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Art Auction Up!

^ click there


Donations 15og or over will recieve User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.!!!

Hello!~ Welcome to my store, Everlasting Dreams. Just started it thanks to all the generous donations! Another thanks to my donators! heart Hmm.. let's see.. oh yes, items! Basically, the things that I sell are drinks, plushies, food, bonsais and doggies, and a few other animals. They're all really cute ('least I think so) and I sell them for cheap.

I worked for two weeks -- about on all my items that you see here in this store. First, I drew them on a piece of paper with pencil, then once I'm satisfied with my drawing, I trace it over with a pernament marker. Then, I grab my digital camera, and I take a picture of my item that I plan to make -- make sure that the flash is off -- and then I load it to the computer... after loading, I open the program up to Adobe Photoshop, and I crop it, taking away the background and such. I color it and voila! There's my creation. Please -- don't make fun of the way I create my items, because I just simply not great with creating them on the computer, so I use paper. ^^ If you do not believe that I created all these, feel free to PM me and I will show you the evidence. :3 I will take a picture of my work on paper -- if my dad didn't throw it away. xd

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Teh Zaffy
Table of Contents

[x] Introduction, ToC, Rules, Updates & Avatar Art
[x] Geronimuu & Fuka
[x] Delicious Delights, Plushies, & Unlimited
[x] The Rejects & Bun Buns
[x] Limited & Special Events
[x] Birthday & Misc.
[x] Breedables
[x] Wishlist
[x] The Panda Series
[x] FAQs
[x] Auction and Bump Contests and Just Contests
[x] Customers & black and white list
[x] Donation, Toybox & Quest Items
[x] Special Thanks
[x] To Do List, Link Out & Link In

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HALT!! Before you begin to order. Read the rules first!!

Post your order --> Send the trade --> Complete the trade --> Wait to recieve your order

heart Do not PM me any of the item orders, and that pretty much goes for avi art as well.
heart Send the trade right away, do not wait for a confirmation to do it then.
heart Please put the page number of your order in the trade title so just in case I'm on a different page, I don't have to look through everything and waste time.
heart Most of the time, orders will be finished quickly but if not, please wait at least 24 hours. Avi art is an exception. Oo;
heart There is a small signature/watermark on all of the items
heart Don't change my work in anyways this will result in a report and on the banned list.
heart NEVER even THINK about re-selling my work. You will be reported and put on the black list.
heart Do not quote any of the pages on here otherwise you will be reported and added to the black list.
heart Do not be rude to fellow Gaians please.
heart In the order forms, please put down, Xiao Bun Dan!! in white text, just so I know that you read the rules. It's a password.
heart Don't stretch the page. I'll report you.
heart No n00b talks. Lyk, omg, madd skillzzzzzzz That's just annoying and you will be ignored.
heart Don't have your PMs blocked or you won't recieve your order.
heart If I catch you with my creation ANYWHERE, and you're not a CUSTOMER. I will report you.. or something.. like that.

heart Enjoy your stay here.

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Okay. Well, I got my 200th order yesterday. ^^

Okay. Well, I'm probably going to update on the letter. xD not making them donation letters anymore. Just facy ones. xD Maybe if I don't get too lazy. 3nodding

Added a new item up!! I think it's on... the ninth post. 3nodding

Nyah. I updated my avi art price to a more expensive price. It ain't all that much higher, but I'm hoping that it will get me more gold and that it won't attract AS much people. I just don't have the TIME to do this anymore...

Hm... I'll be putting up some valentines stuff, egh, I absolutely HATE valentines, so don't expect much from me, and I'll be adding some new items. 3nodding So... biggrin Please hold!! biggrin

Art Auction up. Post ... well.. post something. O_O;

Mwah. Anyways... I just reopened the Avatar art. mad now I have another poll, seeing if I should just do avi art or not. X_x; Just finished one avi art. Three more to go.

