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What should the artist work on next?

Wings 0.43195266272189 43.2% [ 73 ]
Wraps (scarves) 0.029585798816568 3.0% [ 5 ]
Tails 0.029585798816568 3.0% [ 5 ]
Halos 0.053254437869822 5.3% [ 9 ]
Horns/head stuff 0.029585798816568 3.0% [ 5 ]
Pets 0.20118343195266 20.1% [ 34 ]
Base items 0.059171597633136 5.9% [ 10 ]
Items 0.12426035502959 12.4% [ 21 ]
Egg Colors 0.041420118343195 4.1% [ 7 ]
Total Votes:[ 169 ]
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Closed. Go to the new shop at

New Penny Eggs Art Shop!
Egg Colors

If you do not see a color you like, then just request a new color. Do not request multiple colors (rainbow) or patterns. It DOES NOT cost anything to request a new color. I do not draw faces on eggs!

Light Green:Only shade of light green Green: Only shade of green. Mid Green: Only shade of mid green Dark Green: Only shade of dark green.
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

Light Blue: This is the only shade of light blue. Mid Blue: This is the only shade of mid blue.Blue:This is the only shade of blue. Dark BlueThis is the only shade of dark blue.
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

Light Purple: this will be the only shade of light purple. xPurple: This will be the only shade of purple. Do not request a different shade of purple.
User ImageUser Image

Red: If you do not like this shade of red, just request lighter or darker. Dark Red This is the only shade of dark red. Red Orange: This will be the only shade of red orange. Do not request a different shade of red orange.
User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Maroon: This will be the only shade of maroon. Do not request a different shade of maroon.
User Image

Light Orange: This will be the only shade of light orange. Mid Orange: This will be the only shade of mid orange. Orange: If you do not like this shade of orange, just request lighter or darker.
User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Dark Gray: This will be the only shade of Dark Gray. Mid Gray: This will be the only shade for Mid GrayLight Gray: This will be the only shade for Light Gray.
User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Light Yellow:this is the only shade of light yellow. Mid Yellow: only shade of mid yellow Yellow: only shade of yellow Dark Yellow: Only shade of dark yellow
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

Light Pink: This is the only shade of light pink Mid Pink: This is the only shade of Mid Pink Dark Pink:This is the only shade of Dark Pink
User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Rainbow Egg: this is the only rainbow egg. Ever. Black Egg: This will be the only black ever. White Egg:Only White egg ever.
User ImageUser ImageUser Image

I repeat: If you do not see a color you like, just request the new color. I will gladly color a new egg. It DOES NOT cost anything to request a new color

When you order an egg, you get 1 accessory free. Any extra accessories you want to put on your egg with cost 1 gold each. If you do not see an accessory you want, then just request a new oneYOU CAN ONLY REQUEST GAIA ITEMS. I do not recolor Gaia Items. If I can not make it, I will tell you and offer you an alternate accessory. What you see is just what I've had time to make so far. Items are broken in 8 groups. Wings: well….they’re wings. Wraps: Typically scarves or items that wrap around the egg. Tails: tails… Halos: yup, gotta have them. Horn/head: these are items that sit on top of the egg. Pets: The pets of gaia. Base: these items sit at the base of the egg. Items: These items don’t typically fit into any of the other categories.

Some items can be altered slightly so as to have different locations on the egg. Follow these acronyms to see what can and can't be altered.

CBA = Can Be altered
VM = Very minor altering
NA = No altering.


Mini Nitemare Wings (CBA):xxxxxxxMini Angel Wings (CBA):xxxxxxxxxxFairy Wings (NA):xxxxxxxxxxx Gothic Butterfly Wings(NA):
User Image xxUser Image xxxxxxUser Image xxxxxxUser Image

Lovebird Wings (VM):xxxxxCheery Blossom Petal Wings (VM):xxxxxxxxxxBonsai Wings (VM):xxxxxxxxRadio Jack Wings (VM):
User ImagexxxxxxxxUser ImagexxxxUser ImagexxxxxUser Image

Classilke Pennys Wings (NA):xxxxxxxxxxxBiancamella Candy Wings (NA):xxxxxxxRock hard Skull Wings (CBA):xxxxxxCardboard Back Wings (NA):
User ImagexxxxxxxxxxxxUser ImagexxxxxxxUser ImagexxxxxxxUser Image

