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              can't wait to see the new christmas items emotion_bigheart
*^ * did someone say xmas items?
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Liberal Cultist

I wub you o 3o
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Invisible Hoarder

cori chama

The story is, uhh... all right? XD
I'm curious to see what my workshop members think of it, but at the same time
I hope I actually wrote something coherent. LOL. I mean, of course the story
makes sense to me, but I had a friend read it, and I guess she didn't really get it?

I actually skipped probably... two seasons of HIMYM, but it's quite interesting now
that certain things have happened. Have you watched the recent episodes at least?
Yesss, I saw the Candy Andy episode. Ohgosh, poor Caroline. XD
I think it's adorable how Andy still wanted to see her again and how he
showed up to the diner to embarrass himself for her sake.
I still need to watch the last two episodes of Supernatural that aired, but other than that,
I haven't missed an episode yet. I just keep wondering how much longer it can drag on, though.
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Liberal Cultist


        Oh snap, is this a school thing? Or an extra curricular activity/prepare-ment thing?
        AWE, I hope that was a fluke and it all pans out = u=b

        That is how I started at first, I watched some episodes in season...3 & 4?
        So I tried, but I didn't have a way to watch them easily back then and I stopped cause it was so much trouble.
        After that I started to forget to watch the episodes I could, and I am where I am now...needing/wanting to catch up but I haven't started yet~ (I am still so behind, I haven't seen an episode in a while. ; o ; )

        I know! I was like: D: He is such a sweetie! I melted. I want a guy like him~ lol
        Who is your favorite character?

        I like the new seasons of Supernatural don't get me wrong, but the first few were the best to me~
        I still really did like Meg for some reason. lol
        Hands down. How about you?

        I am into (right now): Vampire Diaries, The Big Bang Theory, American Horror Story, Beauty & the Beast, Elementary, 2 Broke Girls, and Supernatural...I have too much time on my hands, omg.

    Thanks for sending my order! ouo
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Angelic Gaian

User Image
And the total comes to..
username: Polycythemia Vera
plushiestoys: ALL (Pokemon Plushies, Circus Prizes, Eeveelutions)
vending machine: All Wishing Dishes
tip? *u* optional): 900g :3

20,000). thank you :)
            send trade!
    How did I not see this before?
    Oh the originality. :l
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    Would you like to affiliate? heart
    200x40 banner:

    Your banner has already been added.
    Thank you!
    User Image
    And the total comes to..
    vending machine:Chocolate Kiwi Mousse Cake, Puppydog lovecake, Octo-icecream, beartarts
    tip? *u* optional):
    1,000g. thank you :)
              send trade!
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      Man-Hungry Exhibitionist

      Hello, I want to order only some of the Pokemon Plushies, but it looks a bit messy in the form. Should I use the messy form anyway? Sorry for the stupid question, haha
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      Liberal Cultist

            I know I have ordered some from here before, BUT I wanna buy all of the items now that I have gold!
            o u o
            User Image
      And the total comes to..
      username: cori chama
      charmstrinkets: All Please
      plushiestoys: All Please
      vending machine: All Please
      specials and limiteds: All Please
      tip? *u* optional):13.9k

      41000. thank you :)
      send trade!

          I am going to combine this total with the totals for the Halloween Orders also!
          Lemme check the new total:
          ^ u ^
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      Invisible Hoarder

      Satisfied Gorilla - x
      Hello, I want to order only some of the Pokemon Plushies, but it looks a bit messy in the form. Should I use the messy form anyway? Sorry for the stupid question, haha

      Yes, please use the form. XD
      As long as I can tell what Pokemon you want,
      I don't particularly mind how you list them on the form. ^ o^

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