each

User Image
teddy bear lollipops! Comes in non animated and animated, animated are an extra 10g.

Cost: 15g

User Image
Oohlalala its marshmallows!

Assorted flavors (read from left to right): lemon, orange, strawberry, cherry, yogurt, green tea, grape, chocolate, chocolate surprise, chocoberry, chocerry, chogurt, and black sesame paste

Assorted flavored marshmallows 7g each. 91g for set

User ImageUser ImageUser Image
*Gasp* Is that what I think it is? It is! Candy apples all around!

Flavors: Candy apple, Carmel apple, Carmel apple with nuts

Cost: 7g each

User Image

Cost: 6g each

User Image

Cost: 10g each (comes in pair, shown in the picture above)

User Image
Who likes donuts? I like donuts!

Flavors: Chocolate, Chocolate Sprinkles, Glazed, and Powdered

Donuts cost 12g each, 48g for set

User Image
Fluffy cottoncandy!

Cost: 12g

User Image
My mommy told me not to buy too much candy... but she's not the boss of me!

Cost: 7g each, 42g for the set

User Image
Yummy icecream cones!

Flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry

Cost: 10g each

User Image
Who doesn't love an ice cream sundae?

Cost: 15g

User ImageUser Image
Omgee its Pocky!!!

Flavors: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, caramel, lemon, lime, and rainbow

Cost: 8g each

User Image
@__@ Swirly Lollipop

Flavors: Cherry, Apple, and Blueberry

Cost 15g

User Image
Aww a heart lollipop for your sweetie!

Cost: 15g
Emotes User Image

Onigiri Emotes:

User Image
Onigiri Emotes! Emotes so cute you can almost eat them! 32 emotes for almost every emotion!
There are separate order forms for emotes! For me to know which emote is the one you want to buy count the row and count whichit is and tell me (it is in the order form!) (ex: Emote in row 2 number 5)

Cost: 10g each 320 gold for set!
Order Forms:

Avatar Keychain order form:
[B]picture of avatar:[/B]
[B]Additional Items:[/B]
[B]Total gold:[/B]

Meals, drinks, and sweets order form:
[B]What do you want to order?:[/B]
[B]What flavor/color is it?:[/B]
[B]What extras do you want?:[/B]
[B]Total gold:[/B]

Emote order form:
[b]Emote Type:[/b]
[b]Row its in:[/b]
[b]What number is it in the row (left to right):[/b]

Cakes order form:
[b]Item:[/b] Birthday Cake
[b]Name of Birthday boy/girl:[/b]
[b]Gel Color(s):[/b]
[b]Flower Color(s):[/b]
[b]Word Gel:[/b]
[b]Candle Color:[/b]
[b]Total Gold:[/b]

If you are buying a cake with two gel colors, state what color you want for the upper half and what color you want for the lower half.

Start the trade to me I will confirm the trade and you will recieve your order
Banned List

No one :]

Please link to my shop biggrin

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image

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User Image
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
heart Staff of Leaf Village Bakery! heart

aznartist91 (me): owner, pixel maker, and other stuff
ff8dolphin: the sexy penguin, pixel donator, and official thread molester's girlfriend
LordTyKun: official thread molester!
heart Reserved heart
But I getta cut the ribbon when it opens because I'm special. <3

So this spot is reserved for me. ^^
*cuts ribbon and runs away with it*

bump heart

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