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Order - MY LITTLE T O I T O I<3

User Image
- Blinking animation?: y + Both eyes.
- Which pose? 2
- Little base/pose-edits?nope
Toitoi: No thanks.
- Colour of blob:
- Colour of straw: white + 1 colour of your choice
- Extra items (small stuff like wings, tail, ..)? y/n + what
- yes
- Town_Wanderer
- font preference? You can choose!! Not really picky.
Any extra requests? could you make the bunny blink?

Your offer?: 150000
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@Avellini: That sounds absolutely wonderful! Yeah I mostly know the reputation of drinking
heavily on St Patrick's Day and the whole "Kiss me, I'm Irish" t-shirts and stuff.
I quite like the whole original idea behind it though, so I think it'd be cool to break my tradition
and have a limited or premade this year.

First I'm still struggling with the Valentine's limited though. It's such a specific, "narrow" holiday.
so I'm figuring out what to do next as I'd like to have it up sometime next week.

Coming to think of it, Valentine's isn't really a special day for a lot of people,
it can even be a day of bitterness for some.
Still, to me it's about love in general, not just love between lovers but also love between friends
and family, so that's why I enjoy the holiday and dedicate a LTD to it, despite all its commercialization.


@Town_Wanderer: Thank you for your order!
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.E m m e l i n e~

if you are running out of ideas for valentines day why not make a bitter one like you mentioned.
(maybe a cute little evil guy instead of a cupid)
but I also view it like you do. I see it as a lovely holiday to gave gifts to people you adore.
I always get a gift I and my fiancee can share like a video game or so on.
funny thing about the two holidays though are both about saints.
both of them are really sad days. history wise.
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Demonic Glitch


Order - MY LITTLE T O I T O I<3

User Image

- Blinking animation?: y, both eyes
- Which pose? Three
- Little base/pose-edits? n
- Colour of blob: Red (to match avi's hair)
- Colour of straw: White + red
- Extra items (small stuff like wings, tail, ..)? y, little black devil horns + little devil tail
- yes/no No
- if yes, what text/name?
- font preference?
Any extra requests? Nope!

Your offer?: 5bil

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