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[ Premades Status :: OPEN ] - | - [ Customs Status :: OPEN ]
[ Customs Waiting List Status :: OPEN

+ This shop is where you can Purchase Avatar edits for your Signature/Profile/Shop/Etc. Reasons that you'd like! Please make sure to READ before ordering. ( At least read to " Rules " Post, the one after this one, In order to get full understanding of this Shop. ) Thank you for the Visit, And I hope you Order Soon! Enjoy!

+ Shop is currently undergoing Construction, so please don't close. And I'm promising this is the Last Shop I'll Make of this type. xD


+ Bwahahahaha~! Opened. i0i'
+ Currently experimenting still with Photoshop CS3, But I'm getting awesome. Doing the Lasty Ever shop I'm making of this kind ( THANK GOD ). So hopefully everything will Sail Smooth from now on~!

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Follow these and everything should go smooth around my shop. ^ - ^

1. Do NOT Steal My Edits; Or claim that they're yours. I created all these edits.
2. Do NOT Pm Me Orders. Post all your Orders at my Shop, and that Guarantees an Edit.
3. Do NOT Quote The Front Page for any matter.
4. Do NOT skip a Payment unless rightfully notified by me.
5. Please be kind whilst spending your Time in my Shop.
6. Send the Trade right after you Order. ( With some Exceptions accepted. )
7. Please READ the 1st and 2nd Post of the first page so you know exactly what to do, and HOW to order.
8. Do NOT Spam.
9. Put an User Image at the beginning of your order so I know you have read the rules. If requirements are not read, you will be asked to re-read the rules. Until you do so, your order will not be accepted. ( Use one if you're ordering multiple at a time. )


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Use this guide to walk you through on how to Order if you do not know already. ^ - ^

[ 1 ]
Look through the Inventory
Find out exactly which edits you'd like; And If you want to make a base, Look at the post below my inventory.

[ 2 ]Use an Order Form
Use the appropriate order form associated with the Type of Edit; Including Bases.

[ 3 ]Fill out and Post the Form
Fill out the Form exactly how it's typed; Do NOT change anything on the Form.

Username : Your username, Duhh? c:
Name In Order : Would you like your Username in your Order?
Premade Selected : Which Premade(s) Would you like?
Base: And Image of your desired base with no items; Head/Hair Items Allowed.
Wig: Please choose a Wig from the Wigs section; Copy down the Exact name of it.
Recolours: Things that you would like the Change the color of; Prices Vary on type of item and this includes for items, wigs, limiteds, specials, and premades.
Specifications?: This is for the Items that Can be altered; Like Including a Certain part of the Edit or not.
Anything Else?: Anything Else special that you'd like.
Final Price: The Price of The Edit; Total of ( If not in base ) Wig, Faces, Bases, Premades, Customs, Limiteds, and Specials.

[ 4 ] Send the Trade Too..
Send the trade to iKinkii after you order your edit in my shop. ( Some Exceptions will be allowed. ) I will not start your edit until trade is received; But I will not accept it until edit is complete ( So you have some re-assurance! )
Please Label the Trade like this

Pg 100 Custom Edit
[ Page Number then Either Limited, Premade, Or Custom Edit. ]

[ 5 ]
Receiving your Desired Edits
Your purchase will be delivered VIA PM To you. If you do not receive your edit, Please let me know. I will then Confirm the trade, And you'll be Done! Enjoy your Edit!

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Here will be listed The Current Limited(s) and Past Limiteds.

//THIS MONTH'S LIMITED :: October '08
" Night Anarchy " [ LAST MONTH ]
User Image
- Everything Is Recolorable.
- Hair can Be Switched/Removed
- Background is Either White or Blank, so choose.
- 1200g 4800g

" Fallen Wish " [ LAST MONTH ]
User Image
- Everything is Recolorable.
- Background or No background is Acceptable.
- 1200g 4800g

" Bewitched "
User ImageUser Image
- Everything is recolorable.
- Background can Be Separate [ NO Background ] ( No background, please provide Bases with outfits you Want in the Scene. Limit - Three. )
- 4000g
- 2000g Background Only.( +400g for Each person/base included in background. )

" Vampiress "
User Image
- Everything is recolorable.
- Can be added to the Above Limited with the Background and/or the Witch/Other Avatar.
- 1200g
- 2500g With Above Background.
- 4000g For outfit on an Avatar in Above Background with another Avatar.