Nothing much yet, but I added wishlist. Oo; so... yeah, check that out I guess. XD

Bah, today was horrible, didn't get to do much, but okay. I updated on my questing on the first post. and that's just about it! Two more avatar arts to go. <3

Hmm.. updated first page. I moved up the rules to the first page instead of it being on the fourteenth. Oo;;; Haha.
um... finished three avi arts. Three more to go. X_x;

Updated Limiteds Section. <3 Gothic and Angelic Fukas. Working on unlimited.

Hm... Lesse... updated like.. posts one two and three. <33 ^_^

Bwaha. ^^ I did a lot of art work this week. <3 Anyways... Umm... I added most slots to the avi art. <333 Lesse... 10 slots now. Haha. ^^;

Hmmmm... whee I changed the layout yesterday. whee That was fun. Drew about four avatar arts. Oo; That was difficult. And.... added a bump contest and ahh.... auction. <3

I added some wine bottles today. Made avi arts cheaper. whee that's just about it. ^_^ Nothing much to write about. But I'm working on it mucho.
Time to think of my new years resolution.
Added giftwrappings and monthly letters
Added black and white list

Today. I created my shop. wh00t. XD and I think i'm going to open it today. Oo;;

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This is the avatar art section.
I have updated this part, just because I'm awesome like that. Anyways... I've just finished doing an avatar art, and I just thought to myself, oh my gawd. Oo; this is easier than I thought it'd be. So, since I have more time on my hands [cos school is easy.] then I am willing to do more avatar arts at a cheaper price.

Though I don't have much avatar art at the moment... so i don't have much example, I will try to ask my friends to draw them for free and post htem up on here to let you guys see and hopefully will let me draw you guys. <3 So... here are the examples that I have so far. <3 Enjoy.

Full Body [colored] :
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image User Image
Full Body [black and white] :
User Image
Full Body [Chibi, colored] :
User ImageUser ImageUser Image
Full body[Chibi, black and white] :
User Image
Full Body [couples. colored] :
User ImageUser ImageUser Image
Full Body [couples, black and white] :
User Image
Half Body [colored]:
User Image
Half Body [black and white]:
Half Body [chibi, colored]:
User Image
Half Body [chibi, b&w]:
Face [colored]:
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
Face [black and white] :
User Image
Face [chibi, colored, b&w] :
User Image
Face [coupled, color] :
User Image


There will be ten slots open each time.


Slots opened :
5. Maybe all be taken by [ Cuddle Nazi ]

Price :
Full Bodies [colored] : 6ooog
Full Bodies [b&w] : 5ooog ~ 55oog
Full Bodies [chibi, colored] : 3ooog ~ 35oog
Full Bodies [chibi, b&w] : 2ooog ~ 25oog
Full Bodies [couples, colored] : 9ooog
Full Bodies [couples, b&w] : 75oog
Half Bodies [colored] : 3ooog
Half Bodies [b&w] : 15oog
Half Bodies [chibi, colored] : 1ooog ~ 2ooog
Half Bodies [chibi, b&w] : 9oog ~ 1ooog
Face [colored] : 1ooog
Face [b&w] : 9oog
Face [chibi, colored or b&w] : 8oog
Face [couples, colored] : 2ooog

The "~" sign is determining how much it will be considering how much items you have on your avatar or how complicated it is.

Name :
What kind of art :
Password : [suggest you read the rules if you don't know it.]
Total :

if you want one of the crossed out items -- . . . you'd have to bribe me. ><
User Image


Remember, back in the old days when you'd lose your stuff? Then you'd lose your favorite toy? You wouldn't sleep until you found it! You wouldn't rest! Sometimes, you'd find it all, and sometimes you wouldn't. Geronimuu, however, won't ever get lost! Him and his equipment (you can change that word if you want..) stays by your side! It's always where you left it last! A great thing for the people who hate losing their things, don't ya think?

