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Welcome to Charity Pets, a pet store where 50% (that's right, 50 percent!) of all profits go to charities! So stop by and buy a pet!

Proud to have been helping charities by selling pets since July 2005! ^_^v

Remember, getting a cute pet benefits charities. And don't forget to check back every now and then; new pets will be added at least once a month. ^_^

Here to earn gold? Check post seven for the multitude of ways you can help out this store, and get some gold!

10/7/07 ~ NOW IN SEMI-HIATUS STATE! What does that mean?
1) If you order pets, it may take a fairly long time until you get them
2) Pets, while still benefiting charities, may not help out the ones they are listed under.

We'll be in this semi-hiatus state while I slowly revamp the workings of this store to make it easier for me, and more helpful for all the charities.

Currently, only three of my original charities seem to be around. Of those, only two seem to be active. Those two charities (Reaching for the Stars! and The Ninja Emoticon Charity) will currently be the only ones that funds will help out until I get around to adding more charities. Because of this change, I have some funds, in trust, that other charities that are on hiatus can claim once they're back on their feet (but I will not actively collect gold for them). They are:
Giving Branch/Tree: 1700g + 950g (in bank trades).
Oneia's Charity: 1150g
Blue Cheshire: 1200g


5/25/2007 ~ Let's here it for Teleute Eirene, who just made her 1000th bump here! Cheers!
4/2/2007 ~ Yup, I'm still hanging in here, due to a good part by the wonderful bumpers. Note: If a charity ceases to exist (I have two), their pet profits will now be slpit amongst the others, from this day forward. This summer, I plan a major overhaul of the store, I hope. Until then, keep buying?
1/29/2007 ~ Kou is the first to post on page 500! Huzzah!
10/8/06 ~ What's that? An update? I'm not dead!? Yes to all of the above! You'll find the new pets are fish, Pufferfish and Beta Fish, both created by one of our Artists, Pandali! She's been dying to have me put them up, so buy buy buy! Support them charities!
7/10/06 ~ Happy Birthday to me! Yup. The 10th is my birthday. Thought you should know. Also, the store is now a year old, as of the 8th. Yey store!
7/4/06 ~ Happy 4th! A new Charity has been added, Reaching for the Stars, which replaced a closed charity and is Charity of the Month. Stars and Stripes forever, eh?

6/19/06 ~ Page 400 has been reached! Good ol' Kou discussed his way right onto it, while I didn't show up again until 403 or so. ^^;;;
3/14/06 ~ Page 300 has been reached! Versipellis bumped right through the first few posts before I showed up. Hehe.
2/12/06 ~ New Limited pets are added- Striped Kitties. You know you want the cuteness. Also, in hopes of increasing business, I've started a rewards program for bumpers. Check it out; the rules are in post 7.
1/6/06 ~ Happy New Year! And Merry Christmas, and Happy <insert holiday here>! I've done some major updating; hopefully I can stay on top of things better this year. A new Universal Master... erm... Artist has been added to the ranks- please welcome Pandali and her cool looking seahorses. And oh, there are many of more of them coming. Also, a new charity has been added- Oneia's Simple Charity. You should check it out. Also, a rainbow bird and Christmas Seahorses are now in the special pet post- check them out, before they disappear! Phew, that's a lot of stuff that happened. Just wait till I add even more pets! Muhahaha! Also as a reminder to Charities/Artists... no donations/payments will be sent out until the end of January. You can still buy pets, though. ^_^
11/11/05 ~ I never did get around to slyly adding pets; school got in the way. So until this semester ends, my pet updates will be much more random. Speaking of pet updates, sp1ffy has now upgraded her rank from beloved customer to Master of the Uni- I mean, Charity Artist Helper. She has created our new pet, called Slimes. Very cute. Please congratulate her. ^_^
10/1/05 ~ New pets today, and a new Charity! Black Dreams Charity has been added, along with Ghosts as pets. However, I only had the chance to finish one... So during the day, I'll be slyly adding new pets. Come back tomorrow to find them all. ^-^;;
9/8/05 ~ 100 pages reached! ChocoHearts got it the first post. I think I was napping at the time... >.>
9/1/05 ~ New pets are here, as well as a new artist! Please welcome Alatariel Inglorion to the esteemed ranks of Charity Artist Helpers. Or whatever you'd like to call us. I'm thinking Masters of the Universe sounds nice... Anyway, we now have Equings, and several limited pets. Including a rainbow kitty, and special edition Snagons.
8/22/05 ~ I'm preparing for the new pets to be released on the first, and trying to figure out how to balance sales, as most have been from kitties. I also would like suggestions on how to make ordering easier, as some people don't get it. And how to make the colors and other descriptions better, as people don't read or understand 'rainbow assortment' either. Aheh. ^^;;
8/1/05 ~ New pets have been added! Turtles, blobs, and Snail Dragons are now available. A new Charity (A Charity for Other Charities) has also been added. ^_^
7/8/05 ~ Grand Opening! Hooray!

