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O P E N !

Welcome to the Mad Tea Party; Please have a seat. Look around the table, we have many things to eat. Whimsical wonders, delightful drinks, freshly baked goods, and other sweets. So, please sit down, have a cuppa tea; The Mad Tea Party is the place to be ~ n_n

» Hello :3 I'm the host of your tea party. I'm acrylique, but please call me Lilly. (double l's ;D)
This shoppe was created to mainly help me fund for my goals (i.e. coco kitty) and it is also a place to hang out.
Chatters and free bumps are always loved. Join the partayyy :*)

Remember to read the ETIQUETTE and HOW TO ORDER before ordering !

hall of freebies >>

Please post if you decided to take one, and I'd appreciate if you also let me know which ones. Thanks ;D

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    + a delicious mini-cup of red tea ~

table of contents
1: intro
2: news
3: etiquette (rules) & how to order
4: order forms
5: items - beverages
6: items - desserts
7: items - limiteds
8: customer list
9: link in/out
10: extras
11: FAQ
12 - 15: reserved

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25 DECEMBER 2007
MERRY CHRISTMAS to those who celebrate ! Otherwise, I hope everyone is having a good winter/holiday (: gift option will be soon....

23 DECEMBER 2007
Fixed up some things, added a table of contents, and a new freebie!
This gingerbread man will remain a freebie until the 28th, then will be placed in the limiteds section for a price. Post if you take one, please!

22 DECEMBER 2007
[setting up] Done. We are open. It is extremely late, and I am going to sleep. n_____-

wahmbulance wahmbulance wahmbulance
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    01 absolutely do not steal, copy, edit, redistribute, etc. anything (images/concepts) ! (basically, if you do, you die ;D)
    02 do not spam, beg, advertise, quote any first page posts, stretch the page, or hotlink any images.
    03 save all orders to your own server. do not direct link.
    04 please only use all images on gaia. (aka, no offsite use, please)
    05 be patient with your orders, please !
    06 do not PM orders.
    07 do not cancel or modify orders unless absolutely necessary. otherwise, it just brings confusion. (large cases may cause me to cancel your order)
    08 please do not send whatever items you purchase to your friends. it confuses the ownership. (a gift option will come soon !)
    09 be courteous to myself, the shoppe, and others. (no flaming, harassing, etc; don't over-use [or don't even use] profanity)
    10 follow gaia's TOS and rules & guidelines.
    11 post in the thread if you take a freebie, and which ones you have taken.

    please let me know if you have seen anybody with stolen things from here <3
    food snatchers are not appreciated.

    please continue reading below on how to order. :3

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    ordering process:
    01 using the proper form, fill it out and post inside the thread. do not PM me please.
    02 immediately after ordering, send the trade to acrylique (which is me) with the correct amount of gold and the PAGE NUMBER in the title.
    03 i will confirm the trade and send your food items. o 3 o
    04 you receive your order, and then you complete the trade.

    important notes:
    - do NOT cancel or change your orders as soon as you post them, unless absolutely necessary !!
    - if there are any errors to your order, please let me know right away and i will correct it if applicable. (do not edit your post; i will know >_~)
    - send trade with the correct amount of gold (cough; and tips if any).
    - do not expect me to randomly give people i do not know discounts > 3 <

    continue to the next post for the order forms.

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please use these forms when ordering items. thank you (:


[list][list][b]type: unlimited items[/b]

[b]your username: [/b]
[b]beverages: [/b] (list items below)
+ [u]teapot:[/u] y/n
+ [u]specialty teas:[/u]
+ [u]other beverages:[/u]
[b]desserts: [/b] (list items below)
+ [u]cookies:[/u]
+ [u]muffins:[/u]
+ [u]cakes:[/u]
[b]anything else?: [/b] comments and whatnot

[b]subtotal: [/b]
[b]tip? (optional): [/b]
[b]grand total (including tip if tipping): [/b]


[list][list][b]type: limited items[/b]

[b]your username: [/b]username here
[b]item(s): [/b] list item(s) here
[b]anything else?: [/b] comments and whatnot

[b]subtotal: [/b]
[b]tip? (optional): [/b]
[b]grand total (including tip if tipping): [/b]

example of a properly filled-out order form:

User Image
      type: unlimited items

      your username: acrylique
      + teapot: no
      + specialty teas: red tea (26O)
      + other beverages: green tea (25O)
      + cookies: --
      + muffins: bran muffin (22O)
      + cakes: --
      anything else?: no thank you.

      subtotal: 73O g
      tip? (optional): 7O g
      grand total (including tip if tipping): 8OO g

User Image
    Delightful drinks are brewed and freshly made each day, with the best ingredients. All flavours are completely natural.
    (items listed left to right)

    User Image
    * the teapot
    this is the king of all teapots ;O
    26O g if buying with a specialty tea.
    35O g if buying alone (without specialty tea).