User Image

arrow Please use the form if you want to order

Each Geronimuu costs 250 gold. I decided to make them cheaper -- 'cause I'm just too nice. 3nodding No, actually, because I'm afraid that they'd be too expensive, then.

Accessories costs only 5 gold a piece.

Custom designs will be an exta 50 gold, since it will take more time for me. What I mean by a custom design is that if you want decorations on your Geronimuu. Swirls, hearts, spots, etc. are all available. Be warned that they will take longer than the normal ones.

[.Head.] : Halo, Emo Glasses, OMG Hat, Hammi Hat, Bammi Hat, AFK Hat, bow [purple, green, red, pink]
[.Neck.] : Nitemare scarf, Angelic scarf, Golden Locket, Silver Locket, Scarves [Griffindor - gold/red; Slytherin - green/silver; Ravenclaw - Silver/Indigo; Hufflepuff - Gold/Navy]
[.Paws.] : Christmas stocking, Alice Boots, Seal Slippers, Penguin Slippers
[.Marks.] : Sripes & dots
[.Wings.] : Demon Wings, Mini Demon Wings, Angel Wings, Mini Angel Wings

[.Colors.] : AntiquewhiteBlueBluevioletBlurrywoodCadetblueCoral

[.Eye-Colors.] : BlueCadetblueCoralDarkGoldenrodDarkMegentaGoldenRodHotPink

Teh Zaffy

Geronimmu Order Form

What color body would you like? You can choose one solid color or you can choose two colors - one that fades into another.
What color eyes would you like? You can have the same colored eyes or each one with a different color.
what color of the paws would you like? There are three paws showing -- choose one color that suits the body color otherwise the outcome would be slightly awkward. sweatdrop
Would you like any equpiments? Each equpiments will be an extra 5g.
Password : [suggest you read the rules.]
Total :

~>Owner Options<~

What does your Geronimuu represent? Geronimuu can represent anything. They are in such ways a guardian angel.

~>Owner Options<~

What is your Geronimuu's name?
What is the Geronimuu's owner's name?

Samples :
User Image

User Image

Hi~! heart I don't know how I thought of creating Fuka. *ponders* Hahah, actually, it's pretty funny now that I remember it. whee It was my friend. The Rabble Rouser. Keke. He likes bunnies. whee So I was thinking of him while I was just surfing through Gaia, thinking about what other things to create, then I thought BUNNIES!!! Keke. And here is Fuka~!

User Image

They're a very kind and gentle creature -- though if you feed them too much sugar they'll just end up bouncing off the walls. They are always around you and beware, they'll get attached to you in an instant. *snaps finger*

Each Fuka is 200 gold each. They is more expensive because I took so much time on making them. cool

I'm sorry. There are no accessories for my pretty Fuka at the moment. I am currently making them. :]



Teh Zaffy

Fuka Order Form

Fur Color : Choose a fur color that you think would look good with your Fuka. Sorry! One color only.
Eye Color : Choose an eye color for Fuka. She can have two different colored eyes if you chose to have it like that. [please do note - if you want two different colored eye, which color is on which eye.]
Bow : What color bow would you like your Fuka to have?
Password : [suggest you read the rules.]
Total :
~>Owner's Option<~

What would you like to call Fuka?
What is the name of the owner?
User Image

Are you hungry for something? Can't find anything good to eat? Like to eat junk food and snax? Look around here!! Now you know when you buy your new pets they will be really hungry? Here are some snacks for them to snack on!

User Image
Kiwi, Cherry, Grape, Lemon, Orange, Watermelon
Each drink will cost 2og.
The whole set will be 1oog.

User Image
Vanilla, Mint, Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate, Pink Bubblegum, Jamoca, Red Raspberry, Blue Raspberry, Grape 'n' Nuts, Rainbow Sherbert, Orange Sherbert, World Class Chocolate
Each Ice cream will be 1og.
Whole set will be 12og.