Table of Contents
1st post- Title, short explaination, updates, table of contents
2nd post- Rules, Ordering Info
3rd post- Charity of the Month, Permenant Pets for Charities
4th post- More Permenant Pets
5th post- Special Pets
6th post- Reserved
7th post- Special Events
8th post- How to Submit... Charity/Pets for Charities
9th post- FAQ
10th post- Affiliates/Banners
11th post- Customers
12th post- Helpful People
13th post- Ramblings of Panpear, the Zombie Ninja Pirate
14th -15th posts- Reserved
User Image

1) Respect the creators of the images! Do this by...

arrow Not stealing images (in fact, never steal ANY image ever. Artists work hard on their product, and don't like it when others take it with out their knowing, or worse- claim it as their own!)
arrow Not removing their name from the image
arrow Not altering the image unless you get permission by the artist
arrow Only using the image on gaia, unless given permission by the artist otherwise
arrow Giving credit to the artist when due
arrow Not letting others take your images (on purpose, even if the ask)! If someone does ask for it, just direct them to this store. If you see someone who you think didn't buy it, direct me to them, so I can check it out. Messa no likey art thieves.

2) Be patient! Orders may take awhile to fill, as I am not on gaia all the time.
3) Host your own images (you'll be reminded to, but you should always host your own images anyway. Photobucket is an excellent place to do that)
4) Be nice!
5) Follow the ordering rules when ordering!

Speaking of ordering rules...

User Image

1) POST your order with the following order form in the thread. This allows for multiple pets ordered at once. Order as many as you'd like! ^_^
[u][b]My Order[/b][/u]
- (color or type) item name: price
- (color or type) item name: price
- etc, etc

PM'd orders will be ignored.

Here's an example of what a completed order form would look like:
Order Form
My Order
- Green/Yellow Bird: 120g
- Winter Tree: 120g
- Green sign, Panda (Peach): 100g
Total: 340g

2) START a trade with me. Please have the page number your order is on, and something that indicates that the trade is for this store. Your order will not be started until I recieve a trade. DO NOT CANCEL THE TRADE. I may take a day or two, but I will get an order done if you have sent me a trade. Don't cancel it because I take 'too long,' or you want the gold for something else.

3) WAIT for me to complete your order. When I do, I'll confirm your trade, and send you the images. You then complete the trade, and we will all be happy. If I do not recieve payment within a resonable time of you getting your images, there will be... consequences.

4) HOST your own images. It's a good thing.

5) REJOICE that you now have a cute pet AND have benefitted a charity 3nodding
User Image

This month's charity is... User Image

This Charity/Quest is run by AstronomyGirl, who is (notionally) questing for a panda hat, a good thing in my book. Not only that, but she runs a charity on the side, and it needs some loving.

All profits made from selling the Charity Animal will go to the Charity of the Month.

Currently, our we have two Charity Animals for sale. Both are pandas, of the happy and moody varities. This panda here is named Pear, based roughly off of the apperance and personality of my stuffled animal panda, also named Pear (who is what I based my s/n off of. And now you know~) This panda is Pear's cousin, Peach. She's much happier. XD

User Image User Image

The signs come in the blue, green, or peach colors. Each Panda costs 100g. For an extra 20g, the sign can read something of your choosing (but it must be short!)

User Image

All pets in this section are unlimited pets. They are organized by charity, so all the pets under a certain charity name will benefit that charity.

If another artist has made a pet, it will be clearly noted who did it, and where you can find more of their works (if applicable). That artist will recieve the other 50%.

The Giving Tree
This charity, run mainly by Alarichan, helps questors by questing with them to raise the gold. They take ten applicants at once, and then work their way through the list. These are the pets being sold for them...

For a lack of a better name, these creatures are called animals. Cute, eh? They come in brown, tan, black, white, gray, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple. They cost 80g.