    User Image
    * specialty teas
    red tea - raspberry tea - peach tea - blackberry tea
    26O g each. 103O g for all four.

    User Image
    * other beverages other types of teas and beverages
    hot chocolate - green tea
    25O g each. 49O g for both.

    * prices may change in the future, possibly without notice
User Image
    What's a tea party without the goods? (; here you will find baked goods of many tastes and types.
    (items listed left to right)

    User Image
    * cookies
    lemon iced sugar cookie - shortbread - raspberry jam shortbread
    215 g each. 635 g for all three.

    User Image
    * muffins
    plain - chocolate - bran - branberry - carrot
    220 g each. 1O9O g for all five.

    User Image
    * cakes
    strawberry shortcake
    23O g each.

    * prices may change in the future, possibly without notice
User Image
    Here you will find special food items that will be here for a limited time only ;O

    [ none at the moment; sorry D: ]

User Image
    This is just a list to keep track of customers and who has purchased what items, etc. (:

    » teapot [03]
    Commander Rigby, suuit san, yunalensca

    » red tea [01]

    » raspberry tea [0]

    » peach tea [01]

    » blackberry tea [01]
    Commander Rigby

    » hot chocolate [0]

    » green tea [0]

    » lemon iced sugar cookie [01]

    » shortbread cookie [0]

    » raspberry jam shortbread [02]
    Friday_Dora, Hinabi

    » plain muffin [0]

    » chocolate muffin [0]

    » bran muffin [0]

    » branberry muffin [01]

    » carrot muffin [04]
    Friday_Dora, rubyflamez, d i z k o t a z t i k, Hinabi

    » strawberry shortcake [05]
    rubyflamez, suuit san, d i z k o t a z t i k, Hinabi, yunalensca

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    would you like to exchange links/affiliate? 8D make sure it is a link to a minishop. quality shops, please. i'm also sometimes picky about these types of things, so i may not put up everyone's link. but please don't hesitate to ask ! ( don't take it personally if i don't ! D: )
    also, only 88 x 31 buttons are accepted. larger buttons won't be used and you will be linked by text. (some exceptions may be made)
    please post your link in the thread. do not PM me for link exchange.
    do not stretch the page when posting, please.

    link in:
    if you would like to link me, use one of the buttons below ! 8D

    User Image

    links out:
    User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image
    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

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    This is an extra space to list miscellaneous things, keep track of whatever, etc.

    current goal: coco kitty

    grey list / to pay list:
    if your name is on this list, this means you have not completed the trade, even after i have sent you your item. D:
    one week will be given for you to complete the trade, but if not, your name will be placed here.
    getting off the list is simple; just complete the trade. but, if your name is here and you have NOT received your item, please PM me and let me know!

    none :3

    to do list:
    + cakes
    + some kind of limited
    + donation item
    + scones
    + fairy cake
    + bubble tea
    + iced tea

    If you have any suggestions for the shop (item and idea -wise), feel free to post in the thread. ^_~
User Image

    q: May I have a discount / an item for free?
    a: If you are a total stranger, I'm afraid I cannot do so. D<

    q: Why are your prices so high?
    a: I personally find them reasonable, considering how much time I spent in front of a screen pixelling these (or "in the kitchen", "baking food" ;P).

    q: Can we trade links?
    a: Please refer to the "Links in/out" section for all the details you need.

    q: Will you make custom items?
    a: For this shop, no, but you may make suggestions for future items.
    As for a personal customized pixel/graphic/whatever, you can PM me if you want to that badly. (although there may be a price, depending on what you would like)

    q: What program do you use to design these?
    a: Ideas come from my brain. As for actually drawing them out, I use MS Paint and Adobe Photoshop. :3

    If you have a question, you may post it in the thread. I'll try my best to answer. n_~

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we are openn !~

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