Kottan Bell Wings (NA):
User Image


Nitemare Sash (NA):xxxxxxx Chyaku Norisu Scarf (NA):xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Dog Tags(NA):xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Black Ops Gear (Stealthy Combo) (NA)
User Image User Imagexxxxx User Imagexxxxx User Image

Celestial Wrap Scarf (NA):xxxxxxxxxxxxPixie Dust Scarf (NA):xxxxxxxxWensleydale Prep Uniform Scarf (NA):xxxxxSinister Scarf Revealed (NA):
User Imagexxxxxxxx User ImagexxxxUser ImagexxxxxxxxxUser Image

lyndexers Journal worn goggles (NA):
User Image


Devil Tail (VM):xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Pink Cat Tail(VM):xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Year of the Rooster Tail(VM):xxxxxxxxxxxOh My Gumball Tail (VM):
User Imagexxxxxxxxxx User Imagexxxxxxxxx User ImagexxxxxxUser Image


Dark Halo (CBA):xxxxxxxxxx Angelic Halo: (NA)xxxxxxxx Cloud Halo (CBA):xxxxxxxx Angelic Lace halo (VM):
User Imagexxxxxxxxxx User Imagexxxxxxxxxx User Imagexxxxxxxxxx User Image

Mythril Halo (NA)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxPhoenix Halo (NA):xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSpirit halo (VM):
User ImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUser ImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUser Image


Horns of the Demon Black(CBA):xxxx Horns of the Demon Red (CBA):xxxxx Pink Cat Ears: (NA)xxxxxxx Birthday Crown(VM):
User Imagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx User Imagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx User Imagexxxxxxxxxx User Image

Golden Yellow Ribbon (CBA):xxxxxxxxxJack'd Hat (NA):xxxxxxxxJack's 2k7 Headphones (NA):xxxxxxxxxxAlruna's Horns (VM):
User ImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUser ImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUser ImagexxxxxxxxxxxUser Image

Horns of Kudu (VM):xxxxxxxxxxSims Plumbob (CBA):xxxxxxxxxxSacred Leaf (VM):xxxxxxxxxxxxxColonial Hat (VM):
User ImagexxxxxxxxxxxUser ImagexxxxxxxxxxxxUser ImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUser Image

Doll ears (VM): xxxxxxxxxxxxxxGung Xi Hat (NA):xxxxxxxxxxxxxSatin Hairbow Black (NA):xxxxxxxxxxxxxxFancy Pink Ribbon (CBA):
User ImagexxxxxxxxxxUser ImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUser ImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUser Image

Spirited 2k6 Hat (NA):
User Image
Accessories Continued


Coco Kitty Plushie (NA):xxxxxxxx Kiki Kitty Plushie: (NA)xxxxxxx Cecil (CBA):xxxxxxxxx Gwee Plushie (NA):
User Imagexxxxxxxxx User Imagexxxxxxxxxx User Imagexxxxxxxxx User Image

Rubber Rooster (CBA):xxxxxxxxx Alruna's Rose Reborn (NA):xxxxxxx Baby Seal Slippers (NA):xxxxxxxx Watermeat (VM):
User Imagexxxxxxxxxxx User Imagexxxxxxxx User Imagexxxxxxxxx User Image

Fuseling (CBA):xxxxxxxxxxx Secret Butterflies (CBA):xxxxxxx Momo the Monkey (VM):xxxxxxxGogh Reed Blue Fish (CBA):
User Imagexxxxxxxx User Imagexxxxxx User Imagexxxxxxx User Image

Fallen Wish Radiant (VM):xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCoocoon Indrid Imago (CBA):
User ImagexxxxxxxxxUser Image


Cloud (VM):xxxxxxxxxxx White Chicken Eggs(NA):xxxxxxxxx Birthday Cupcake (NA):xxxxxxxxx Phalaenopsis Bouquet (NA):
User Imagexxxxx User Imagexxxxxxxx User Imagexxxxxxxx User Image

Carol of 'Ol Nick Ominous Cloud (NA):xxxxVoracious fog (NA):xxxxxxxxxWinter Rose Base (NA)
User ImagexxxxxUser ImagexxxxxxUser Image


Long-Stem Red Rose: (CBA)xxxxxxxx Vampire Bite (VM)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The Gift (CBA):xxxxxxx Gothic Butterfly Mask(VM):
User Imagexxxx User Imagexxxx User Imagexxxxxxxx User Image