User Image
Watermelon, Lemon, Grape, and Cherry wine
Uh-oh ~ Looks like there's someone that likes to drink ~ *snickers*
Each wine is 2og.
The whole set is 6og.

User Image
This is a candy machine. You've seen them somewhere around the shops and whatnot. ^^ Here is your own mini take home Candy Machine!! And guess what?! You don't need to put money in there just to get the gumballs out!! Haha. SWEET deal isn't it?

User Image
Star Candies. 3nodding They're the best treat to give to your new pet!! heart You know, it really does depend on the color of the candy to determine the taste. whee Some are really sweet, but then right when you think the flavor goes away, there's a shocking taste of LEMON in there. *gasp*

User Image

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
Momiji, Yuki, Kyo, and Haru! The fruits basket cuties ~! Hehe. Well you know why I made the. ^^

One of them will be 1oog, but to buy all four of my sweeties will be 3oog. biggrin

User Image
GUESS WHO THIS IS?! THAT'S RIGHT IT'S *drumroll* Tohru!!! heart haha.. I couldn't draw her, so I decided an onigiri would do! biggrin Onigiri's are awesome..
1oog each.

User Image

User Image

Heheh. This is a foxi. :] I don't know how I created him/her but it's all good. Right? RIGHT?! right. ^^
It's a simple creature, but you can always add items onto him/her!
15g for just the foxi.

To add an item, it will be a 2g extra. :]

Here is a sample :
User Image

User Image

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

These are Kapas. Lol. My friend told me that that meant water demon, or whatever. xd Oh well!! They can be me.. non-winged sprites? Anyways... Kapas come in many, many different color!! razz
One kapa is 1og.

User Image

User Image
This little guy is a faerie in a bottle. xd Not great of an attempt, but hey! It's something. biggrin Me like. You like?

Username :
Item you wish to purchase :
Password : [suggest you read the rules if you don't know it.]
Total :
User Image

User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image
Original, Angel, Demon, Drooling, Tye-Dye

I don't know why I call them a reject, but like, haha, they look like voodoo dolls. Hehe. It's all good though!!
Each Reject will cost 15og.

Order Form
Username :
Name of the item :
Password : [suggest you read the rules if you don't know it]
Total :

User Image

User ImageUser ImageUser Image
User Image
Bunny, Inuyasha, Sessoumaru, Cat, Miroku, Dog, Kagome, Sango

Hehe, these are bun-buns. I don't know why i called them that, but it's a kyoot name, and I like it, SO LIVE WITH IT. ><
5og each.

Order Form
Username :
Name of the item :
Password : [suggest you read the rules if you don't know it]
Total :
User Image

User Image
My little angelic panda
Order form on the 11th post. 3nodding Scroll for the pandy post.
Limited to 1o by March 26th.
1. CeruleanFE
2. .Chibi.Kairi.
3. Solitis
4. pink_notecard
6. loveaddict
7. Chobit_Chiii

User Image
Angelic Fuka
Limited 1o.
1. Lady Max
2. Guitheflea
3. .Chibi.Kairi.
4. Poetic Surreality
6. KimCL
7. Animal_crazy343
8. tsorane

Order Form
Username :
Name of the item :
Password : [suggest you read the rules if you don't know it]
Total :

Past Limiteds :
Gothic Fuka

Umbrella Panta

In order to still get a limited, or.. ex-limited, it'll be 1ooog.

User Image

User Image
This is Kenra. She is a polar bear. The reason why she is an unlimited because she was originally created to let people know -- you have to save the wildlife. ^^ Polar bears are wonderful creatures.
Sorry, she only comes in one color.

User Image
Looks like Kenra has a new friend! She's a panda named Xiao-Xiao. She's the same reason as Kenra - to let people know that these types of wondeful creatures are going extinct, and save them!!

