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            @ reo lool i figured ! it's fine; you can't play all the time C,:

            thank you. i tried really hard on them uwu.
            omgg that picture though pfft the cat doesn't
            even seem to care!

            yeahh i grabbed the base and want to see if i
            can play with them for the holidays and junk

    Ohgoshhh, my desire to go on Gaia nowadays has dropped so bad.
    I wish they'd stop doing those forum battles for events. It's so boring. :c

    Thank you for the Halloween raffle ticket/gram~!! <3
    I'm sorry I haven't really been around enough to know what holiday
    shops are going on. I like that it's Animal Crossing themed though. * u*

    How have you been lately?
    All orders sent!
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    noo dude don't even sweat it
    i was gone for a long while
    i just dropped off the face of gaia
    i am the last person you should be worried about haha

    they are p boring but the giveaways are niiice
    pretty items, half the effort ; u;

    no problem! i like grams. grams are totally cute and actually
    having people to send them to is super fun !! <3

    what! nooo it just means i can buy more things for youuu
    i was going to do the toili but i saw you already posted an
    order hahaa the last few of minishoppers usually buy everything
    new within the week i think ! esp. if it's a long standing shop
    yeah it's cute ! i don't really do auctions and timed events for things
    so i was happy i could support them with the grams :3

    i have been good !!! i made a dinner thing yesterday (veg curry in
    hollowed out butternut squash and baked for over an hr) but we ate
    something else haha. eating it today w rice C:

    still haven't found a job, going in for consultation abt wisdom teeth
    tomorrow uhhhhmmm i got my friends freind code for ac and we dicked
    around for a good two hours LOL uhmmmmmm

    oh!! broke up w the boyf andddd that's about it!! :)))

    what's it like in your world rn? how's your schooling haha

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    I can't help it, though. Even a week of not replying it quite long to me. XD

    All the art and giveaway threads sure are nice if you have time for them~

    Ah, I'm sorry then? Lol. And thank you for the thought. <3 I tend to buy Emme's
    new toiligotchi's right away though because it's the only shop I really keep
    track of nowadays, lol. Idk if you saw it yet, but Sugaruni put up a new freeb.

    Your dinner sounds like it would have been delicious. * u*
    It sounds like you've been busy though~ Will you have to get
    all of your wisdom teeth removed? It's such an annoying process. :c
    I'm sorry to hear about the breakup though. (Unless you wanted that,
    then I guess it's okay?? Either way, I hope it ended all right. D: )
    Also, I think our timezones are probably too incompatible for this, but
    I'd love to be able to visit your ACNL town somedayy.

    Urghh, my world is full of exams, essays, and like, trying not to fall over and die
    every single day. October is such a dumb month for school things. Same with
    November. Over the weekend, my friend's are like, "Hey what are you going to
    do over for your birthday, Reee." And, it's like, "Haha, WHAT BIRTHDAY." I had a
    midterm this weekend along with a short paper, and on the actual day of my
    birthday, I'm stuck on campus until 7:20pm and won't get home until 8pm. /cries

    ANYWAY. Sorry for being such a downer about that, ohgoshh. I have been doing
    other things in the meantime like playing games and reading manga. Recently, I've
    been playing Eternal Sonata and Borderlands. They are fantasticcc~ <33
    (And I'm sort of addicted to this app I have called Animal Boyfriend, lmaoo. It's
    essentially a dress-up game when you interact with other people to level up.
    The art is SOOO STUPIDLY PRETTY OMFG. I need to stay away from dress-up
    things like Gaia and stuff because I get sucked into collecting clothing and whatnot.)