User Image

Giving Tree
Yes that's right; the Giving Tree has a Giving Tree to sell. It comes in the Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring variaties. Sooner or later, I'll have a nice gif animation of them. The actual sample is the Spring version. They cost 120g each.

User Image

That's right everybody- the turtles that were winning the poll votes are now in! Their bodies come in three colors- green, blue, or purple. They can also have green, blue, or purple shells. Please order by indicating body color, then shell color (Ex. "I'd like a green/purple turtle," "A blue/blue turtle please" wink . I find that the matching shell and body color look the best, in my opinion. Turtles are 100g each.

User Image
User Image User Image

The Giving Branch
Yes, this is the Sister Charity to the Giving Tree. Run mostly by Versipellis, this charity has the same premise as The Giving Tree; help questors by questing with them. Here are the pets selling here...

Such an imaginative name, I assure you! These birds come in rainbow assortment, with the design in the color that's 'next' to the main color on either side. When ordering, please indicate what color design you want with a slash. Ex. Yellow/Green Bird -> Means a Yellow bird with green design. Here is a list of bird types you may order: Red/Purple, Red/Orange, Orange/Red, Orange/Yellow, Yellow/Orange, Yellow/Green, Green/Yellow, Green/Blue, Blue/Green, Blue/Purple, Purple/Red, Purple/Blue. I find ones with the 'lighter' design color look best in most cases. Below is an image of all the birds, with the intials of what 'color' they are on them. They cost 120g each.

User Image User Image

Perched Birds
These are different from just birds, so make sure to indicate that while ordering! They come in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple. (Boy, that was easy to say). They cost 100g each.

User Image

Equings, as in unicorns with wings, are drawn by Alatariel Inglorion, and for that you should sing her praises. Beautiful, aren't they? And not only that, they are based off of elements. There are Ice, Light, Wind, Water, Fire, Darkness, Fire, and Earth Equings, shown in that order (left to right) in the sample picture below. Equings cost 100g each.

User Image

You can also purchase custom Equings from Alatariel, see details in the Special Pets post.

Oneia's Simple Charity
A charming lady named Oneia runs this simple charity, tailoring to those who need a little gold for a quest and don't want to jump through billions of hoops to get it. It's nice, it's simple, and it deserves your support. ^_^

These Seahorses, drawn by Pandali, are absolutely adorable! Our world could always do with more fish, especially ones as cute as these. Everyone should own a fish pet- it would be absolutely horrible if you didn't! These Seahorses come in Red, Yellow, Green, Sea Green, Purple, and Pink, as seen in the image below. They cost 80g.

User Image

Pufferfish (or Blowfish) are large puffy spikey balls of love! <3 They're drawn by the most awesome Pandali! These puffballs come in Red, Green, Purple, Blue, or Gray, as seen below. They cost 80g.

User Image

Beta Fish
Beta fish are also drawn by Pandali, and are also really cool looking. Fill up your fish collection with these Beta fish, which come in Dark Red, Teal, Blue, Purple, or Black, as seen below. They too cost 80g.

User Image
User Image

All pets in this section are unlimited pets. They are organized by charity, so all the pets under a certain charity name will benefit that charity.

If another artist has made a pet, it will be clearly noted who did it, and where you can find more of their works (if applicable). That artist will recieve the other 50%.

The Ninja Emoticon Charity
This Charity, run by TheSecretNinjaNitsua (partly by Versipellis too, and a slew of wonderful helpers), asks requests to be filled out a specific way. If all the rules are followed, 500g is dished out and everyone is happy. Here is the pet...

Ninja Blob
Everyone needs blobs, and everyone really needs ninja blobs. Currently it comes in standard yellow, dark pink (it's really embarassed), green (it got sick), and three 'real' skin tones (brown, light brown, and pinkish). They cost 60g.

User Image User Image User Image

And here are those blobs everyone needs. ^_^ These come in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple- but wait! There's more! You can also order these babies with black background, which give a very neat affect. All or these blobs cost 50g. Please indicate if you want a black background or not.

User Image User Image

Mounds (of Blobs)
What's that? You want more blobs? Then I have the thing for you: Mounds! Yes, you can now order a mound of smiling blobs. You can order the Red-Orange-Yellow stripe mound (ROY), the Green-Blue-Purple striped mound (GBP), and various multicolored mounds. There's the actually multicolor mound, and then the red, orange (well, it looks more brown), yellow, green, blue, and purple mounds, seen below. Mounds cost 80g.

