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Cafe drawing is courtesy of my friend outside of Gaia.
It looks small but the inside is huge because of magic.

*You walk home after a long & hard day of work, suddenly you see a new shop. You start to wander off to the shop, you open the door and inside you see a pink, blue, and rainbow theme, with tons of delicious looking food, a fireplace, and tables and chairs and couches.*
"Welcome to Cute & Cozy Cafe.
I'm Rose, and I am the waitress & owner of this shop."
Please <3 us, but if you </3 us, just tell us why, and we'll try to make the shop better.
We accept item suggestions.

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"Here's a little island landscape for you to celebrate summer!"
(Post if you take this freebie!)

Past freebies.

Announcements, News, & Updates

Newest to oldest
❥ 7/07/2012 - TONS of new items (new softies too) and made previews for the menu.
❥ 7/04/2012 - Happy 4th of July, everyone! biggrin
❥ 7/01/2012 - New 4th of July limiteds! They will be here until August 1st, so get them now!
❥ 6/28/2012 - 'Apples On Sticks' have been added to the snack menu, categorized in 'Fruits'.
❥ 6/21/2012 - 'Slushies' have been added to the drinks menu in the frozen drinks selection.
❥ 6/20/2012 - New freebie for summer!
❥ 6/19/2012 - Added 'Muffins', Pie Slices', 'Tea' to the bakery & drinks menu.
❥ 6/06/2012 - Added 'Fruit' to the snack menu, & updated some of the menus.
❥ 6/01/2012 - Grand opening!! So excited. <3
❥ 5/17/2012 - Created shop.

We may change the rules at any time.
❥ You have to have to haaavee to send a trade to me first! I will not complete your order unless you send the trade with the correct amount! Can't stress that enough.
❥ Do not EVER steal my art, claim as your own, resell it, alter it, ect., ever. Follow ToS.
❥ Don't quote things of the first page.
❥ Do NOT advertise, unless you want to be affiliates.
❥ Respect everyone here, be polite, don't be rude to anyone.
❥ Save images to your own server & computer, and post if you take freebies!
❥ Do not rush me.
❥ Don't be so illiterate.

If you'd like anything from our shop, please fill out this form and post it in the thread, then follow these instructions...
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You send the trade with the correct total amount, I start my side of the trade, you complete your side of the trade, I private message your order, I complete my side of the trade.
Please post your order in the thread. It would be really helpful if you title the trade with the page number your order is on.

[center][color=springgreen][b][size=16]My Order Form[/size][/b][/color]
[b]❥ Username–[/b] Username here.
[b]❥ Recipient–[/b] Person you are sending it to if it's a gift, if it's not a gift just put your own username.
[b]❥ Bakery item(s)–[/b] Example, Cake #1.
[b]❥ Snack item(s)–[/b] Example, Truffle #1, Truffle #2.
[b]❥ Drink item(s)–[/b] Example, #1 Slushee.
[b]❥ Restaurant item(s)–[/b] Example, #1 Burger.
[b]❥ Random and/or gift item(s)–[/b] Example, #1 Gift Card.
[b]❥ Limited/special item(s)–[/b] You get the idea, right?
[b]❥ Tip?–[/b] Optional.
[b]❥ Total–[/b] Entire total of all the items in your order.
[/color][color=springgreen]I will now send the trade![/color]

Here's an example of an order form.

My Order Form

❥ Username– AwesomePerson15
❥ Recipient– AwesomePerson15
❥ Bakery item(s)– Single cake slice #2, Donut #2.
❥ Snack shoppe item(s)– Truffle #4, Ice cream cone #4.
❥ Tip?– 200g.
❥ Total– 1,100g.
I will now send the trade!

"We have lots and lots of goodies to choose from here, so please feel free to take a look around."
Oh and the "Cute & Cozy Cafe" watermark won't be in your order, this is just to prevent people from reselling my work.

We didn't want to stretch the pages a lot so just click the images to view the items.


The Bakery

User Image
User Image


The Snacks

User Image
User Image


The Drinks

User Image
User Image


The Restaurant

Preview not available.
User Image

The Random Shoppe & Gift Shoppe

User Image
User Image


Limiteds & Specials

No permanent post thread thingy like the others, these things come and go. Yes, there IS a watermark on them, but it will be removed in your order.
User ImageUser ImageUser Image
Fourth Of July Limiteds - Will be here until August 1st.
Candy Apple - 500g
Vanilla Cake - 1,000g
Chocolate Cake - 1,000g

Here's all the past customers.
Underline - Bought everything O_O
Bold - Returning customer
❤ - Tipped
heart - Tipped around 5k or more.
Newest to oldest

Screaming Fillies ❤
Princess Kuchiki ❤
Crowened Polar Bear heart
Tes Xll ❤


Links in

88 x 31
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[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/mini-shops/t.80085497/][IMG]http://i1227.photobucket.com/albums/ee438/Xx_Hardcore_Kitten_xX/Cute and Cozy Cafe/ShopBanner2-2.png[/IMG][/url]

200 x 40
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[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/mini-shops/t.80085497/][IMG]http://i1227.photobucket.com/albums/ee438/Xx_Hardcore_Kitten_xX/Cute and Cozy Cafe/ShopBannerWithTruffles.png[/IMG][/url]

Links out

If you wanna swap links with me please put mine up in your shop first, then post in this thread asking. Do not pm it, please.

88 x 31
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

200 x 40
User ImageUser Image

Other size dimensions:
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Reviews 'N Stuff

Happy with my shop? Give my shop Kudos at the Minishops & Resources Center! Please copy this code:
[color=green][b]I LIKE THIS SHOP![/b]
SHOP TITLE: Cute & Cozy Cafe
LINK: gaiaonline.com/forum/t.80085497
WHY I LIKE THIS SHOP: [Explain your experience. No length limit.] [/color]

and submit it to User Image
Thanks guys. <3


None yet.


I'd like to give a big thanks to Ducky's Cafe, for the layout/theme idea! Thanks!

Open! <3 :3

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