Order Form
Username :
Name of the item :
Password : [suggest you read the rules if you don't know it]
Total :

User Image

User Image

User Image
Is someone's birthday coming up? Do you want to say happy birthday to them? A big birthday cake will do a lot of good~! MAKE THEM PHAT. Ahaha. :3
The birthday cake is avaliable in many different colors.
1oog each.

User Image

User Image

These are monthly letters. heart
In these monthly letters, you will recieve a special item that I am going to be introducing to my shop!! It will open at the end of every month.

User Image


User Image
Feb. o6 - Monthly item - working on
Jan. o6 - monthly item - finished

Past month's items :
User Image

Here are the items for each month. You can still buy it, but it will be more expensive.

User Image

User Image

User Image
Lipstick for you girlies out there. ^.-
3og each.

User Image
A jewlery box here ~ !
1oog each.

Order Form
Username :
Name of the item :
Password : [suggest you read the rules if you don't know it]
Total :
User Image

Ahaha. I don't know what to say about these breedables, but that their... breedables. xd

They're the first breedables that I've ever created, so they're not a great as I'd think they would turn out to be, but I think I'm pretty satisfied with them. Aren't you? :]

5oog to start off the breedable.
And for each evolution will be 15g extra.

Colors // red - orange - brown - yellow - green - blue - purple - pink

Breedables Order Form
Name //
Gender //
Color //
Password //
Owner //
Total //

Finished Sample //
User Image
User Image


This is something that I've decided to do a while back, but never really got the time to update it into the shop, so here it is. ^^ The wishlists that I made out of boredom. O_O;;

Examples :
User Image User Image User Image

These three are the examples that I took from my friends and me of course. Oo; Anyways, this is what the wishlist will look like once it is finished making. The backgrounds are not made by me unforunately, but I found them over the website : createblog.com

So.. whee

Here are the backgrounds :
User Image User Image User Image
User Image User Image User Image User Image

The order of the background that it is in here are the number that it goes, for example : green is 1, pink is 2, orange is 3, blue is 4, etc..

Now that you've seen what it looks like and the background... I will give you the details of everything in here. oo; It's really easy to get, but if you don't understand it, please post in the thread and I will help you out. ^_^

Example 1 is D.Monica, which is the green one. She has the design number 1 of the items sets.
User Image

Example 2 is Dragonladysupreme, which is the orange one. Set 2
User Image

And example 3 is Zafkiel, mine, which is the pink one. Set 3
User Image

These three are where the items will be placed in.
The maximun is 6 items.

For a regular wishlist, it will be 3oog.
For a customized one, it will be 5oog.

Teh Zaffy
~* Wishlist Order Form *~

Name: Put your name here for the wishlist.
Background number: Put in here, the number of the background that you want. For example, if you want the blue background, put in number four.
Do you want a customized one? If you want a customized background, feel free to tell me what you want, or send the picture to me through the thread. But you have to be aware that it will be an extra 2oog
Avatar outline: Do you want your avatar to have an outline? Yes or no?
Item style: Put in the style of the item box that you want your items to be placed in. For example, I want the orange one, I will put down style 2.
Items: Put in the names of the items in here. Max is 6
Password: If you don't know if. Read the rules. ^^
Total Cost : Well, obviously you know what to put down in here. Oo;
More to come.
I will pretty it up later.

User Image

If you just want the base, it will be 150g.
To add items, it will be 5g each.

Order form :
Username :
Item 1:
Item 2:
Item 3:
Name of Bear :
Date of Birth :
Gender :
Colored background/border :
Password : [suggest you read the rules if you don't knwo it!]
Total Price:

If you are seeking the limited, items MAY not be added.
Fequently Asked Questions :

[x] Why do some of them don't have order forms and some do?
Probably cos I'm too lazy to put in any new ones and screw up the codes.

[x] Do I just post orders on the thread?
That's probably a yes...