User Image User Image User Image

Here to complete your blob collection are slimes, made by sp1ffy! The come with Silly, Crazy, and Grumpy faces, with colors of Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Pink. Please specify both when you order. Slimes cost 50g each.

User Image

The Blue Cheshire-Moon Charity
Created by .Beauty.Kween., now run by a whole slew of wonderful people, this charity donates to questors and newbies alike who are worthy of donations (and follow the rules). Here is the pet...

What kind of pet store would this be if it didn't have kitties!? These wonderful creatures come in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, dark blue, gray, calico, cream, brown, black, or dust (a light, washed out brown color). Below you'll find the blue, dark blue, brown, black, and calico varities. Kitties cost 80g each.

User Image User Image
User Image User Image User Image

A Charity To Help Other Charities
This Charity, run by one Master Twibble, helps, that's right- other charities. She saves gold, and then donates it to deserving Charities who need help. Just think- by buying one of these pets, you're not helping just one charity, but two! Speaking of pets...

Snail Dragons
These creatures are formally known as Snail Dragons, obviously because of... um... their wings, horns, and snail shell, though they have been called Snagons before. Currently, they only come in the four samples shown below. Please order them by neck color: Yellow, Orange, Pink, and Bright Yellow (they're in that order). They cost 80g each. So don't be draggin', grab a Snagon!

User Image User Image
User Image User Image

Reaching for the Stars!
This Charity/Quest is run by AstronomyGirl, who is (notionally) questing for a panda hat, a good thing in my book. Not only that, but she runs a charity on the side, and it needs some loving. This is temporarily located here until sutable pets can be found for the charity, besides ghosts. sweatdrop

The Ghost Angelique
Her tale is a sad one, too depressing to tell here. Poor Angelique is forced to walk the earth as a ghost, the forlorn breezes tugging at her dress... She currently can be purchaced pure white, or with light hair, dark hair, and finally, glowing (that's the inversed one). She costs 100g.

User Image

Aww, aren't these sheet ghosts cute? Wait, you say you can't see them? Oh. That's because I haven't made them yet... sweatdrop Hold on, I'll be right back... >.>
User Image

Want something limited? Want something special? This is where you get those! Certain pets will have their conditions explained, and for which charity 50% of the earnings will go.

Custom Equings
Here is where you can order custom equings, made by Alatariel Inglorion, such as the one below (but not that one exactly. It was made for one of Miss Inglorion's friends). When ordering a custome equing, please use the order form below. Alatariel Inglorion will see to making it and setting the price, as that will vary depending on complications.

Note: You can also have the size reduced, if you wish.

The Artist who makes and colors the Equings has not logged on in a few months. You can still order custom equings, but it might take awhile before your order is fufilled.

[u][i]Equings Orderform[/i][/u][size=10]

[b]Owner: [/b](Use if equing is a gift)
[b]Color of mane: [/b]
[b]Color of tail: [/b]
[b]Color of eyes: [/b]
[b]Color of hooves: [/b]
[b]Wing colors: [/b] (Top half color / bottom half color)
[b]Horn color: [/b]
[b]Extras: [/b] (Want any extra details added?)

User Image
Another Sample

(just in case)
User Image

That's right! Special Events will be held here.

PLEASE read carefully over the rules for all contests/events. In fact, read over the entire description carefully. This way there won't be any disputes later.

Rewarded Bumping

What is Rewarded Bumping? Well, after bupming a certain number of times, you get gold or art! There is no competition; all participants get gold! The only person you're competing with is yourself. ^_^

Here's how the rewards go:
For every 100 bumps, you get 200 gold.
For every 500 bumps, you get either 400 gold, OR Avatar art, a headshot of your avatar.

Here is a sample of my avatar art- you would get something of about this level of work, probably slightly better.
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v129/SenshiVulpix/Random Pictures/sindeira.jpg

Note that you don't need to restart your bump count- it's better if you don't.

Now, here are the rules you must follow in order to recieve gold.

arrow Tell me in the thread that you are going to be in the bumping contest.
arrow Number all bumps. Note: You can still have conversations you'd like. In fact, I encourage them. Just make sure the number is somewhere in your post.
arrow --->Link Charity Pets in your signature.<---- You will not get anything if you do not do this. URLs don't take up character space in your signature, so it should fit. There are multiple smaller banners you can use in the banner section, but linking an existing picture in your signature, or have a text link to the charity would also work.

