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logan the god of candy
ok you are just dumb.
everyone knows that if it wasn't for JOE there would be no michael.
Elvis was a racist b*****d.
I know it's gonna piss you Elvis fans off that I said that but hey i just don't give a ********. Elvis stole A LOT of songs from african american artists. But hey what white artist back then didn't.?
Remember Hound Dog.? You guys probably think that song was made by Elvis right.? WRONG.!
The song was made by none other than Big Momma Thorton.
But because the white radio stations didn't play black music the white musicians just felt they could steal music and play it off as their own not giving any credit to the true artist. So I have no respect for Elvis what so ever or any old school white musician for that matter.

INB4 it's because you're black.
because I don't give a ********]

it's not because ur black. it's because ur a racist. white people enslaved the black people, giving black people the means to make the music that they made. without white people, black music would still be bangin' on drums. while that's true, it's just to point out that ur a racist idiot. white people (like elvis) made black music popular. without popularizing black art, there would be no popularized black artists. i bet you think "respect" was an aretha franklin song. a woman's song. no, it was a man's song because you need to shut the ******** up, get off the computer and get back in the kitchen. ur a woman, only speak when spoken to.

I'm racists.?
That's a shocker seeing that I grew up in predominatley white neighborhoods.
I've mainly gone to predominatley white schools until I went to high school.
You saying I'm a racist is really stupid seeing that you know nothing about me.
Black music was already popular.
If it wasn't popular then white artists( LIKE ELVIS) would not have taken the songs in the first place. Little know this but rock and roll was invented by blacks.
But because blacks didn't have any say so on who had control of their property the white musicians felt "hell it's just niggers who's gonna care.?"
You have a problem with what I said because it's the truth.
Don't you know about little richard.?
He is considered the architech or rock and roll.
But because he was a BLACK MUSICIAN his music was stolen and he was given no royalties or anything for his music.

well, from ur original rant about black and white, ur obviously a racist because the OP had nothing to do with race. you just tossed that in there. just bitching about white people stealing from the blacks. doesn't matter where you grew up, most racist blacks i talk to think they aren't racist. that's just because they're incompetent too. when anybody other than black people made rock, it was no longer "black" music. people made it their own, and not white. no, because that doesn't define the person. white's didn't steal from blacks, singular people stole from other singular people because they understood the music, they felt it. if it wasn't good, artists like elvis wouldn't have copied it. it was popular with blacks. a minority. popular mean majority. people didn't copy it because it was popular, they copied it because it was good and they liked it. little richard didn't popularize rock or rap, or pop or any other form michael employs, so he had nothing to do with michael being so popular. it was other's that relieved us of our ignorance of such forms, and it is therefore them who opened the doors. and don't preach rock n' roll to me, woman. now, again. get back in the ******** kitchen.

we can go ahead and argue about who owes what to who in the world of art, but simply enough, Elvis and other's of the time regardless of color took good music and they made it huge. if they hadn't, michael and anybody else wouldn't have sold so many records, nobody you listen to would be relevant, and probably not even make music. people open doors for others and everything started somewhere, but this thread started at elvis and the 1960's. it didn't start at who gave somebody else the idea to take music in a new direction that would someday be called rock n' roll.
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Millie Nao
One music genre created another; without Elvis who popularized music that had been only listened to by blacks, there never would have been pop. Without pop, Michael Jackson never would have had the platform to show off his talents and hypnotize all of you. Whether or not Elvis stole is besides the point. Stealing is wrong yes, very wrong, especially when it is someone else's hard work. Don't do it. BUT the point is that you should all appreciate Elvis just a little bit because he is partially responsible for Michael Jackson's fame. Without Elvis, the music that would evolve into pop would never have reached the ears of the wealthy, white, producers and such. Is it sad that white's ruled the roost back then? Yes, it is sad and wrong that it was that way but this is not my point. There is no need to talk about how Elvis was some sort of mean racist. This is not the point.

So please, there is no reason to bash Elvis. You should appreciate Elvis's valueable place in music history and how he infact, did break down racial barriers with his music. The songs he sang were enjoyed by everyone, young and old, black and white, similar to Michael Jackson. Elvis did have his haters of course, just like Michael Jackson. What's this! Elvis and Michael Jackson are similar! Pioneers of fashion of the era!? Musical giants!? Some of the biggest memorials ever!?

forgive me right now but I have to:
Who is that man in the mirror? Is it Michael Jackson? Is it Elvis? I don't know.

Elvis also had a year long love affair with Ann-Margret and she's wonderful. Who is she? Look her up. Don't bash her for being old. She's still beautiful and talented.

I hope you can all appreciate what I have just said. If you have any corrections or additions please tell me as politely as possible. Thank you, I will gladly alter anything that is incorrect.

EDIT: I am not saying that Elvis directly influenced Michael Jackson. This I know to be not true. What I am saying is that ELVIS OPENED THE DOOR SO THAT PEOPLE LIKE MICHAEL JACKSON COULD BECOME FAMOUS SOMEDAY! I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT THE MUSIC THESE TWO MUSICIANS WROTE! I AM TALKING ABOUT HOW ONE HAS AFFECTED THE CAREER OF THE OTHER! This is something none of you can seem to appreciate except for a few.
You're all being terrible racist. Michael Jackson would be rather unhappy with you all.
Actually, Elvis does have a sizable influence on him.

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