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Welcome to Flying Toaster. I'm your host Winged Toaster here to moderate this shop thread for Cat Silver! We're here to sell you odd and ends and bits and pieces of more and more things as it expands and contracts! We're currently undergoing a massive revamp since the retirement of our major moderator (Crystal Mizuka) and we're changing direction entirely. Many of our toys will be retired, becoming rare, and new things will be joining the shelves!

2/20/13 - The Shop is undergoing a transformation... Who knows how long it will take! Gosh!
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█[Flying Toaster]█ 30+ Services from Art to Tarot!

+ Be a good customer; don't be purposefully annoying or disruptive, be kind, and don't cause trouble.
+ Please post orders in the thread only. Any PMs will be ignored.
+ Please wait patiently for orders! We'll finish them as fast as we can. Whether that takes an hour, or a week. We'll get to it, we promise.
+ Please send all trades to Cat Silver.
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Are you a Little One at Heart? A Petition for Baby Items on Gaia.
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To become an Affiliate please post in the thread! We'll check to see if you've added us, and/or if you meet our standards. If you don't meet standards, you simply won't be added within a week, and you can totally delete us. If your thread has been closed for a year, and has no new posts within a year, we'll take you down as inactive. If you move/sell without warning us, we'll remove you. If you closed for good, you're gone.
The Owners

Crystal Mizuka

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Hi there! Crystal Mizuka here. I'm in charge of the Tarot Readings and actually selling the lovely Signature Toys that Cat Silver has gone to the trouble of making. If I wasn't around to remind her, she'd probably forget this place even exists. Since I've been helping out around here for quite some time now I felt it was time to give my post a little bit of a makeover. After all, these days I generally seem to know what I'm doing.

Now, I don't spend all of my free time on Gaia. Between my real life and the great expanse that is the internet I actually spend a fairly modest portion of my time around here. Keep in mind that time is relative which means that your accepted notions of time and my accepted notions of time are highly subjective. They don't have to mean the same thing at all. This is especially true for those of you living in different timezones. In any case, I try to ensure that the time I do spend around here is time well spent what with all the seemingly random philosophical discussions and bouts of nonsensical role-playing I tend to get myself into. Basically, I just try to have a good time.

I've also got my own little store in the Marketplace where I sell stuff I don't need to make a little extra gold every now and then. If I happen to like one or more of the new Monthly Collectibles, Evolving Items or some of the occasional gems that come out of Random Item Generators I try to save up for them, but otherwise I prefer to help my friends complete their Wish Lists. On a slightly related, but altogether different note, I've also been maintaining a request thread of sorts that deserves a mention since that's an easy place to reach me even when I'm taking a break from running the shop.

And that pretty much covers what I do here on Gaia. I might add stuff to this spot later on and I might not. This is all I could think of for right now. Go ahead and keep on browsing through our shop's selection and maybe you'll find something you like. If you do get around to buying some of our merchandise, I'll probably be the first to know.

Sorry guys, but as of this revision, I've retired from operating the shop. You can still find me in my guild or my request thread if you want to chat. Just don't expect me to be hanging around the shop anymore. There's no reason to continue drawing attention to this place unless Cat becomes inclined to receive customers.

Cat Silver

User Image Hello! I'm Cat Silver! I'm the one doing avatar art, character descriptions, and I drew most of the little toys! I'm also the one who forgets her shops exist. Such as, my poor A Whattix?. Anyways yes Art and weird side of things. 23 year old- oh wait. I didn't say that? Well then!

I'm an 23 year old girl with the temperament of an ant lion. I will bite; most of the times it's just loving nibbling. I love myself some Nacho Cheese, and am big in a few fandoms, such as Hitman Reborn, Homestuck, Dr. Who, Sherlock, and Supernatural. I have more information on my profile.

Oh and if you want to see more of my art, check my DeviantArt. I got some stuff for Riot High comics there, not to mention lots of art of myself. Haha, me me me. That sounds awful.

I'm currently recovering from graduating from college, so my bit of the shop tends to get closed a lot. I have been taking time off to work on some alternate projects, including PossessionStuck an alternate timeline for Homestuck filled with violence, gore, and horror; and The RPedia; an encyclopedia for roleplayers and novelists to help keep your writing fresh!

