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Order - T O I L I <3

Toiligotchi: (=roll of paper)
- Colour: Look at pattern ref
- Pattern? <3
- Colour buttons? #231944
- Colour outside of buttons: #681D80
Toitoi: (=blob)
- Colour of blob: #C174E7
- Colour of straw: White + #F568C8
- Colours of background with clouds #3037B0/#5F66DF
- Colour of polka-dots? #5F66DF
- Colour of logo's and frame? #1D224A
- Colour(s) #231944/#681D80
- yes/no YES
- if yes, what text/name? Sora-Hime
Extra stuff? (e.g. wings added/other items - bribe me big, they take a lot of work)
- yes/no YES
- if yes, what? a little crown? and wings. ^___^

Your offer?: 50K
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Shy Cutie-Pie

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K a i i C h i i

@K a i i C h i i: What kind of wings would you like? Fairy wings, Butterfly Wings, Dragonfly wings? You name it ^o^
And do you want the wings to go on the blob or on the case?
Thank you very much for your order, you can send trade!

Okay I'm going to close for slots now because work is piling up a bit.
(Remember: bribes remain open - anyone who offers Sunset Spirit as a payment is immediately accepted)

I'll hopefully re-open in like a week or a week and a half from now. I will also try to re-open for 2 or 3 more ToiToi slots in the last week of November!
Those will be the last times that I open because I will be going on a 6-week-hiatus starting the 17th of December due to midterms.
However, the winter limited that is coming early December will remain available until January because,
once it's made, I only have to change the name and I can do that in my study-breaks since that doesn't take too much work ^o^
There will also be a Christmas-premade coming on Christmas Eve itself because I take the day off from studying on Christmas and New Year's

I will still put a big announcement about this on the first page soon though so don't worry if you missed any of the info.

.E m m e l i n e~

Angel wingsss. <3 Okay, sending trade in a bit heart
.E m m e l i n e~'s avatar

Shy Cutie-Pie

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K a i i C h i i

@K a i i C h i i: On the case (outside) or on the blob? Sorry for all the questions ; o;
Okay thank you!

.E m m e l i n e~

Ohmy I forgot to answer that question. Mybad~ On the blob please ^^
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Liberal Cultist

.E m m e l i n e~

        You did have to close~ That is a good thing tho~
        > u <
        Luckily a 9 hour shift doesn't happen too often (more often cause of how short staffed we are tho) ; u ;
        I am a night manager (and a day one sometimes too) at a Firehouse Subs (think Sunway but more a la carte and way better quality of food) in my hometown~
        Been there for about 3 years soon o u o
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.E m m e l i n e~

Does it look like that color? I guess XD I've never seen her base color as anything other than Slight Pastel Yellow XD But yes! Thankies! Trade sending!

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Man-Hungry Cat

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I simply love you. It's so freaking awesome! blaugh
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Lacey Cupcake

@Lacey Cupcake: I'm glad you like it! ^o^ How are you doing lately? Did that nasty cough go away yet?

Going to start on some orders now, I'll see where I end up~

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cori chama

He just walks about wanting to take me to see Christmas lights,
and baking a cake! XD

And watching movies and cuddling and stuff.

Silly romantic-cute things. <3

/so slow at replying
.E m m e l i n e~
Thankyou. <3

Ryanair planes always frightened me. *w*
Tiny hoppers that are so bouncy and scary!
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Shy Cutie-Pie

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@Lillypuff: Oh really? I've travelled with Ryanair plenty of times! I didn't/don't trust the more exotic flight companies.
Travelled with Onur Airlines (Turkish) this summer and my and my boyfriend really thought we were going to die at some times XD
Best travel company I've travelled with was British Airways when going to New York.
Even in economy class every passenger had their own personal tv installed in the seat before you and you could choose several movies and tv series to watch.
I felt like being in Premier or Business Class OwO

cori chama

@cori chama: your doll is coming together nicely, finally figured out how to make the hair look pretty OwO
(I swear I'm the worse at shading black). I offered it to meonji and will offer it to you: if you want to see a WIP, I will give one to you ^o^
Also, I changed the skincolour of my base to match the avi you gave me, I hope that is alright? (it's a bit darker)

cori chama's avatar

Liberal Cultist

.E m m e l i n e~

        Yay! o u o
        I bet it looks lovely~
        Nope, I want a full surprise I trust ya! > u<
        ; u ; Thank you so much! That was very nice of you to do it.

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