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Commission: CLOSED / Premades: CLOSED / Freebie: CLOSED

    User Image NoTICE 【 what's new 】

    [ - - - -. - .- - ] Premades is now closed. Even though the gallery is open for viewing,
    no future premade purchases or related trades will be accepted.

    I'll try to be a gopher logging in to check on PMs, and as much as I can, but again,
    things hasn't been as convienent for me as it used to so I've chosen to close
    down premades for the rest of the year. I am still using a borrowed laptop and I
    have thought about asking Arwen to do my deliveries, but I don't want to
    inconvienence her.. so we be closing business for abit til things are better.

    As I won't be selling anything much, please feel free to hangout here
    with the rest of the residents as much as you like. KAAYYY? ;D

    【 Status 】
    - Personal computer exploded, owner is utilizing a borrowed computer!!!!!
    - Commisson is closed til further notice.

Latest Guest / Shop Sale / Comishun"

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Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
(purchase price: 3,oooG)

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User Image User Image Giving away special avatars to CHEAP bastards!! >O<
    Get a freebie by simply posting in the thread once the grayed-out areas are open.
    Spaces are limited and First come, first served!
    You cannot reserve one for a friend, but you're welcome to sign for more than one release.
    Freebies granted will be sent via pm.

    These are not limiteds. Each one is simply free for a limited time.
    After a set amount are given away, a purchase price will become available so even latecomers will be able to own one.

    These side projects help keep the shop running and acts as a refresher and may not be available at all times.
    I'll try to release one or more during each month. For now, I'll focus on characters from the Final Fantasy game series-
    other charas will surface as they pique my interest, or becomes popular subject of discussion in the thread.

House Release~ free shwag, G00D!

    Cosplay CaBin mystery Fanservice

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        Albel Nox
        Star Ocean 3: Til the End of Time
sign up
    SPECIAL no. 8 [ TEN spaces ]
    01 - NekoAnie
    02 - Sparkle Hearts
    03 - xx_momotalo_xx
    04 - Tetsumi-chan
    05 - Shiseki_Kimagura
    06 - 8Sicarius8
    07 - Pugnacious Banana
    08 - [[Winter Night]]
    09 - Chunk Soul
    10 - Pounded

    Freebie ALL OUT 0 Quantity LEFT
    (purchase price: 3,oooG)
All old freebies are added to the gallery. Revisit and buy them on the following post!! >D
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User Image User Image


    SinGle (eg. video game, anime, any related pre-existing source)

    Custom (eg. O.C, fanart, brief description, mmorpg)

    *Set (eg. 3 characters of the same series of work)

    Prices are set regardless of detail. Not sure? Need a quote? Just ask! :3
    Please see related posts on how to request for new work when slot is available.

    *not being offered anymore



    Premade Gallery FAQ:
    Because my commission charge for new work is much higher,
    all the premades are cheaper for you. Pick yours HERE.

    Please only use avatar edit for signature, collecting, character molesting,
    or worshipping-use.

    Once you're there, underneathe each avatar edit is a price;
    keep in mind that originals and some marked "N/a", are not for sale.
    Simply start and confirm your trade with the character name as the subject.

    If you order more than you can fit on the trade window,
    you can send a pm to accompany your trade anytime.

    Please do not order through the thread! (I may overlook)
    Also when buying one as a gift, let me know their username
    so I may give proper ownership. Those avatars will be sent back
    to you so you may deliver them yourself.

    When you recieve your pic, please
    do not direct-link.
    You will have to save it on your own image host!
    Remember to keep in mind the rules and proper use when buying.

* Please give me some time to prepare your avatar edits for delivery.

* If I have not yet confirmed your trade, I may be out cold for the week.
(just leave trade in window & I will take care of it)

* Please save a copy of the avie edits upon receiving.
Image links will be severed and set to explode within a week.

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User Image

User Image Below is the waiting list for both shop projects and commission orders.
This is where you can look at what/who's being made for later release.
I'll announce when I'm free to do commissions. There is no need to
watch for openings.

If you have any questions about this section, feel free to ask.
Please DO NOT pm requests when the commission list is closed. Thanks



( Green = Work is in Progress | Gold = Complete | x = trade completed | x = trade in bank limbo )
A chara will be picked from one of these series and made into a freebie.
This is my name-dumping area X3 Pay no attention to it.