So, I'm fairly eccentric. I draw art, and I'm a lazy procrastinator with a foul temper and a very bad memory. Doesn't that just sound like someone all of you want to love and hug and take home with you? Yes it does!
This shop has won an award!

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Colors: Rave Red, Perfect Purple, Pretty Pink, Gorgeous Green, or Balanced Blue!
Price: 90g Each[/size]

[size=9][b]The Jars[/b]
Colors: Red Dragon, Blue Dragon, Grey Dragon, Pink Purple Dragon, Envy Dragon, Toaster, and Ladybug!
Price: 90g Each[/size]

[size=9][b]Misfortune Cookies[/b]
[b]Generate a random number from 1 to 46 along with your order![/b]
Price: 30g Each[/size]

[size=9][b]Alphonse Toaster and Edward Toast[/b]
Prices: Alphonse Alone 100g; Edo Himself 70g; Complete Set 150g![/size]

[size=9][b]Flying Toast[/b]
Flavors: Raspberry, Orange, Butter, Mint, and Blueberry!
Price: 30g each or 130g for all.[/size]

[size=9][color=white][img]http://i17.tinypic.com/47chauw.png[/img] . [img]http://i13.tinypic.com/30vneig.jpg[/img] . [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v73/kichigai_neko/Samplebottles.gif[/img][/color]
[color=darkblue][b]Marvin[/b][/color][color=white]______________[/color][color=darkblue][b]Keefy Daddy[/b][/color][color=white]______________[/color][color=darkblue][b]Moon Bottle, Sun Bottle[/b][/color]
[color=darkblue]Price: 150g[/color][color=white]______________[/color][color=darkblue]Price: 50g[/color][color=white]_________________[/color][color=darkblue]Price: 100g Each[/color][color=white]______[/color]

[color=white][img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v73/kichigai_neko/PhoenixfeatherSample.jpg[/img] ._____ . [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v73/kichigai_neko/CatticusBacteriusSample.gif[/img][/color]
[color=darkblue][b]Phoenix Down[/b][/color][color=white]__________________________________[/color][color=darkblue][b]Catticus Bacterius[/b][/color][color=white]___[/color]
[color=darkblue]Price: 50g[/color][color=white]______________________________________[/color][color=darkblue]Price: 150g Each[/color] [/size][color=white]__[/color]

[size=9][color=white][img]http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e391/wingedtoaster/Samples/flyingtoastersample.gif[/img] ._________ . [img]http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e391/wingedtoaster/Samples/HaruhiquegSample.jpg[/img][/color]
[color=darkblue][b]Flying Toaster[/b][/color][color=white]___________________[/color][color=darkblue][b]HaruhiQueg[/b][/color][color=white]___[/color]
[color=darkblue]Price: 150g[/color][color=white]__________________[/color][color=darkblue]Price: 100g[/color] [/size][color=white]__[/color][/size][/align][/spoiler]

[align=center][size=10][color=green]Don't forget to stop by once in a while and see if we've got anything else to sell! After all the collection is always growing.[/color][/size][/align]

[color=darkblue][size=10]Welcome to Winter! Home of Valentine's Toys!

[b]Chocolate Filled Toaster[/b]
Price: 150g

[b]Valentine's MP3 Player[/b]
Price: 250g

[color=blue][size=14][b]Past Limiteds[/b][/size][/color]
[color=darkblue][size=9]These will be resold come their respective seasons, despite them not being sold right now, we'll still let you look at 'em until we need to make room for something new.[/size][/color]
[color=purple][size=11][url=http://i12.tinypic.com/49fysg4.jpg]Alcoholic St. Patty Kitten[/url] x [url=http://i15.tinypic.com/4fw21ht.jpg]Teetotal St. Patty Kitten[/url] x [url=http://i13.tinypic.com/2ni9w0l.png]Kitten Basket[/url] x [url=http://i19.tinypic.com/2rgney9.png]Toaster Basket[/url] x [url=http://i19.tinypic.com/47xmliw.png]Kitty Bunbun[/url] x [url=http://i11.tinypic.com/4ddiu0k.gifp]Halloween Limited (Pumpkin Kitty)[/url] x [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v73/kichigai_neko/toasterolanternSample.gif]Toast-o-Lantern[/url] x [url=http://i11.tinypic.com/6tmvrr5.gif]Christmas Kitten[/url][/color]

