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BabyDucklingLove's avatar

Mewling Kitten

Took the freebie <3
; u ; you all are so lovely~
*waits anxiously for any buried trades to randomly pop-up*

if any of you still haven't received orders, you could let me know if you wanted~ otherwise I'm going to wait for the rest of the trades to appear out of thin air cause gaia does this weird crap...
Happy - - Dream x's avatar

Magical Fatcat

12,400 Points
  • Magical Girl 50
  • Friendly 100
  • Battle: Mage 100
Freebie is on the front page now XD
cori chama's avatar

Liberal Cultist

        bump before work

Took the freebie, thanks! ♥

    taking the new freebie, thank you ♥♥
Kiwi Hatake's avatar

Beloved Regular

Snagged freebie~
Sachie Whitby's avatar

Benevolent Vampire

15,450 Points
  • Team Edward 100
  • Object of Affection 150
  • Alchemy Level 5 100
I've taken the new freebie; thank you!
rredsheep's avatar

Dapper Explorer

I'm excited to see the new stuff! (;
Splika's avatar

Shy Fatcat

Ahh, your shop is adorable! It's a shame I didn't find it sooner. ;-;.
I took your freebie~
Naeyru's avatar

In a relationship with the Barbell

Questionable Genius

took freeb, thanks ^^
BunilIa's avatar

IRL Noob

Thank you so much for my order <3
also took freebie >u<

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