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User Image User Image

Requesting for a new avie edit to be made is very simple.
Before you do, please check my status to see if I am able to take commissions.
There is no ordering form. Just a simple post in the thread (or if you like) make up your own? ;D
If all goes well, I'll add your name to the wait list where you will be in queue with the rest.
All pm requests recieved during this time will be VOID.

- Requests are limited to - 2 edits per person OR 1 set -
OR when specific slots are available (single, 3xset, custom).

- When commission is open, you'll need to make two posts.

- post 1: claim your spot-- Tell me WHO you want!

- post 2: your character references, ect.

- Theres no need to supply references or links on your first post.
Focus on acquiring your spot and leave out the little details for later;
Do that on your second post so that you have a chance to grab a space.

- If at that time, you still have questions, ask away.

- when your request is an -OK, send trade.
All thats left for you to do now is wait and let me make
you an avatar edit to remember.

[ Da RUleS ]

- Finalized look of an edit will be determined as it is being made.
Pose specifics are ok, but please keep them to a minimum!
I'll follow a picture if that is all you want.

[TeH ABsolute NO-NOs!!!]

- no PM commission requests (that stuff belongs in the thread)
- I can't do PM reminders
- I will not recolor a character's trademark.
- no direct-linking images
- no asking for a return my reply and then I send you trade.
----- If you purchase, you must do the initiative!
- no thievery of edits
- no stripping avatar edits of their limbs and clothing
- absolutely no removal of my name ;__;
- no using of edit as a layout for profile
- no characters that are
----- deemed SUPER overly, excessively, ridiculously time consuming.
----- small parts, small things... (I'm gonna do it anyway won't I? >.> )
----- has waaay too much stuff (ocs)
----- is too ugly ( like a slime with no anatomy.. )
----- is nekkid ( ohdeargod.. please no )
----- is a photo of you or a friend (I don't want to look at your face 24/7 o__o)

Most importantly..
All things take time to make, please do not request if you cannot understand this.

[The avie edit YES-factors]

- yes to removing your ownership name for customized sigboxes,
BUT please keep the creators' name on it at all times.
-----please do not do this if you did not buy the edit. Its just not nice.

Answer to Questions: 07 THINGS TO KNOW!

- Remember, there is a line.
An edit will take me a day, a couple of days, a week, more or less a month, depending on complexity.
Know that I may be busy with other things in rl that may keep me from working on edits.

Once they are done (and when I'm satisfied), I'll just send 'em to you by PM.

- You can change or withdraw your order anytime, but not when you are green!
Let me know beforehand if you are undecided on a character, and I will not start until you're ready.

- O.c edits shall never be resold. They will stay unique.

- Avatar edits are made for signature-use within Gaia Online only.
They are there to be your friend and sit prettyful on your sig.
They cannot be used to replace your official avatar.

- I welcome extremely good bribes on a few occassions...
You can persuade by pm. Please make it an offer I cannot refuse.
If I am too busy, I may decline. But I will gladly hear you out. ^^;

- tips are always welcomed
(as recommended by one of my first customers ^_^)

- If you still have questions,
feel free to post them in the thread. If questions have not been answered
by fellow bumpers/ residents, then I will reply to you in the thread or by PM.
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    Resident Threaders
    (they stick here like barnacle on a ship for reasons unknown to man..)
    + Genesis Rockhide
    + CounterTerrorist
    + shikimagura
    + ShiroiRaven
    + Arwen
    + Imalane
    + samusx
    + Knucklesofhyrule
    + Yazoo_Girl
    + Neiobe