[x] Who do I send the trade to?
The person who create -- Imma hit someone. > : [

[x] I didn't see an order form so...
Some of them DONT have order forms... scream

[x] Can I be your friend?
Sure, don't mean that you're gonna get free items though... okay okay, mebbe. xD

[x] Can I have your eMail?
Sorry. That's a no. But you can be my Gaian friend or you can add me to deviantArt. ^^ it's http://veeveeyan.deviantart.com/

[x] Do you do art trades?
That I do!! ^_^
User Image

Alrighty!! <3
You know, sometimes you have those items that you want to sell, but no one will buy in the marketplace? Yeah, I've had that feeling many times before. Oh well! No fear!

This is where I'm going to auction off my items!!
Each tiem that I'm auctioning off will be held up for a month. <3 Therefore, everyone will get a fair chance of bidding.

Current Auctions :

HOMGz. This is my first art auction. o_O; This is my art... well, duh, but this is my character. whee and it's not finished yet, but this is the reason why I'm putting it up on auction right now. 3nodding
So um... It's not colored, but once the auction is over... and those who buy it and whatever.. Oo;;; it will be.. um.. colored. ^^

User Image

I put up the samples just in case there will be someone out there stealin' it.
I'm not sure how long I will leave this up, but most likely for a few months. Let's try up to...

April 2oth. 3nodding

Starting price : 2,5o5g
Current bidder : Bluearielle

Past Auctions :
User Image 12k from Ty_Tinman
User Image 34.75k from Rahkt
User Image - 1ok from L.E.C03

User Image

Udated :: 12/31/o5

The bump contest is where whoever bump the most will recieve a free item or avatar art.

It doesn't matter whether you come in first or secord, third or fourth. As long as you reached the desired bump number, then you will recieve something free of your choice!

You can win more than once if you'd like to.

Bump up to 100 and you can win something!! <3 Well, anything that you want. XD

Rules :
[ 1 ] Post only one bump in every post.
[ 2 ] Number your bumps. If you don't, I won't consider that bump one of the entry bumps.
[ 3 ] Have fun!!

Past winners :
1. Darkmew

User Image

Bwaha, this is only avaliable for those who want FREE avatar art. <3 So yeah. ^^ Anyways... Lesse...

Anyone that rolls a 6, 16, 66, 1o, 2o, 3o as a random number will get a colored face picture! First person for each number only. <3

Get a 6, 16, or a 61 as a random number and you'll get a free colored Chibi Scribblie. ^^ First person for each number only.

First person that posts on . . .

page 2oo will recieve full body, colored avatar art
page 25o will recieve half body, colored avatar art
page 3oo will recieve head shot, colored avatar art
page 35o will recieve full body, black and white avatar art
. . .
User Image

These are the wonderful customers~!