And those are all the rules. Below are some addition guildlines and notes about this contest that you should be aware of.
arrow This forum does not move very fast, so bumps really only have to be every 5 minutes.
arrow I reserve the right to change the amount of gold rewarded whenever I choose. However, negative changes only affect current bumpers after they reach a new set of 100. i.e. If you were at 60 bumps when I lowered the gold amount, you would still recieve the old gold amount once reaching 100. After that, the new prizes woudl apply to you. The change stays the same if the prize amounts increase in value.
arrow If you haven't bumped for a long time (3 months or longer), I reserve the right to remove your count from the list. If you want to continue then, you'd have to start over.

I will be checking to make sure you follow the rules- I'm always watching... ninja

If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask. ^_^

List of Rewarded Bumpers
Versipellis - 683
Alarichan - 14
[Kou-T] - 619 (base 16?)
jiggerjank - 100
KakashiNOkokoro - 47
bloodXalchemist - 21
Teleute Eirene - 152
User Image

Want to get involved? Here's how!

If you want to suggest a charity for Charity of the Month...
Post in the thread, with "Charity of the Month Suggestion" in bold somewhere,
so I'll notice it. Introduce the Charity, explain what it's about, why it is a good canidate, and give me a link to it. I'll be sure to check it out, and even if it doesn't become charity of the month, I'll remember it for later.

If you want to suggest a charity for a Permanent/Special Pet...
Post in the thread, with "Permenant/Special Pet Charity Suggestion" in bold
somewhere, so I'll notice it. Introduce the Charity, explain what it's about, why it is a good canidate, and give me a link to it. I'll be sure to check it out. If it looks good, I'll PM you, and we can discuss stuff such as whether you need a pet made, pricing, who I send stuff to, etc. Note: You should have already mentioned this store to the charity owner somewhat, so they will know what I'm talking about. I will also refer to you in conversation with them.

If you are a charity, and wish to have a Permanent/Special Pet...
Follow the instructions above for an individual's suggestion, and I'll PM you after
checking out your charity. Then we can work out the details. Note that I will request you put all donations from the shop under <shop name>, and link to us somewhere too.

If you wish to submit a pet to sell...
Post in the thread, with "Pet Submition" in bold. Just say you have a pet, and what
charity you have in mind for it. I'll PM you, and talk about details (such as your payment). Note: Your image will be credited to you. You have the right to say what people can do with it. You only give me the right to display a sample, and pass out the image once payment is recieved. If you wish for payment, it will be sent out once a week, otherwise, all earnings will go to the charity.

If you wish to become an affiliate...
Send me a PM, though saying you want to affiliate in the thread and showing me a link
here couldn't hurt either. In the PM, give me a link to your thread, and a banner you would like me to use. (I prefer smaller ones, but I'll take any kind). We can continue talking in PMs. (Hooray).
User Image

Q: So... what exactly is this place again? How does it work?
A: In order to help charities raise money, I decided to make a pet store where charities get some of the profit, thus allowing them to help more people. No, I don't give donations to people, just charities. If you want in on this, see the above post. Pets sold under a certain charity name will have their fifty percent given to that charity. They may shift around, depending on sales, but really, you don't need to worry about that. Just know you're helping a charity when you buy a cute pet. ^^

Q: What does rainbow assortment mean?
A: It means the pet comes in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. It does not come in a mix of these colors. It's just one solid color of each of those colors. I'm just too lazy to write it out. If you ask for a rainbow assortment pet, either you want all of them, or you don't know what rainbow assortment means. Of course, I think I got rid of all reference to it, so this is just more for historical purposes, if you can call it that.

Q: How do you pay all the charities/artists?
A: Very carefully. O.o I keep very very very good records of what people ordered, how much it all costs, and who gets what money (using Access). Then every month (or so) I total up the orders, and who gets what part of the money, and send the trades on their merry way. Or at least, that's what I plan to do.I'm also planning on writing a java program to do more of the tedious work for me but.. .I got lazy and haven't done that yet.

Q: What's this Charity of the Month business?
A: Well, sometimes charities deserve some gold, but I don't have any available pets to sell for them. Or they're just an oustanding charity. Either way, I select them as 'Charity of the Month,' where all proceeds from that Charity Pet will go to them.

