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Believe it or Not art shop: to satisfy your wildest dreams!

Ever wondered where you could buy cute anime chibis? Maybe you wanted a cute dog chibi that looked like a ninja or something equally kawii? Looked around and couldn't find any? Well look no further! Believe it or not art shop has arrived to satisfy your every wonderful and let's face it, biazzare anime desire you have! Believe it! Your art is waiting for you now ..all you have to do is claim it...

1st post: Welcome
2nd post: Rules
I know. Not a pleasant subject but it's for our own good.
3rd post: Explanation and Example of art
I do all sorts of art! But look here for the specifics..
4th post:How to get the art
See something that you must have NOW? Look here to find how you can get that must-have..
5th post: Waiting list
Yes now I have seen your wish and like a good person..I make you wait. You want the art to be good doncha?
6th post: Current buyers
Want a referal? Just ask these satisfied customers.
7th post: Shop news
Check here.. I just might be doing giveaways.You never know.
8th post: Blacklist
Disobediance ruffians are doomed to the pit of despair and robbed of all their cookies
9-15: Miscellaneous

Weekly poll has now started
as well as the weekly dicegame giveaway.
A winner everytime..so don't miss out.
On any event.
1st post:Welcome

[~~ Summary]
Hello I'm Kyis2 and will be your artist if you chose to buy from me. I am very willing to change pics to your special preferences and love to draw. I don't mind doing special art and in fact I enjoy it! Just please realize that I will be busy sometime or another..so be patient. If I don't know what anime your talking about, I would like it if you sent me a reference picture that way it's accurate.
Please read my rules and so forths. I'd hate to have to kick you out of my shop because you didn't listen. I don't like doing that so save me the trouble and be nice. I do a variety of art and adore suggestions. Want me to draw ninja cats with lightsabers? say no more but it just might cost you extra..But for ninja cat, it's worth it right?

All my art is handdrawn and inked. Right now there isn't color so it's mostly just inked.Note that the inking takes time to dry so it may be a little bit longer until I finish your piece. I love drawing Naruto chibis and thought that this would be a great idea to share with others. You will know the art is signed by me because of the vine in the corner of the page.(examples do not need the vine)

If you are an artshop, and would like to advertise here are the steps to do so:
Step 1: Pm me saying Advertise
Step2: Send a trade with 1k to me( it costs that much to advertise)
Step 3: Advertise limitedly.(after all..I am letting you advertise in my shop)
2nd post:Rules

Give me time- in other words I may be busy with someone elses art and it may take me abit before I can get to you.Be patient and I will do my best to make sure no one is forgotten.

Listen up- Sometimes I might just send out a freebie so listen up. Also listen for updates and such. Sometimes it's not important and then at other times..it's huge.

RESPECT- Be nice to other gaians ok? We aren't children so let;s not act like them. If some one is waiting for art from thier request please wait your turn. Don't flame people or I will kick your butt to the curb.

Requests- For the reasoning of my sanity, please only request two drawings at the most of art per gaian.Otherwise it isn't fair to the rest of the gaians if I am stuck on your art while they have to wait.

Wait a minute- If it looks like I am ignoring your post.. Double check the format if the format's wrong I might overlook the request. If it is as it should be then PM me. The title called: Uh oh-forgotten art and I will either apologize for the delay or tell you that I'm currently busy.

That's it for now..check back often. I may add a rule here or there..
3rd post:Art examples...

full anime dog body

Realistic dog-head

Puppy wolf

Puppy dog

Dog anime


Full view

back view

action pic


chibi Torso: 3,000 gold per person
chibi Full: 5,000 gold per person

Normal Head: 5,000 gold per head
Normal Torso: 7,500 gold per person
Normal Full: 10,000 gold per person

chibi animal Head: 1,500 gold per head
chibi animal Torso: 3,000 gold per person
chibi animal Full: 5,000 gold per person

canine Head: 5,000 gold per head
canine Torso: 7,500 gold per person
canine Full: 10,000 gold per person
4th post: How to get the art

Now that you've found the art that your looking for, follow these guidelines to get it.Below the form is some rules for this. Please respect them and I will keep the black list empty.No one wants to go there!

Oy' Give 'e some Art Luv!
Username: (Your Gaia name)
Reference: (Photobuckets, tekteks, your current avatar, ect.)
Style: (canine head/Torso/Full or regular Head/Torso/Full)
Any pose you prefer: (Optional)
Any expression you prefer: (Optional)
Tip?: (Optional but loved <3)
Other?: (Optional)

1)+ Please don't submit a form if the sign above the waiting list says 'Full'. Forms submitted at this time will be ignored. Just be patient and wait until the list says 'Open'. C:

2)+Please submit forms only in this thread, not in a PM.

3)+I can finish a couple of pictures every day on the weekend; on weekdays, though, I have a lot of school and homework to take care of. So expect to only get your art on the weekend, sorry for the wait! Please try to be patient. In school vacations, though, I'll try to get art in as much as possible!

4)+I take forms in the order that people submit them, so if there's an open slot, it's first come first served!

5)+Sorry, but no refunds allowed.

6)+You can send the trade with the gold after ordering, or just wait until I PM you. x3 Either way, when your art is finished I'll accept the trade. Once I get the gold, I'll send you your art in a PM. <3

5th post:Waiting list:





wahmbulance BRIBE SLOT wahmbulance

To get here means that your art will be completed first. Though you will have to work on your bribes to get here..The least amount is 10k or more..It takes alot to motivate me.
6th post:Current buyers and art examples.

Link to current Buyers...
Buyers will be listed in my journal.
There are none now.

Examples sad I was going to have them in post three but I thought this way would make everything easier..)
Here are me examples and yes though they are few..(scanner acted up...fixed now) these are samples.


yaoi avi art request(couples pose)-Yaoi avi art request (couple)

Kabuto Yakushi(random act)-Kabuto Yakushi

Shy guy pose(My RPC Kyro)-Shy Guy Pose

Wolf anime(other)-Anime Wolf example
User Image

Chibi art 01

http://i239.photobucket.com/albums/ff166/VixenZodiac/lowandbehold.jpg]Chibi art 02

Animal chibi

Full body colored-7k(extremely hard to do..do not have photoshop! Only lousy Paint program.)
Kabuto full body colored
7th post:Shop news

Art Opening GIveaway!

The first person to post on pages 2 and four get a free art picture of a chibi pup!

Buy three get the next one free!


roll a ten sided ten dice and if you get the number 51 you get a chibi face art..

Shop opened:friday Agust eighth.
8th Post:Black list
Empty so far and lets keep it that way.
9th Post:Open says me
Let the fun begin!
need a few examples
seems like it'll be a nice little shop though smile
I somehow doubt i'll be lucky enough to get the art of the pup sad my luck sucks lately my fiance and I were in a car accident last night
*twirls in circles*
so what are you up to?

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