Username ::
Limited Selected ::
Base ::
Recolour ::
Nametag? ::
Total ::

- Are Open to buy, but price is more expensive than the month's original price.
- None Yet. :>


Username ::
Base ::
Past Limited ::
Things to Add :: ( If the Previous Limited has special things to add, Then fill this out. )
Recolour ::
Nametag? ::
Total ::

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My little goodies for you. ^ - ^


-All are 250 Each.
-I re-did some of my old ones. ^_^
-The Last slide(s) are always up to date.
User Image
R1;; Mistress; Nekomata; Nightmare; Nymph; Shimmer; Sparkled
R2;; Exotic; Gunner; Butterfly Kimono; Kunoichi; Mage; Magistress
R3;; Angelic; Cyber 3; Cyber 2; Cyber 1; Divine; Exotica

User Image
R1;; Gum Lolita; Dark Lolita; Elegancy; Elegancy 2; Victorian; Enchanted Gown
R2;; Enlightened Fudoshi; GMC Uniform; Beast; Bowtied; Enchanted Garb; Nightmare 2
R3;; Fashion; Fashion 2; Spade; Twine; Sneak; Cyber 4;

User Image
R1;; Scout; Rosa; Bowing Dress; Kiki; Amy; Amazonian Bride
R2;; Vespera; Drape; Exotical; Playboy Costume; Rouge; Fantasy;
R3;; Sya; Enforcer; Snow Ball; Butterfly; Fluff; Ball

User Image
R1;; Chute; Saloon Girl; Spade;


Username :
Nametag :
Premade(s) Selected :
Wig: ( If not in base )
Recolours: ( + 50g )
Anything Else?:
Final Price:

User Image
Need just a Base? Well, get one~! Wigs and Faces are Listed here. ^ - ^

- All wigs are 150g
- They are Recolorable
- Can be added to any Previous base you may Have

User Image
R1;; Spring; Texture; Punk; Claw; Relax; Empty;

User Image
R1;; Brunie; Loose; Braided Fold; Layered; Plait; Bob;
R2;; Frolic; Wind; Twist; Wave; Pulled; Pig Twirl;
R3;; Angelia

- All faces are 50g
- Can be recolored
- Added to Previous Bases

User Image
R1;; Brunie; Gentle; Coy; Devious; Beady; Sharp


Skintone Number ( Or Base if you'd Like Hair/Face Only
Anything Else?:

User Image
Here is a Guide on How to Order a Custom, Reserve a Spot, and Gives Details About Ordering. ^ ~^


+Non-Resellable Custom Base Price : 1000g
+Resellable Custom Base Price: 700g
+200g Addition for Custom Hair
+100g Addition for Custom Face
+50g Addition for Custom Skintone
+500g Addition for Repose


The prices of customs basically depend on if you'd like it to be resellable or not. There will be no need for quotes, So It'll be easy knowing how much your Custom will cost. Just look at the " Prices " Section above this and gather the appropriate amount of gold that will be used to buy a custom!


-Non-Resellable(Recommended) - means that your order will not be put on display and will not allow for other people to order that specific custom.

-Resellable - means that your order will be put on display and will allow other customers to order that specific custom.


This is the waiting list for customs. If you would like to order a custom, then please reserve a spot. I only do 1 custom at a time, so it's best to best the first one to reserve a spot. Please do not reserve a spot if all slots are filled; If you do so, You will be notified and advised to wait until a spot is filled.

Fill this form out if you'd like to reserve a spot.

[u]Please reserve me a spot![/u]
[b]Username :[/b]
[b]When will you Order? :[/b]
[b]How many will you order? ( Counts for one Slot. ) :[/b]

Fill this form out to order a Custom Edit.
Please submit a custom form within
4 days after you Reserve a spot and your name is listed. Your Order will then get worked on and Sent (VIA PM) to you.

[b]Name Tag:[/b]
[b]Reference Pictures/Description:[/b]
[b]Custom Hair:[/b] ( If not in Base +200g )
[b]Custom Face:[/b] ( If not in Base +100g )
[b]Custom Skintone:[/b] ( If not in Base +50g )
[b]Repose?:[/b] ( If Yes +500g )
[b]Total Cost:[/b]

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Post up a Link and Ask me in the Shop if you'd like to Affiliate~! It's my Pleasure. ^-^!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


- Just Ask~!

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PatBenatar1's avatar

Beloved Survivor

I is here to order!: User Image
Username: PatBenatar1
Name Tag: Benatar
Base: User Image
Reference Pictures/Description:xx
Custom Hair: ( If not in Base +200g ) nope
Custom Face: ( If not in Base +100g ) nope
Custom Skintone: ( If not in Base +50g ) nope
Repose?: ( If Yes +500g ) nope
Resellable?? please no
Total Cost: 1000g + a tip
NightSymphony's avatar

Dangerous Lunatic

Username :: NightSymphony
Edit: Night Anarchy Limited
Base :: X
Recolour ::
Nametag? :: yes
Total :: 1200

Username: NightSymphony
Base: X
Wig: Pig Twirl, Angelia
Recolour(s): both dark red
Anything Else?:
Total: 300g

Username : NightSymphony
Nametag : yes
Premade(s) Selected : Elegancy
Base(s): X
Wig: Pig Twirl
Anything Else?:
Final Price: 400g


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