Kaseme, Pupra, Arancia, Rage Beat, LadyDelaidra (tip:2k), Manda (tip:2k), Alexiel_Katsuragi (tip:2k), mimi tachikawa (tip:1k), [ J a d e . D r a c o s ], Alexiel_Katsuragi, Alexiel_Katsuragi, Cleo_MoonBlade, Enzeru_angel, Enzeru_angel, Cleo_MoonBlade, Enzeru_angel, Enzeru_angel, Enzeru_angel, Rufyshinra (tip:letter!), spazzdragon82, enzeru_angel, Shuske Fuji, sailoreclipse, Tsuwabuki, -Tsuwabuki, [-Silver Ice-], [-Silver Ice-], Ebony Dragon (tip:3k), waterdragoonmaide (tip:1172g), Sexy Lamb, Demee, MR.Nick, ~Jade Dracos~, Cleo_MoonBlade, Amidamaru_1400, Tsuwabuki, Mousira, Kitara Kata, Rabid Jigglypuff, Maegiach, JustPlainJoe, -~o..Klody..o~-, Aura Avalon, Moonside (tip:500g), MR.Nick, caelan (tip:2k), sironimo, Zilla Kuroi-Yoru, Charlie Argueta (tip:letter!), Nymphadora_Tonks, Shuda Mibu, Phe, Permafrostic Zephyr, Permafrostic Zephyr, Kasidori, Kaibasangel13, Nicola-Chan, Kearii, MR.Nick, Nicola-Chan, Z a b u z a, Charlie Argueta, MaRcHL, sironimo, MaRcHL, Ronai, Dante-Sayre (tip:slippers!), boody1250