    Whoops. Sorry for the longass essay omg, that was unintentional. XD
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    Shameless Hoarder

    if it sets your mind to ease, you may apologize. ya canadian lol

    yes which i do bc no school lulz

    sugaaaaaar ? 0: i love sugaruni!! i haven't seen it yet, where did she post it?
    okay then i will know to poke you into other threads or junk :,3
    idk if you collect things from puchi pet but they have their halloweens up,
    with new ghost buster thremed puchis

    it was too spicy for me but not enough my everyone else lol
    the most would be 3 so i don't know. i'm mroe worried about the week off
    that i might have to take if i get them out. i hear that you're sort of out of
    commission after the surgery T:
    i wanted to break up with him. i can get finicky with people so i think it was
    better than to blow up at him just for my personality /:

    yaaay yeah !!! i play in my sister's town Bel-Air as Prince hueh hueh hueh >:3c
    I'm in the california time zone i think? i figured this out at some time ago lol
    gmt -500 . central standard 3nodding
    pm me when you're not so bussyyy !!! eyyyy

    oh nooo ): are you less slammed w assingmanets and tests now?

    noooo who in their right mind wants to celebrate their bday with a late school
    night D; honestly.
    ohh heard of both. sonata is pretty and both are rpgs right? /: i just know my
    friends rave about borderlands whenever they play it. and eternal i know bc
    i think i saw art of it on tumblr non stop at one point lol

    lololol i know what you mean by dress up games. tyhe hoarder in you always
    claws its way out. i like dress up games in general like the barbie ones i used
    to play in the computer lab in elementary school. there was a year where all i
    did in my spare time was read manga and go on a site games2girls or something
    for tbeir dress up games and cooking games
    that was a fun year lool

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    Invisible Hoarder


    Really long message, omg. OTL
    Lolol, but I’m Americannn. And how nice for you, lol.

    She posted it in her shop~! I was surprised to see it since I thought she closed it for good and
    hasn’t been signing on. And I used to collect Puchi Pet’s works, but I haven’t really kept up to
    date with them for a while. I’ll try to drop by later though.

    Ohh. Three would probably feel about the same as four. And yeah, you do need to take the
    week off after. The first few days especially are pretty rough if you take them all out at once. I
    got all four of my wisdom teeth removed at the same time back in high school during a spring
    break. Let’s say, it wasn’t much of a break. XD
    Ah, I see. It sounds like you made a good decision then considering everything else.

    I don’t think you’re in California’s timezone because that’s my timezone. LOL. I looked up GMT
    -500 though and that’s two hours ahead of me. I thought you lived in Australia?? Or maybe I’m
    mixing you up with someone else, omg. OTL
    My friend code is 1435-4318-9548~! I generally play ACNL on Fridays and Saturdays. I basically
    mess with the 3DS clock and go through one week in a sitting, lolol. /very paranoid about
    missing days after losing dream villager

    It is a bit better now. I mean, considering I can get on Gaia when it’s not the weekend, lol. But I
    do have another midterm next week so I have to start studying for that. There’s always
    something I should be doing, haha…

    My birthday is now November 1, yes. I’ll just celebrate it on that day from now on. LOL. I usually
    don’t do much for my birthdays anyway, though. Maybe go out for dinner or go shopping with friends.
    Yess, Eternal Sonata is super pretty for an older RPG. It’s actually really similar in style to the
    older Tales games if you ever played those. And it’s about Chopin. 8D (Which I thought was
    hella weird at first. It’s still weird. Sometimes the game randomly bombards with facts about
    Chopin. Also, you can fight as Chopin and they made him really attractive. But honestly, I’m
    attracted to pretty much any dude wearing a top hat and clocks. LMAO.)
    Borderlands isn’t really an RPG though it does have tonssss of quests. It’s a FPS~! And I think
    there’s some vague storyline in there, but I’m mostly just playing because my brother has it and
    shooting things is a nice way to relieve stress. (Though, it can have the opposite effect when
    you’re constantly dying.) XD

    I’ve given up on collecting all the items, especially those from events, because it’s really
    impossible unless you spend real money, and I refuse to ever spend money on an app game. (I
    only downloaded them in the first place to pass the time in-between class or on the bus.
    Clearly, that has backfired considering how much attention I pay to the game now.)
    LOL. That sounds like a fun year. Do you still read manga once in a while? (Cooking games are
    still fun, haha. And rhythm games, toooo. I bought Theatrhythm Final Fantasy to play
    in-between longer games like Rune Factory and Pokemon. Speaking of which, do you play any
    of the Pokemon games? I am so excited for Omega Sapphire to come out. But I think it comes
    out the same day as Super Smash Bros. Wii U which is on Black Friday?? It is going to be hell
    trying to pick those up. /games on my mind 24/7 lolol)

