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Fondest greetings to you all. This seems to be...my new and improved minishop! Yay!

I just needed to make a new minishop because I wanted to sell my music as well as my avi art and "inexperienced" in the shop name just doesn't work. However if you want to see my old shop and its outposts, click on this banner.
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8/19/06: Grand opening, frequenting topic created
9/6/06: First customer!
9/9/06: Second customer!
11/7/06: I now have an announcement board.

Table of contents:
1: Post you just read
2: Avi art
3: Music
4: Discount passes
5: The lists
6: Banners
7: Announcement board
8: Extra reserved post #2

I don't pretend to be the greatest artist in the world, but I want to carry over the things from my old shop.

I can make avi art either on the computer (which is where my bad art comes from), or by hand. I usually draw in sort of a half-anime style on the computer and my own little style by hand (although VaRR is more anime-ish). Bear in mind that some poses or features are hard for me and I'll charge you for that.

Computer-drawn - 750g
Hand-drawn grayscale - 1000g
Hand-drawn computer-colored - 1500g
Hard poses or features - add 100g

I send out messages through Takinta when your art is done. I like to receive money before I give you the art because I consider it safer. Because of that, I do send watermarked copies. Just tell me if you want one. I will only send you the unwatermarked copy, though, when you pay.
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Hand-drawn grayscale
None yet sad
Hand-drawn computer-colored
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Valiance and Red Ribbons is now on display in the Art Arena!
Note: These are temporary. I'm soon going to replace them with Taki pictures.

The order form:
Specify computer-drawn, hand-drawn grayscale, or hand-drawn computer-colored
How much of your avatar you want showing
Facial expression
Any alterations you want made to your avatar (give me a pic if you can)
Any other details you want me to add
Watermarked copy? yes/no

That's right, the composer is now selling her music!

I compose with Allegro 2000 music notation. This is a fairly complex program so I would like to say that you must have at least some knowledge of music when you order it. Don't just say "I want a little piece!" No. For one thing, instrument specifications are necessary, and I can't do rock or techno or the like. I can also do live performances (you'll need it if your song has lyrics) on voice, flute, or violin. This will be costly, however, as I would need to convert the MID into a WAV, and those are big. Lyrics are also costly as I am not a good lyricist. Titles are free. I can make up one or you can give me one to work from. You must specify the length in minutes (it's easier for you). For people who have music knowledge, details like time signature and key are permitted. Oh, and I can also give out the score for those who have Allegro or Finale and email or IM that they don't mind sharing.
After your music is done, I will send you a "your music is done" message through Taki. Again, I would rather you pay before you receive it because it's safer for me. Sadly, there is no way for you to hear it before you pay because music can't be watermarked. After you pay, I'll send you a link to your song as I will have it on my music site.

Base price - 1000g
Add 10g per instrument (excluding voice or piano)
Add 20g for voice or piano
Add 50g per minute
Add 1500g for live performance
Add 500g for lyrics (by me)
Add 5g for key, time signature, or tempo specification
Add 100g for a copy of the score

My music site http://www.geocities.com/elanchana/music.html

The order form:
Length in minutes
Style (opt.)
Live performance? yes/no If yes, specify voice/violin/flute (voice is required if there are lyrics)
Lyrics? yes/no/I will post my own (post them here)
Title? yes/no/I will post my own (post it here)
Key (opt.)
Time signature (opt.)
Tempo (opt.)
Copy of score? yes/no
Any additional information
Total price (from pricing list)

You will be granted one (1) specified discount pass for doing any of the following.

Donation discounts:
Donate a store item, less than 1000g, or less than 1000 tickets: 50% OFF
Donate a rare item, an item on my wishlist, at least 1000g, or at least 1000 tickets: FREE

Signs discount: 20% off

Avi art discount: 50% off (avi art only)

Music discount: 50% off (music only)

Special favors discount: 30% off

These are for the total prices you would have paid.
If you have a free pass and you wish to spend it on an avi art, watermarks will not be necessary.

To spend a discount pass, tell me in your order form.

Avi art pendings

Music pendings

Completed avi art

Completed music

Takinta, the assistant

Apply for frequenting here.

Random bumpers
Lady Ananas
Ronin ninja gemini
Hell in your Eyes

Me and Taki, of course
Put my banner in your sig and get 75g!

Discount passes
peari, Deadly Lullaby (three passes), Dr. GOD, Monsieur Phantom (aka Gaia!Erik), Rhyala, Phantom of Hogwarts -- Free donation discount
KINKOYABLUE, toadstars, WhitnessMichelle, [The.Emo.Rainbow], Rei Nekono, Cysto, kiara_tigress, pattichan, Christine_Daae77, FallenBeauty16, BelvinKB, SRGT_Sarcasm713, The_Black_Parade9879, OpheliaSilverwing, SilentWind1993, -[Y]ukako-, Morikochan, Bushikida -- 50% donation discount
Sorry to all of you who donated but don't have your name on the list. If that happened, it's purely because I didn't remember.

None (Let's keep it that way)

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Old shop:
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Friends' shops (probably closed):
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11/7/06: An apology to the music orders. My MIDI is broken right now and I have no idea when it will be fixed. Composing takes way too long without it, so I'll get back to composing when I can. Still expecting lyrics from ILovetheAngelofMusic/-DancingThroughLife-.
Extra reserved post #2
Do you want to do the honors, Taki?

And...we're...*cuts ribbon* OPEN!!!
Good Taki. *hugs Taki*

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