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Rainbow Lunatic

LOLLIPOPS. :'D /shot
ICE CREAM. ER. BOBA. /totally not original. orz
Pokeballs with pokemon in them? o:
Cell phone charms?
/shotfail. orz

talk2hand D:
@rain; you totally named everything in typical shops XD

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Rainbow Lunatic


Marine animals. LOLOL. /shot
Ramune. Cupcakes. Martinis. Peach buns. Roses. Socks [/shot].
lieslieslies XD

socks can be cute 8D
candy please :n
/still wants sweets fail
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@every bird thank you for the freebie whee
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As a official PRC member of the Pokeminis, I want to say cute shop. Saw the banner in the shop.

It's a mini shop User Image You like minis...right? cool
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Shirtless Fairy

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"And the total comes to.."
username: beep beep bloop
charms&trinkets: Meeka Kitty Charms tea, bow, and dango
plushies&toys: bunbun bag, pokemanz psyduck and meowth
vending machine: i love you platter
specials and limiteds: danchoo bear and coconut bunny
tip? *u* (optional): 225 g

"3,OOO g. thank you :)"
            send trade!

    i also took the freeb * O*
    OHALSOALSOALSO; trade links? i grabbed yours already. o w o'
    Azuyre's avatar


    Ooooh, cuuute~ /will order soon
    User Image
    "And the total comes to.."
    username: {recipient} Xia Asuka
    vending machine: All
    specials and limiteds:Danchoo Bear & Coconut Bunny
    tip? *u* (optional): --850

    "8k thank you :)"
              send trade!
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      CitrusCupcake's Partner

      Gallant Ladykiller

      User Image
      "And the total comes to.."
      username: Kaitaia
      charms&trinkets: full set (3500g)
      plushies&toys: Bunbun bag (250g) + all pokemon (1000g)
      specials and limiteds: Coconut Bunny (300g)
      tip? *u* (optional): Rounded up to nearest K~

      "5050g + tip = 6K~ thank you :)"
                send trade!
        Lycorine's avatar

        O.G. Elder

        TOO CUTE~ C:

        *subscribes* Too much to order~ *o*
        Mind trading links? c:

        User Image

        [url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/mini-shops/baki-cafe-open/t.59103487/][IMG]http://i203.photobucket.com/albums/aa185/XenSake/Cafe stuff/banner1.png[/IMG][/url]

        I already added yours > w<
        Please excuse me if you're not open~

        User Image
        "And the total comes to.."
        username: pin chuu
        charms&trinkets: everything
        plushies&toys: everything
        vending machine: everything
        specials and limiteds: everything e w e
        tip? *u* (optional): 5050g, wish I had more to give you D:

        "6950 + the rest of my gold = 11000. thank you :)"
                  send trade!
          Took the Freebie too~
          User Image

          sending orders now<3

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