Purchases + Owners:
Dinosaur Shape Cookie (x10), Marius Ruthven, Imalane (x2)(tip:4oooG), Master Negi Magi, Serkunet (x4), Xulael Malachi (x17) (tip: 4oooG), Lily_Spiral (x10), Norne (x2), lucystar (x2), ArrancarYoruichi (x2), Ingou (x5)(tip: 3oooG), iNoctis L Caelum, gandol-kun (x2)(tip: 1oooG), Kaito Koizumi (x2), Jiroh (x15)(tip: 7oooG), D_Negel (x2), RicaChan (x3)(tip:3oooG), (x3), PrincessEv (x6), H3ArTmArE1091 (x2), Lil Miss Lapine (x2), Xia Asuka (x4), Ray Valentine, Le Avant Garde (x3), lucifers_ange, Fallen Mermaid, Xia Asuka (x10), Xia Asuka (x3), Marti-Hiiku (x2)(tip:800G), Swell Sundae, Gypsy Moth6, Dhez, Caeli (x2), Darkshimmer, SaphireSienna (x8 ), xTheEndx (x4)(tip:1oooG), cbee (x7), Serkunet (x3), Ninxi, karumen-chan (x18 )(tip:9oooG), Mage-Summoner (x3)(tip:5oooG), azukae (x2), karumen-chan (x2), Fluffy_luvr (x14), MonserGoRAWR (tip: 6oooG), Blue Winged, Caeli (x2), Serkunet (x3), Serkunet (x3), SethDemonic, Sand Dancer Shaka, Serkunet (x2),Jay Wayne (x2), Ashli-chan, Serkunet (x2), astroaries (x2)(tip: 20,oooG), Ruisu Serude, Queen Kyasarin, The Saiyan Warrior ( x3), Joyous (x2), astroaries (x5), Mage-Summoner (x3), undefined life, barokku (x9), Serkunet (x2), Fullmetalrunt (x2), Naeyru (x4)(tip:2oooG), Kage Halo (x2), Emfy Chimera (x2), Jade13 (x2), Moonx3, Lackluster Lailah (x3), Shaish, Valnor The Fallen (tip:1oooG), Stali (x2), QueenNanami (x2)(tip:1oooG), Duke_Azriel], ShiroiRaven, Lady Ariana The 13th, PrincessEv, Crystal_Nightfall, Rakura Lynn, Dalface, Pugnacious Banana, RabuLove (x5), Remy de Lioncourt (x3)(tip:3oooG), Cruel_Angel_Of_Ice (x2)(tip:1oooG), Demon_Rin (x8 )(tip:25ooG), The Muffin Woman (x2), barokku (x5), Hunter82 (x2), Imalane (x4)(tip:332G), Cruel_Angel_Of_Ice (x1), Kage Halo (x4), Adra Praeclarus (x1), Kalikko (x1), Mizz_FUJIN (x1)(tip:1oooG), Rage Beat (x11), miskrit (x1), Vincents Rose (x1), Lezard Alexandre (x1), Angel Kimmi (x1), Kayamath (x1), KuraiNeko (x1)(tip:1oooG), Mills Potiron (x1), DJ XIII (x9), Kasumi (x1), Marius-kun (x1), Kiwi Hatake (x2), .Silver.Pegasus. (x1), Caeli (x9), Darkshimmer (x2), Rein_Carnation (x4), Kaitaia (x3), leon_a_darkangel (x1), Ajax Blacknight; (x1), ruppychan; (x1), Marius-kun (x1), iFerret (x2), Morgan Rei (x2), Kalikko (x1), Caeli (x2), Darkshimmer (x1), Switch44apoc44 (x3), T i f a, CrimsonMoonshadow (x12)(tip:2oooG) w.o.l.f.i (x1), StoleYurVamps (x3), RougeX, Ocerean (x3), Ookami Kokkoro, Kakashi1617 (x12), Solis Luna (x9), Pupuran! (x29)(tip:10oooG), Rubedo II, Zarq (tip:1oooG), Switch44apoc44, Stephanie-sama, The Slate Scholar (x3), otaku_life, Ronoia (x2), Ibindis (x4), Manas Advocate, Joyous, ShadowAmaryllis, [Kat.On.A.Stick] (x2), Kaiki (x4), Slumbersome (x3), Susethium, Ashrey, w3ezy3, Naeyru (x2), Joyous, AssassineLataya (x2), Slumbersome, Kage Halo, sinabin (x3), Remy de Lioncourt (x3)(tip:1oooG), Shaish, Meiiko, asianchau, Jen-Til (x4), FastMinx (x2), Miku_Ayawei (x2)(tip:1oooG), Zweizi Galon (x2), Tsunade456 (tip:1oooG), Emma (x5), Leo Boy, Sparkle Hearts, Asgre (for) Hex Altair, kairi ono (for) jujuzita, Auron Tribal (x3), Kaito Dark Mousy, Jade13, Remy de Lioncourt (tip:1oooG), Coffee_Kitty (x2 for DarkShadowAngel), Shaish, Queen Kyasarin (x3), Remy de Lioncourt, Taile (tip:1oooG), Caitibird, makuyasan-miko, wat_the_heck, NarakusGirl (x3), xkgd.oblivion, Auron Tribal (x2), RoseNightshade (x3), Taerar Licorne (x2), PhiferWolf (x4), mistoftime (x7), Imalane, Falling Uphill, Astrawberry (x2)(tip:100G), dragon bound (x2)(tip:500G), Hunter82 (x3), Sanzuro, [.Exrael.] (x5), ardillosa, Rogue X, Falling Uphill, PhiferWolf (x8 ), -Queen Emma-, Widow-Of-D00m (x3), marukawa (x24), PhiferWolf, Duranche (x3), Rev, Neko Anji, Kesshoukun, regalwily, Sparkle Hearts, marukawa, Levallia Lunaire, Shaish, Sparkle Hearts, Darks_sister, `Fox, amaterasu87-Drolo (x2), Vergils-Girl (x3), Morgan Rei, .Unjust.rhythM. (x2), Onee-chan Gina (tip:500G), Taile (x3), Angel_from_the_clouds (150G), ShiroiRaven (tip:1k), Navy_Cherub (x3), Auron Tribal, Lufeher, Seki Seysena, marius-kun (x2), Sparkle Hearts, outlaw trinidy, Widow-Of-D00m (x3), Auron Tribal, Kyoko Komiashi (x3), Kurosune_Aoki, Liz, Myoko Donn, LightAngel_of_War (x3), Atemu (6x)(tip:5ooG), amandazgreat, Kiamani Fontine (x19)(tip:11oooG), semiblonde, greenpapercut, KING KALIMDOR, Twilight Tokyo Rose, Hikarumei (x3), arsenalangel (x2), Virgil Brisbane, Sailor Kasumi (x3), strayangelxdemon, Taiko Goddess, ChizuYuuki, bigbadteddy, neoAyumui (x2), Joyous, Angel Valentine, Getsurei, Chibi_Crystal, Caileen Kitsu, Sparkle Hearts, [IRSTUPID]FEDKites Muleh, ~~Navy_Cherub~~ (x3), Yin Yang Fox, Nostalgic Chains, Erairin, [Yazoo_Girl], Fenexa, `Fox, Hunter82 (x3), Korosuki (x2)(tip:3ooG), floating.glass.toasters (tip:48oooG), Befu, ChizuYuuki (x2), [.Naruto and Hinata.] (x2), Edit Love, outlaw trinidy (x3), MidnightNoriko, Queen Katherine VIII (x2), FEDKite, ~~Navy_Cherub~~ (x3), Oloriel, trislash, `Fox (x4), Joyous, Chibi_Crystal (x3), thebrokenone83, [Yazoo_Girl], [Yazoo_Girl] (x2), .Silver.Pegasus., [Yazoo_Girl], Zero Dream (x7), Aero.Dynamic, Joyous, Lady Star (x4)(tip:1,oooG), Joyous, Shinra Rufus (x2), Rini Ikataru, dmitri_mcknight, kyoko yoshi, CrazyGuy312, Edit Love, Sparkle Hearts, Jade13, CoolGiirl_Tarah, .Silver.Pegasus., FEDKite (x2), Tinelle, .Silver.Pegasus., Seraphim Call, Remy de Lioncourt (tip:6oooG)(x2), Joyous, .Silver.Pegasus., Selene Seti (x2), Teh Halo, nemesiskenobi, ProfessM, Sol Strike (x3), Hentai Tentacle Monster] (tip:4oooG)(x4), Waive, ShiroiRaven (x6), Joyous, Dark_Queen_of_Death (x4), OmfgItsKai (tip:321g)(x2), Shiva the Ice Aeon, Dark_Queen_of_Death, LunarPhantom (x4), Coffee_Kitty, Kokuyoku - Dark, Firefly.Hotaru, Coffee_Kitty (x2)(tip:2oooG), Ookami Hinote Yasha, DizzytheGear, [RikuxHarada], Mienai No Shi, Sushi Nazi (x2), Getsurei (x3), Hunter82 (x2), T.r.o (x4), Shaish (x2), Sanzuro, yru567, ShiroiRaven, xFreya, [.DJ Unjust.] (x3), Lady Star (x3),yru567, PrincessEv, Akimbo, EdwardHau, Peppermint Elf (x2)(tip:500g), Kaseme, [.DJ Unjust.], Peppermint Elf, Carandra, Tinelle, Lady Star (x3)(tip:500g), yru567, ShiroiRaven (x3)(tip:1oooG), Joyous (x2), [The.Rather.Odd.One] (x2), wOrMbAbY, Sparkle Hearts, S.M.!.L.E, SubZero Assassin (x10), Jurado (x2), [RikuxHarada] (x2), T.r.o, Xehanort of the War, marius-kun, Remy Remus (x2)(tip:5k), $Chris$, ADozenFuries, xFreya (x2), Aero.Dynamic (x2), Frosted.Daylight (x2), Remy Remus (tip:2500g), Setsuna_Kurenai (x2), FEDKite, Fruits Basket (Manga), ~Kiseki_Tenshi~ (x2), Remy Remus (x3)(tip:1k), Joyous, ` r h a p s o d y (x2), starladyplace (x2), Sparkle Hearts, bigbadteddy(x2), Hii-chan~ (x2), amaterasu87, .UNJust.RHYthm. (x2), [RikuxHarada], Mills Potiron, Sanjou, SociallyHandicapped, A