[1][x]explode.already[2]Elvane[3]Elvane[4]Elvane[5]Neverletmego[6]Pinkangelgurl[7]xxOccchicxx[8]. A m e t h y s t .[9]Elvane[1o]Elvane[11]Elvane[12]Dusty Pillow[13]Icey Shadow Dragon[14]Elvane[15]physcobunnygal[16] -+-Shuichi-+-Shindo-+-[17]Blue_Venus_Gurl[18]sexy yellow ducky[19]GoodToady[2o]TsuyuYasha[21]toastytost[22]toastytoast[23].winter.zenith.[24]Kaioto_Katsuma[25] ianwallace[26]VampireNicholas[27]pinkangelgirl[28]toastytoast[29]Miku-MewMew[3o]mystic-vixen[31]Reitheneko[32] CaitlinAnn[33]LyraDestiny[34]Lorelai_23[35]Akaeshia[36] vampymonkey[37]KirstieC[38]Fleaball[39]Malicious Dream[4o]Malicious Dream[41]ChrissyLuvsJesse[42]ChrissyLuvsJesse[43]Kitsune_Takeru[44]Lani Metha[45]Lani Metha[46]Maburaho221[47]Lord_Kunzite[48]confused_one000[49]SubZero Assassin[5o]Rieluni[51]Kazumi Hinaka[52][ D o o k i e ][53]Yakimito[54]Dark.Peach.Tree[55]Dulcea[56]Kazumi Hinaka[53]Elvane[54]Dark.Peach.Tree[55]dogxloverx[56]Kurokarasu Miryo-sama[57]-Stray Dark Wolf-[58]holly387[59]Elvane[6o]mystic-vixen[61]sarahward2[62]Mishaiah[63]alliebear[64]Dark.Peach.Tree[65]
Dark.Peach.Tree[66]hot-ice-57[67]Theoffspringlover[68]Theoffspringlover[69]Sin_Foxe[70]Runegirl123[71]saber2010[72] Nitsa Amanya[73]Cruzle[74]Jewel Star Haliwell[75]Noyama[76][Cherry.Wine][77]lilgirlfromthestars[78]NykolMisu[79].silver.pegasus.[80]Lulu22[81]Nero Hardy[82]Darknew[83]Desolate Heart[84]Sky_shadow[85]JaCy(Lb)[86]Desolate Heart[87]Darkmew[88]Darkmew[89]Bluearielle[9o]Darkmew[91]Lady of the Golden Wood[92]Darkmew[93]_-F a ll en-_[94]Imshelbygirl92[95][.BeRRy.][96]-March.Of.Teh.Pigs-[97]kara_dark[98]Love--Dragon[99]kara_dark[1oo]Shadow_Arrow[1o1]
. A m e t h y s t .[1o2]PacificX[1o3]Darkmew[1o4]darkmew[1o5]dark-jagan[1o6]dark-jagan[1o7]streetfight[1o8]Digital Plague[1o9]SilverAkisame[11o]. A m e t h y s t .[111]Aurora Evergreen[112]Shiyu_Nakiro[113]Datatap[114]Altoidgirl405[115][teh otaku][116]Darkmew[117]JaCy(Lb)[118]Whishlist[119]Whishlist[12o]myumyu-kun[121]Night_Elf_Druid[122]Minamino_Teku[123]Lady Max[124]loves-heart-is-death[125]darkmew[126][.F o r n i c a t i o n.][127]fierydeamon[128][.F o r n i c a t i o n.][129]ll Fiona ll[13o]Gronge[131]do0m_on_YOU[132]Silver Exio[133]~+Jazz.Ma.Razz+~[134]coerul[135]Husky_Pup[136]Black_Nymphadora_Drag[137]DarkZell[138]Marlly Silver paw[139]King Henry[14o]King Henry[141]Karasu Mad Bomber[142]evarwyn[143]D.Monica[144]MoonieWitch[145].Chibi.Kairi.[146]~~Angelic_Shadows~~[147]sapphireangel[148]eins2002[149] wittleana[15o]streetfight[151]spangle[152]Poetic Surreality[153]Ryuukishin[154]Djibrilshadow[155]Ryuukishin[156]Schmoopy[157] Schmoopy[158]JordanSkye[159]Poetic Surreality[16o]Cinimoro[161].Chibi.Kairi.[162]Malicious Dream[163]Graceangel[164]confused_grahamcracker[165]Chobit_Chiii[166]Black-Rose89[167]ceruleanFE[168] Solstis[169].Chibi.Kairi.[17o]pink_notecard[171]PICHU_PI[172]Djibrilshadow[173]Smittyboy[174] cherrycrush[175]Djibrilshadow[176]Hikari_kaze3[177]weddingsakura[178]Kay-Ga[179]Doom Schneider[18o]GlassGothX[181]dark_soul42[182]Intuitive[183]World~of~dreams[184]Unsea[185]Renuzite[186] Sarielle[187]Lelai[188]Staranime[189]Dai-Chan[19o]Raven_Demon_Assasin[191]notcompletelyocd[192]silly_boy[193]boogyman101[194] KimCL[195]Animal_crazy343[196]Arikana[197]tsorane[198]tsorane[199]tsorane[2oo]Artificial~Memories[201]tatsu-dono[202]Toetoro[2o3]

Magenta - Feburary Monthly letter buyers. <3
Green - Janurary Monthly letter buyers. <3
Reminds me to send them the items. X3

User Image
This is the black and white list.