Q: Only 50 percent goes to charity? Why not all of it?
A: Well, I actually did consider giving all the profit to charities. But then I thought about all the work I was putting into this (I've been planning/making pets since the fall of '04), and decided that doing it all for free would not be very satifying.

Q: OhMyGosh! I have to have that pet in this color! Can I?
A: Yes, yes you may. I do recolors, but it will cost you extra. Standard is 50g, though if it's more complex than a simple recolor, I will ask for more. You have been warned.

Q: OMGosh! How do I put my pet in my signature!?!?!
A: Settle down. A few simple steps will allow you to put this image into your signature or post on gaia. First of all, you'll need an account on photobucket.com or some other image hosting website. Just go there, and do the sign up procedure they give you. Remember your password and username for your account!

Next, you'll want to save the images on your computer. Right click them, and hit save picture as. Save them to where ever you save pictures to, such as the My Pictures folder if you're using windows. Remember where you put them!

Then, go to your photobucket account. There will be an option to upload a picture. Click the 'browse' button; this is looking for the picture location on your computer. Find the picture, click it, and then hit ok, or load, or whatever that button says. And now hit the upload button on the photobucket site. Then photobucket will have the picture in your account.

To use the picture in your signature, copy the image tag code. This is beneath the thumbnail of the image, along with some other codes.
Here is an example of the img tag: [img]http://www.thiswouldbeyourimageurl.orwebsite.jpg[/img]
Paste this code in your signature, which can be accessed through your profile. (click profile, edit profile, and then scroll down until you get to the part about signatures). Then update you signature, and your picture should be there.

If you still have any other questions about this, I'm pretty sure the Q&A forum has some sort of thread about it. sweatdrop You can ask me about it too, but those Q&A'ers are sure helpful...

Q: What the- I can't see a single banner or picture on your thread! What gives?
A: I've noticed that some people can't see some images in the store consistantly. If you've tried the good old 'show picture' method, and you still get nothing, my boyfriend has come up with a solution that may work for you. Here it is...
I've heard from Panpear that some people aren't able to see the banners she has on her first posts. This could be because of ad-blocking software on your computer. Here's a list of steps that should remedy the situation. (I've only tested it with Symantec Internet Security software, so hopefully the same type of adjustments will work for other software ninja )

1. Bring up your list of blocked ad scripts/html code.
1a. For Symantec users specifically, you bring up your firewall monitor and click Ad Blocking. Then, go to Configure. After that, go to Advanced.

2. Add "photobucket.com" and "www.gaiaonline.com" to your list of pages with customized options.

3. Find one of the websites and click it to highlight it and bring up it's customizable options.

4. Then (again, sepecifically for Symantec users), go to the Ad Blocking tab and click "Add..."

5. In the window that appears, type in /banner and select Permit.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 for the other website.

7. Proceed to close all the ad-blocking software windows by clicking Ok and it should be fixed.

If there's any problems, let me know and I can see if I can figure it out. (No guarantees though xp xd )
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image User Image

User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image

User Image


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Temp. Closed

User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Here are some banners you can use to link to us! Hooray! Don't worry- url links don't take up character space in your signatures. And these take you right to the first post! ^_^

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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  • Master Twibble* - first customer! ^_^
  • ky1x*
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The Rambling of Panpear, the Zombie Ninja Pirate. (Arr).

Arr, today be the 11th of September of the year 2005, and I have something to talk about. School has started yet again (yippee?), and I have enough on my plate with my wonderful physics, computer engineering, and logic math classes (Which all relate to eachother quite closely... it's very bothersome. And the math class covers three sections a lecture and is taught by the guy they warn you about, you know, the one who teaches at a junior level. But that's another story). Apparently, my plate had to get fuller.

So, last thursday, my lip seemed a bit swollen. As did my eyelid, because it wouldn't close when I blinked. Very annoying. So by Friday it had escallated, and on Saturday I went to the doctor... to find I have Bell's Palsy.

What's that, you ask? Oh, merely the temperary numbness/paralazation of half the face caused by a nerve swelling in your head for unknown reasons.


So half my face feels like it's been attacked by an angry novican wielding dentist (which explains rather nicely why my eye won't blink). All in all, it's very annnoying and distracting, especially when A) trying to blink, and B) eating.

Plus side? I can raise one and only one eyebrow (something I can't do normally), I can pretend I'm two face, and I got an eye patch so I can really be a pirate. Arr!

Now if only this happened around halloween...


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