Water Trident (CBA):xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAncient Katana (VM):xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDarkstar (NA):xxxxxxxxxxLong Stem Yellow Rose (CBA):
User ImagexxxxxUser ImagexxxxxxUser ImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUser Image

Aquarium Cute Blue Star Sticker (CBA):xxxxAquarium Cute Pink star Sticker (CBA):xxxxAquarium Genki Cloud sticker (CBA):xxxxAquarium Rainbow Sticker (CBA):
User ImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUser ImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUser ImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUser Image

Aquarium SD Lanzer Sticker (CBA):xxxxLong Stem Pink Rose (CBA):xxxxxxxxxSeracila Pendant Dumuzi (CBA):xxxxxxxxxxxToadstool (CBA):
User ImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUser ImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxUser ImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUser Image

Juicy Watermelon (CBA):xxxxxxxxxxSpirited Candy Cane (VM):
User ImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUser Image

Special items:
(these items really have nothing to do with Gaia)

Nest: This is an alternative nest to the small one already attached to the egg. If you want this instead of the small nest, then you can either have it as your free accessory, or as an extra accessory.
User Image

Rooster Beak: Yes there is a rooster mask here on gaia, but I couldn't fit it on the egg. So I made an alternative beak!
User Image

Confetti: things falling all over your avi has been done, but I couldn't really find much to do with colorful confetti. So here's a colorful confetti confection for your enjoyment.
User Image

SIN and BOO Headphones: Ok, so for the event I had stickers you could put onto your egg. Now, after the event, I've made special SIN and BOO headphones.
User ImageUser Image

Again when you order or egg, you can choose 1 accessory for free. Then any extra accessories cost 1 gold each. If you do not see an accessory you would like, then just request it and I will make it. If I can not make it, I will tell you so and you can choose another accessory. What you see is just what I've had time to make so far.
Event Eggs, Freebies!, and Contests (oh my!)

Ok, so here's how event eggs work. Event eggs posted here are free as they are. If you want to add accessories, then it's 1 gold per accessory. Please don't complain. Event eggs are usually holiday oriented. I will make 1 event egg for each major holiday (in the United states). It is best to save the eggs to your computer and then upload. Event eggs will be kept in my photobucket for 1 year after posting.

Here's how Freebies work. Freebies are anything that I've thrown together and don't think I could really sell. Sometimes it'll be an egg that is just too cute to sell, sometimes it'll be a piece of artwork made as a thank you for donating/shopping. Freebies are either randomly made or are eggs made after a certain goal is reached.

Event eggs:
For the Great month of December, we have Christmas lights!
User Image

Freebie eggs:
User Image
The second freebie egg with be made after I have 100 customers! (not including repeated customers)

Again, eggs posted in this post are free as is. If you want to accessorize them, they will cost 1 gold per accessory.

The first person to page 10 gets a drawing of their avi holding their Penny egg! Drawn by me. For examples of my art go Here

Second person on page 10 gets a free Penny egg with as many accessories as you want.

1] Dragon Born
2] Your_Destiny_Awaits
The Great Lists Post

This is the post where I will keep all the important lists.


Waiting on Trade Orders:
1] Dream to be (waiting on trade)
2] gRuX (waiting on trade)
3] _stephen_5545 (waiting on trade)
4] Lil Miss Lapine

Completed Orders: This does not include repeat customers
1] Dragon Born
2] Cyranuce
3] iRuth
4] kittykats-rock99
5] chas999
6] CompletelyVague
7] Shanra the Dragon Bard
8] UnknownMistress23
9] -DIN0 D0RK-
10] Saber Pendragon
11] General Reznov
12] purrrplekitty
13] iPeridot
14] LosT BunniZ
15] DarkShadowSlayerOfDoom
16] Rose_spells
17] Captain James Cook
18] x__BaBiiRawR__x
19] Benjaminthedragonbeast
20] desertgirldani
21] Your_Destiny_Awatits
22] Jul the Pantheress
23] xXMCLHubbyXx (2)
24] catgurl009
25] Naughty Kitten 13
26] xXx Auschicka Forever xXx
27] rainaria
28] singsongs
29] Invisablle
30] ninjamusicprincess
31] XxThe Piano MasterxX
32] OMG Mark
34] Scribbleknight64
35] Goddess of Manga
36] arat269
37] XxSkELiAnImAlXx
38] x-LidoFreeze
39] My 13 Sins
40]~ LitoBunneh ~
41] rainygoble
42] g180
43] ShirouEn
44] PyroKoneko
45] totally_confuzzled_me
46] snow_fire
47] Rising the Dead
48] Sweetviolenturge
49] shiekisagirl
50] GgrunnyG
51] Chayiria
52] Raven_Demon_lover
53] domos123
54] ninja numbskulls
55] lX_Alan_Xl
56] lildarklili
57] shun_nee
58] razorback21143
59] Crisscrossfox
60] xXxsparklefairyxXx
61] Sharpie Overlord
62] kira_deathreaper
63] JoyRose
64] hermine285
65] Muffin Chops
66] wedsneday
67] kittyjoy_rosa
68] Clo - The Water Baby
69] Aero_Tempest
70] thedarkelvesoftheabyss