    Omg, sorry for the long message again. I get really excited when I start talking about video games. LOL.
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          User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
          JESUS REO. ask a girl 3 questions and i get an essay back LOLOLOLOLOL
          i joke of course. i thrive on text walls <33

          but you do realize it's now my turn for large text haha
          i am the canadian in this relationship so i should be the one to
          apologize and offer you a ride on my polar bear and complementary
          maple syrup. emotion_omnomnom

          ohhh thank you~ i went over and grabbed it just now <33 thank you for
          the head's up :3c
          ohhohohohohh if you don't already have them, here's my chance to buy
          something for you >:] order's in, can't stop me now

          yeah considering that i`ll be asleep for the procedure. oh gosh, i've heard
          of people living off of pudding and jello for the week. what a gross week ):

          mix mix mixing me up with someone else!! i live in southern Ontario of
          Canada! :3
          ohhh i'm going to add you rn! but shhh it's my sister's 3ds but i play it more
          than she does rn haha.
          my FC is 3668-8798-0939. It'll be under the name of Cindy :D

          ohhh yeah i used to play ac when it originally came out on the GameCube
          so I've learned to care less about the people moving haha. I can get upset
          but most of my paranoia has lessened over the years
          have you decked out your town or kept it ~ au naturel ~ ?

          oh gosh; my schooling was never like that and i'm glad. surviving in those
          situations needs concentarion and prioritizing and i am very bad at that.
          especially when i know i could be playing instead x___x thankfully my studies
          are more hands on than anything !
          lol happy late and early birthday !!! relaxing plans can sometimes be better
          than a big party~ it depends on your mood for the week i think 3nodding

          sounds like you like your men with lots of class. also men who can tell time lolol
          the only tales game i've played is Tales of Legendia. Even then i'm not sure
          if it's in the franchise/ties in with the others. i've only heard and seen the
          titles/covers and art (mostly from those 100x100 icons from when i used to
          save so many <__< >__>)
          LOL i suck so much at fps but they're really fun. i always end up panicking with
          the guns in my hands so i was always better at going up to someone and stabbing x ux;

          ohh, is there a trading system in place? you could maybe trade a couple free
          items for money items? x:
          i'm always paying my app games so much attention the first week i download
          it! at that point, it's still super new and exciting that i find myself playing it
          more often than not :,)

          uhh i read manga online mostly! but the problem with that is that there's such
          a large selection, it's too much to choose??? but for the most part, i've kind of
          dropped manga. though there are times where i'll pick up a series that's hella
          cute! on taht note (manga => anime) my friend showed me the first two episodes
          of the "monthly girls' nozaki-kun" anime and that's been funny! have you seen
          it? i know i'm late to the party anyways haha

          rhythm games are fun but v difficult! ther's this one rhythm game that's insane
          levels of hard. it's super fast paced and you literally beat the level bc you memorize
          the steps or whatever. it was for the ds and i can't for the love of me remember
          it's name but i remmeber seeing my friends play one of the "easier" levels and
          laughing so hard when i tried.
          aaaaand just looked up what you bought and wow adorable. no wonder you
          picked it up. is it a fast paced game?
          yeah and rune factory is like harvest moon [just searched to make sure] !

          yesss i used to be an avid player of pokemon but at some point, i started to see
          the games and a grinder and got tired of it so i stopped. i still really like the
          franchise but don't follow it too much ); i didn't even know there was an omega
          coming out! what happened to re-release of hoenn [trumpets] region ??

          woooow yeah boxing day for us is p bad but black friday must be a nightmare
          since it's before chirstmas so you can gift give for cheaperr. lolol at least you've
          still got room in your mind for your studies ! if anything, your games are your
          saviour from the unforgiving onslaught of assignments and tests

          nah don't worry about it; it's good to be passionate about something ! :3c
          i've refound my joy in baking ! turns out, i like it more when i want to eat
          what i'm making LOL
          lately, i've been making things with a fresh pumpkin! i just finished off my
          1lb pumpkin today with a pumpkin cheesecake! (it tastes like flan bc of it's
          even ratio of milk and cheese!). before that, i made muffins and cookies emotion_drool
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    Text walls are great, but take a bit of time to respond to. XD

    I will take your offer for the polar bear ride and the maple syrup, thx.