[color=blue][size=14][b]Retired Limiteds[/b][/size][/color]
[color=darkblue][size=9]These graphics have been removed from circulation and will no longer be available for purchase.[/size][/color]
[color=purple][size=11][strike][url=http://i37.tinypic.com/2u89xqr.gif]Halloween Digivice[/url][/strike] x [strike][url=http://i35.tinypic.com/ouukc8.gif]Holiday Digivice[/url][/strike][/size][/color][/align]

[color=darkblue][size=11]Now, try not to get any misconceptions about our Tarot Reading service. It might be a little different than you're used to. We aren't here to tell you your life's story. We aren't here to tell you how you should live your life to achieve a desired outcome. What we offer here is more like what you might expect from an Advice Column. Based on how the cards are interpreted you might see an existing situation from a new perspective or find insights you didn't realize were there. We can't claim that we're going to predict the future with any certainty because the future isn't set in stone. Therefore, whatever you get out of our service should be what you make of it.[/size][/color]

[color=purple][align=center]Standard Readings
[size=10]Deck - [Dragon Tarot][/size]

3 Card Spread
Price: 3,000g

[b]Full Spread[/b]
10 Card Spread
Price: 10,000g[/size][/align][/color]

[quote="Sample Tarot Reading Basic"][spoiler][color=darkblue][size=11]Past ~ Nine of Wands
Present ~ VIII Strength
Future ~ Five of Swords

Apparently it's been necessary to let your guard down more than you're used to so you could accept the support of those around you. Now you just need to work a little bit on your self control. If you don't you could end up unintentionally pushing others away.[/size][/color][/spoiler][/quote]

[quote="Sample Tarot Reading Full Spread"][spoiler][size=11][color=darkblue]Card 1. Present Position ~ Nine of Coins
Card 2. Immediate Influence ~ Ten of Cups
Card 3. Goal or Destiny ~ Three of cups
Card 4. Distant Past Foundation ~ Five of Coins
Card 5. Recent Past Foundation ~ Eight of Swords
Card 6. Future Influence ~ Queen of Swords
Card 7. The Questioner ~ Three of Wands
Card 8. Environmental Factors ~ Six of Wands
Card 9. Inner Emotions ~ Queen of Coins
Card 10. Final Result ~ King of Coins

The 4th card suggests that you might have crossed paths with certain unforeseen expenses. The 5th card suggests that this caused a fair amount of frustration, but that you had to be patient nonetheless because there was no practical way to overcome the problem. The 2nd card suggests that you have been examining your emotional commitments. The 1st card suggests that you have gained recognition in the eyes of others. The 6th card suggests that someone's determination could produce a barrier between them and those around them (or alternatively that your own determination could produce a barrier between you and those around you). The 3rd card suggests that you are due for a reunion with friends. The 7th card suggests that you are someone who benefits from leading others by example. The 8th card suggests that circumstances are working in your favor so that you can achieve your objectives. The 9th card suggests that you know someone who is striving to develop their potential for application in the real world (or alternatively it could be that you are the one developing your potential for application in the real world). The 10th card suggests that you will come across someone who is at the top of their game or perhaps you will become such a person.[/size][/color][/spoiler][/quote]

[color=green][align=center][size=9]Prices are subject to change.[/size][/align][/color]

[size=10][color=darkblue]Home of the special of the day! This little corner of the shop seems to be a little overgrown by houseplants, the lights are a little less bright, although the chairs still look plush and comforting. A small list is settled on the wall, stating services that have been, and could be available again in the future, with a single, or maybe a few, in bold. Presumably, those are the ones currently for sale. Below it, several scraps of paper read in more detail about the services being offered at the moment.[/color][/size]

[center][size=9][color=blue]+ Character Descriptions + Avatar Edits + Bumps + Banners + Wishlists + Weddings, Divorces, Christenings, Funerals and Other Rituals + Palm Reading + Pixel Dolls + Schooling and Training + Beta Reading + Poetry + Roleplaying + Potions and Craft + Lyrics Hunter + Price Stops + Divination Station + Ask Catsu! + Tekteking + Internet Hunts + Personalized Dreamcatchers + Post Format Creation + Personal Icons + Blinkies + Giftwrapping + Personalized Deliveries + Photomanipulations + Delivered Telegrams + Lineart Coloring Services