I will take up to 10 orders at one time. If you see the list is full, then please wait until there is an open spot.
Finished egg examples:
User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Want to see more? Go HERE

Lost your Egg? Go HERE

White List:
1] Dragon Born (for being the very first costumer )
2] CompletelyVague (for asking a great question and the very generous tip)
3] Shanra the Dragon Bard (For being super awesome!)
4] Naughty Kitten 13 (for the wonderful gift art!)
5] Hunter Kaskura (for making a great banner)

All the great people that have done wonderful things for this shop whether it's bumping, chatting, buying, or just being a friend!

Black List:

All the people that break the rules of this shop or of gaia. Anyone in this list is banned for 1 month from this shop.

So this is where all banners and affiliates will be placed. I would prefer people to direct link to the shop through any eggs you buy, but I can't expect you to do so. If you want to make a banner for the shop, then that would be great and would instantly put you on the white list! if you want to direct link, just insert your egg's img into the url code posted below.


User Image

[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/t.54903895_1/][IMG]http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a152/Ethril_Dragon/Stuff for sites/Egg shop/banner1.gif[/IMG][/url]

Made By Hunter Kaskura
User Image

User Image
[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/t.54903895_1/][IMG]http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a152/Ethril_Dragon/Stuff for sites/Egg shop/banner.gif[/IMG][/url]


The Phoenix Charity Auction
User Image

Gwees, Gwees and more Gwees!
User Image

The Pink Bunny Slipper Club of Gaia
User Image

Fashion G-mergancy

User Image

Kitten's Antiques
User Image

La Patisserie
User Image

Ye Olde Shoppe of Just About Everything
User Image

The Gaian Saver
User Image

Writers Guild of Gaia
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Fuzzie Graphics
User Image
Personal Quest and Donation List

So as some people know, I have an incredible quest. One that will never end, but will always be worked on. My quest is to own at least one of everything red on gaia. Sometimes people will give me small items that are red that I already have. That's fine! I can sell those items and put the gold towards buying an expensive red item.

This quest started about a month after I started gaia. I was looking at all these quests people had and I thought "What's something I can quest for?" well I couldn't decide. One thing I noticed about all the items I was wanted was that all of them were red. Well then I decided I was going to just make it easy on myself and just say "Questing all red item". At least this way I'll never stop playing on Gaia. I'm to stubborn to give up a quest I made for myself.

User Image
I had permission to use the image to make this quest animation.

Now for the list of Donators: Gold and items are both accepted.
1] Shanra the Dragon Bard

List of Past Donators: I feel the need to list these wonderful people for giving me items in the past.
1] Shanra the Dragon Bard
2] Protector of Dragons
3] Lord_McIrvin

Gift Art:

From Naughty Kitten 13:
User Image
Open! we're open we're open!!!!!!
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Name: Dragon Born
Egg color: Blue
First free accessory: Mini nightmare wings
Extra accessory(s): Dark Halo
Special caption: The Inner Chara
Total price: 2 + 5 + 100 tip = 107
Dragon Born, your order has been completed. Please complete the trade. Thank you for purchasing the very first Penny egg!
Name: Cyranuce
Egg color: Blue
First free accessory: Cloud Halo
Extra accessory(s): Cecil, Cloud, Faerie Wings
Special caption: None
Total price: 4 (Plus a Tip!)
Name: Cyranuce
Egg color: Blue
First free accessory: Cloud Halo
Extra accessory(s): Cecil, Cloud, Faerie Wings
Special caption: None
Total price: 4 (Plus a Tip!)

Cyranuce your egg has been completed. Please complete the trade and I will send you your egg.

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