Simple. Black. Those that are banned. White, those who have done good and helped a lot! ^^

User Image

The Rabble Rouser

User Image

BlueGhost213 - Copying the front post. scream
User Image

Dang. I lost EVERYTHING when I closed my other shop. *tears* but it's okay. It's always nice to have a new start, isn't it? biggrin Anyways, I'm so very thankful for those who donated to me in the past, and sorry your username is not down in here, but it will always be cherished and remembered!!

And THANK YOU. THANK YOU. To those who donate!! ^^

Those that donated 15og or above will recieve User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

[x] Donations 5K >
Bluearielle - User Image and 8ooog heart heart
EVA~05 - 55oog heart
JaCy(Jb) - User Image
Slightlyshadylady- 5ooog heart

[x] Donations 5K<
Demonic Curse - 5ooog heart
Digital Plague - 1o35g heart
djTAKA - 26o4g heart
Neox Pyx - 17oog heart
Nitsa Amanya - 2445g heart
PICHU_PI - 12oog heart

[x] Donations 1k<
. A m e t h y s t . - 25og and User Image
Datatap - 1ooog heart
DJ Sentinel - 1ooog
saber2010 - 633g

[x] Donations 5oog<
.Chibi.Kairi. - 15og
~~Angelic_Shadows~~ - 2oog
~+Jazz.Ma.Razz+~ - 5og
aZn_DaRk_AnGeL92 - 5oog
CaitlinAnn - 15og
Darknew - 3oog
Doom Schneider - 3oog
imshelbygir92 - 25g
kara_dark - 5og
Lady Max - 5og
LyraDestiny - 15og
musokakagome - 3oog
Narumoni - 2oog
Pacificx - 15g
pink_notecard - 3og
Poetic Surreality - 3oog
Raven_Demon_Assasin - 23og
Sarielle - 15og
Saten - 15og
Silly_boy - 5og + User Image
shikamaru_shadow18 - 3oog
Solstis - 4og
Toetoro - 15og
water-dragon-kura - 15og
[.BeRRy.] - 5og
[x]Explode.Already - 135g

* NEW :

What I donated :
Guitar of Angellus to The Rabble Rouser
Avatar ari to Datatap and JaCy(Lb)

User Image
Okay. This is my toybox. XD I used up a lot of money on these things or some of them are art trades, but it's nice to find nice people and I need you to please don't steal any o' 'em even if they are super duper kyoot. :] Thanks !

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

User Image
User Image
User ImageUser Image
User ImageUser Image
User Image
User Image
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image

User Image // about 4oK
User Image // about 9oK
User Image // about 1oK

Past quest :

User Image
User Image
User Image

I want to thank Bluearielle for helping me out with the wording of all this junk right here. XD You mean a lot to meh!! heart
Also a big thanks to Rabble Rouser AKA Thumper, for giving me inspiration without even knowing it. haha.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Whehe. ^^ THANKS ...-Nikki_Karalyn-...
User Image Whee ~ ! ^_^ It's effing awesome Puccagaru_123~!
User Image

Monthly Letters//
Black and white list//

User Image
If you'd like to affiliate with me, feel free to just post it in the thread. <3

Here are some wonderful shops and guilds. 3nodding DONT FORGET TO COME BACK TO ME!

Mini Shops //

[User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image

Quests //
User Image
User Image

Lotteries //
User Image User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Charity //

Guilds //
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Discussions, Petitions&more //
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image

User Image
Link to me okay??? biggrin

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

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