[i]Interested in something but don't see it open? Feel free to ask about it in the thread! There's a very good chance Cat just hasn't updated recently. Don't worry about interrupting conversation either, our regulars are very good at pretending you're not there.[/i]

If you would like to ask about any of the services offered, for perhaps more information about them and what they entail, or how to buy them out of season, feel free to post in the thread. Cat will reply ASAP, and we'll see what we can do. No seriously. She probably has them shut down as a deterrent and WANTS you to ask about them rather than work off this because she's lazy about updating. ASK damn it! [/color][/size][/center]

[size=10][color=darkblue][align=center]These lovely items will take up a bit more space in your signature, but it's totally worth it![/align][/color]

[color=purple][url=http://i9.tinypic.com/2j0koeh.gif]Orange[/url] [url=http://i7.tinypic.com/4i2oaon.gif]Gold[/url] [url=http://i15.tinypic.com/3zk8wg4.gif]Green[/url] [url=http://i9.tinypic.com/43md6b7.gif]Blue[/url] [url=http://i18.tinypic.com/486jqtu.gif]Purple[/url][/color]
Colors: Red, Orange, Gold, Green, Blue, and Purple (see links for more samples)
Price: 250g Each[/color]

[color=purple][url=http://i18.tinypic.com/3zgcc8z.jpg]Flame[/url] [url=http://i15.tinypic.com/2yl2yo7.jpg]Rain[/url] [url=http://i9.tinypic.com/4hn6q2h.jpg]Plant[/url] [url=http://i18.tinypic.com/30bpl3n.jpg]Air[/url] [url=http://i7.tinypic.com/43c6b2d.jpg]Chaos Spiral[/url] [url=http://i7.tinypic.com/40mv9jt.jpg]Electricity[/url][/color]
[color=darkblue][b]MP3 Players[/b]
Models: Moon, Flame, Rain, Plant, Air, Chaos Spiral, and Electricity (see links for more samples)
Price: 100g Each

[b]Crystal Plushie, Cat Plushie[/b]
(Names not on Final product.)
Price: 150g Each[/color][/align][/spoiler]

[align=center][color=green]Don't forget to stop by once in a while and see if we've got anything else to sell! After all the collection is always growing.[/color][/size][/align]

Avatar Art!
User Image
Want art like this? Check out the newest branch of Flying Toaster and see if we have any slots open and waiting for you! There's so much information we had to start a new thread, but we think you guys will be happy with it! :3

User Image

Click here now!
User Image

[color=darkblue][size=10]Please do not PM the Orders to anyone. No one will get it. It is a LOST CAUSE. Please instead, post your order in the thread. =D It's much easier to find them that way! Also, please start a trade with your total [b]right away[/b] to the person handling your order. [i]Avatar art and Character Decriptions[/i] go to [b][url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/gaia/bank.php?mode=trade&uid=190596]Cat Silver[/url][/b]. [i]Tarot Readings and Signature Toys[/i] go to [b][url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/gaia/bank.php?mode=trade&uid=1835064]Crystal Mizuka[/url][/b]. We'll confirm this, finish your order, send it, and then you have to confirm. Anyone who doesn't start a trade -will be ignored-, anyone who doesn't confirm within a week will be greylisted. Nothing within 2 weeks, and you get blacklisted. Simple hm?

[b]DO NOT SEND TRADES TO WINGED TOASTER![/b] Offenders will be greylisted for not reading any of the How To sections OR Rules!

[quote=Signature Toys Order Form][[i][/i]b]Signature Toys:[/[i][/i]b]
Which Toy(s): (By name if you please. That's the bolded title beneath the sample picture.)
Total: (Total up the price of each for easy reference to what you have to pay!)

[quote=Tarot Readings Order Form][b[i][/i]]Tarot Readings[/b[i][/i]]
Reading Type: (See the Tarot Reading section for details on each type to determine what you want.)
Public or Private: (If you would rather have your results PMed to you instead of posted publicly on the thread, now is your chance to say so. It doesn't cost you anything extra either.)
Total: (One reading at a time please, so the total should be a given.)

[color=green]To order from the Corner of Oddities, please just check the post for a form. Since it changes what it's selling regularly, it's much easier to change just that post.[/color]


These little goodies are absolutely free. Just remember to host the graphics yourself using an image hosting service like PhotoBucket whenever you decide you want to snag any of them.

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