mysteriuos Man, Edit Love, Firess (x2), Ray Valentine, amaterasu87-Drolo, MiaowMiaow-Reina, Velorius (x4)(tip:1oooG), [zoe] (x2)(tip:1oooG), Hitsuzen (x2), Unaru (x2), Deathberry Ichigo (x2), Jurado (x3), Sin Marai, Fox Fion (x2), Shaish, yc_lover (x2), Sanzuro (x3), Seki Seysena (x2)(tip:100g), Joyous, Miku_Ayawei (x2), Sanzuro (x3), GundamNook (x2), MetalBowser (x2), shadow_servant, Black Duvet (x13), Yuumei Tenshi, Haruguchi Shara (x2)(tip:500g), Raz666 (x2), Fox Fion, marius-kun, [xXx]Reika[xXx] (x9), Dinara, U R Eating Glitter, GundamNook (x2), Tirix00, Auron Tribal, Sparkle Hearts, T.r.o, Jenn-Chan (tip:7k), Tinelle, ~ xX O b l i v i o n Xx ~, Seki Seysena (x3), ShiroiRaven (tip:2k), .+.rejected.teddy.+., Darks_sister (x3), Dark_Queen_of_Death, bigman123 (tip:500g) Tears of a forgotten, Rozen Suigintou, [Kosher-Kooker-Kleaner], Paradoxic Cure (x3), Rozen Suigintou, Angel-Kimmi, xx_momotalo_xx (tip:1k), Tinelle (tip:1oooG), Anna_maiden_girl (x2), Phileh, Remy Remus (tip:1oooG), Nychii, [psychotic muffin] (x2), Foxphoenix, Asheris, Hunter82 (x2)(tip:1oooG), Hii-chan~ (x3), Lord Silverfox (x3), [[AliceChan]], Rozen Suigintou, Dread Pirate Mina, xx_momotalo_xx (x12), M (x3), xx_momotalo_xx (x8 ), Sin Marai (x3), xx_momotalo_xx (x11), Foxphoenix, Valadhiel Decos, Sadame Musouka (x4, tip:3oooG), Katsuya Fujiwara (x2), Soka Kurosaki, Darks_sister (x2, tip:1oooG), Baheena (tip:400g), L o v e T h e H o e. (x2), xx_momotalo_xx (x4)(tip:2oooG), ShiroiRaven, Danni-chan, Tinelle, Isid (x2), T i f a, Demon_Sharingan, Rage Beat (x12), MachaGirl (tip:50g), starladyplace, T i f a, Sparkle Hearts, Remy Remus (tip:500g), Tinelle (x4), Suruma, Queen Katherine VIII (x2)(tip:500g), Midoriko_Kiryu, -Queen Emma-, Tinelle, GundamNook, D R E A M T (x3), [Hyde] (x4), Tinelle, M e k o, floating.glass.toasters (x2), makuyasan-miko, Yoko-Flutter, LadyDelaidra (tip:1k), Better Off Nameless, Care_e, Kohoshi, Jenn-Chan (tip:8k), Amadrei, -Queen Emma- (x2), Valadhiel Decos (tip:1oooG), Mr.Gawr, jupitersetsuna_garnet, AffectionsPainter, [ +Shadow+ ], Midnight_Flare (x2), Amadrei, Bellatrix78, Valadhiel Decos (tip:500g), Peppermint Elf (tip:200g), KenyakoDivination (x3), Spike Uesugi, GundamNook, Valadhiel Decos (tip:2k), KenyakoDivination, NarakusGirl, Midori_Keiko, PrincessEv, zonic69 (x2), Aika__ Sumeragi, [ Twilight-Link ], TheQualityofMercy (x2), NarakusGirl (x4), Foxpheonix (x2), StarladyPlace (x6), [ +Shadow+ ] (x3), LoveAngel Samurai, Carbonation (x43, tip:14,500g), Wataru Fujii (x4), Chibi_Revenant, Saint-15, Subliminal Effect (x2), Hitokiri Shizuka (x3), ShiroiRaven (tip:600g), Sir Integra Wingates (x2), Pugnacious Banana, Tinelle (x2), GundamNook, Pugnacious Banana (x2), zonic69 (x7), DizzytheGear, dragon bound (tip:500g), Jinkotsumaru22, Peppermint Elf, Pugnacious Banana, Oh so serious, Peppermint Elf, MooMooChan, Pugnacious Banana (x2), Pugnacious Banana (x2), [-Sensei-], Pugnacious Banana (x2), V-Bank, Midnight3476, jade kiron (tip:1oooG), hitoriki shizuka, Tinelle (x2), Seikou-san, ShiroiRaven (tip:1k), KenyakoDivination (x3), NightSymphony (x5), Asheris, Kipetshin, Foxphoenix, Darks_sister, ~~Innocent_Star~~, Nanari Uchiha (x2), Nanari Uchiha (x2), Tinelle, saturnguardian90 (x3), Stephanie-sama, zonic69 (x3), Tinelle, Midori_Keiko, Darks_sister (x2), Kari_Ryoo (tip:500g), Foxphoenix & Osanpo, ShiroiRaven, Lady Zar-Shi (tip:200g), Miku_Ayawei (x3), Yzzif, Rave_Bunny, ShiroiRaven, x.Skada.x , Foxphoenix, Sanoske_Niwa, Wolf-jin, dragon bound (tip:1oooG), Foxphoenix, LilChaosKitten, Prince Forte, dragon bound (tip: 1oooG), foxphoenix, Prince Forte, Rage Beat, NightWind666, Michiru Tendo, LadyDelaidra, Foxphoenix, Foxphoenix, LadyDelaidra, dragon bound (tip: 800g), Foxphoenix, Foxphoenix, Ares_Demon, Scarecrow777, Foxphoenix (x20) , w4i / Denise (x26), Foxphoenix, mistoftime, Cursed_Gaara, bigbadteddy, death to you part, Hitoriki Shizuka, Meiiko, Nekov (ty, 18k worth of edits), osoroshii yume, Nicola-Chan (15k worth of edits), Ralbas, Kejoca, Maverick Wanderer, Dante-Sayre, Luminous Imp, Crossback, zEku53ru, zonic69 (ty, for 18k worth of edits~!), Kohoshi, samus x, beyond_the_grave, InfinitiesOfSoules, Morurie, Shirori, [ShironX], makuyasan-miko, K-Dogg, Tricky no Jutsu (49k worth of edits!), Yzzif, zonic69, zonic69, spazzdragon82 (sank' you!), zonic69 (thank you!), zonic69, SubZero Assassin, spazzdragon82, D R E A M T, SubZero Assassin, .T.a.c.o., .T.a.c.o, Katsunori, Subzero Assassin (26k worth of edits!), dragon bound (tip:2oooG), dragon bound, Magica, llmeliss313ll (tip:letter!), llmeliss313ll, Nicola-chan, x l o l l i r o t x (tip:1oooG), x l o l l i r o t x, x l o l l i r o t x, x l o l l i r o t x, Magica, kooliokid13 (thanks for wanting to donate!), whitebunnierabbit, whitebunnierabbit, llmeliss313ll (tip:500g), xIntoxicatedXTCx (tip:300g), mmcangel90, mmcangel90 (tip:500g), Kaseme, Eskaatjuh, Kaseme, Ronin1366, phoenix bound, Len-Len_the_kitsune, Shianu, DemonixX, Kai Hyugiha, Vahn Kyonuske, AngelAoi, Antu, Midori_Keiko, AngelAoi (tip:2k), AngelAoi, SakuraCherrie, Orphene, Rain-claws (tip:500g), Nicola-Chan, cynbaby, Rain-claws, Piale, StreekG, Nicola-Chan, Nicola-Chan, Nicola-Chan, saino, RufyShinra, Kai Hyugiha, Ragnarok77, Holydragon, ANBU Jin (thank you for donating!), Yura, Black Waltz 0 (thank you for donating)

Random Shop Donations
- Imalane
(giant green eggshell, seeing stone, spirited 2k7 socks, pine peacoat, leap year frog, watermelon hat, holo-grid floor)
- Vergils-Girl (10K)
- [.DJ Unjust.] (hearto boxorz)
- Carandra (grade A fish bait, 50 wht carnation, 50 blue daffodil, 100 wht daisies)
- Joyous (single sunflower)
- Auron Tribal (3k)
- sironimo (april, sept, aug, june '04 letter)
- Foxphoenix (1k)
- ANBU Jin
- Black Waltz 0


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    If you like my shop and wish to link, please select and copy the code below.
    There are 4 designs to choose from. Pick your flavor! =)

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    Also, visit these great shops on your way out. *smile*

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    Ragnarok Online Avatar Edits (owner: BlackMN)
    Meri & Kimi's Inc. (owner: mini shop forum)
    Avatar edits. And stuff. (owner: Pugnacious Banana)

    -------------------------------------- Specialty Graphic / Pixel shops

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Copyright gibberish..

-- little emo animated saga icons and all other related icons made by Saga,
no theft and stealing please. I will have to kill you.
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End of shop eek

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