    No problem~ And thank you in advance? LOL.
    I was looking the puchis over and they’re always so cutee~
    Gotta order some of those bird ones eventually. *^ *

    I can’t actually remember what my diet was while I was
    recovering from the surgery. Probably a lot of soups~

    Ooh, okay, that’s definitely only a couple hours ahead then.
    I’m not sure why I thought you lived in Australia??
    And thankss~! I’ll go add your FC now as well.
    I have a pretty grumpy-looking Mii, lolol.
    Edit: My 3DS says your FC isn't valid?? D:

    Since I don’t get as much time to play anymore, I don’t mind
    so much as to who moves in?? Except when they move on top
    of my pathway then I get really irritated. But by the point, I
    don’t bother to actively get my dream villagers anymore and
    just try to keep the ones that are already there in place. If they
    moved, it’d ruin the layout of my town so bad omfg. It’s not
    the most decorated town ever, but there are very specific paths
    laid out. (There are also random rice stacks and torches throughout
    town to prevent dumb villagers from moving to those locations. LOL.)

    Clearly, I don’t prioritize very well since I’m here again, haha…
    But actually, yeah, I don’t have anything too pressing to attend to
    at this moment, so gotta take a break when I cann~ Next week is
    when all the work will start piling up again. P:
    And thank you! I don’t think I’ve had a party for my birthday since
    I was in elementary school, tbh. I’m going to go out for dinner to
    celebrate this weekend, though. c:

    Mmm, definitely like dudes in suits, lol.
    Ah, I never played Legendia so I’m not sure how that compares to
    the others in terms of graphics? Each game all has a unique storyline
    and character set from each other though, so they’re not directly related.
    It’s sort of like Final Fantasy where they share the same magic/items/etc.

    Unfortunately there is no such trading system. You either buy items with
    in-game currency or real money. :c
    That usually happens to me too. I have a bunch of apps I haven’t touched
    since first getting them, but this oneeee. Collecting things is my weakness. OTL

    Yeah, I know that feel. I have hundreds of series bookmarked and I prolly
    will never get around to reading them all, especially when new ones are
    coming out all the time. And omg, yesss, I’ve seen Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun!
    I adoreee that mangaka’s series because she always makes such hilarious
    and loveable characters so I was really excited to see one of them got an anime.

    Ahh, are you talking about Rhythm Heaven, maybe??
    Theatrhythm can be an extrememly fast-paced game depending on the difficulty
    you play on. There are also three different modes: a battle mode where you control
    four charas at one, a field mode where you control one character, and a movie mode
    where a video plays in the background (which is superrr distracting).
    I believe Rune Factory is made by the same company that makes Harvest Moon. 8D

    That makes sense. After awhile, there is too much to collect and a lot of it is the
    same thing over and over at the core. (Like, I was superrr disappointed in the XY
    version. Black/White was pretty fantastic though because of the storyline.) And
    ohgoshh, I messed that up. So Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby are coming out
    in November and they are the remakes of the Hoenn region games~!! I’m super
    excited for those because Sapphire/Ruby are my favorite out of the franchise. <3

    Apparently I got that wrong too and Pokemon/Smash Bros. does not come out
    on Black Friday. WHICH IS FABULOUS. I will be heading right to the game
    store to pick those up once class is done with, lol.

    Ooh, that’s wonderful~! And I’m glad you like to eat what you make, LOL.
    Foods with pumpkin are so good mmmm. That cheesecake sounds delicious
    as well. I may have to try looking up a recipe some time for that.
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    Friendly Gaian

    every bird


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    Please post to say you took her home!

    took her home xD

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