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What's your favorite band? hmm... Nightwish maybe
Favorite song? Hard to say.. i have more than million fav songs xD
Favorite sub-genre of metal? trash metal and death metal
Favorite musician (guitarist, bassist, drummer, etc)?
Marco Hietala biggrin
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song: Whiskey in the Jar
sub-genre:heavy metal
band: METALLICA!! heart
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Dapper Gekko

Well imma assume its all in terms of metal so: Fave METAL band is Edguy. Fave metal song is Before I Forget by Slipknot. I cannot really pick one sub-genre. Musician, hmmmm Zakk Wylde.
Fav Band
Evanescence... and In This Moment... and Within Temptation... and Nightwish... and Epica...

Fav Song
Farther Away - Evanescence
The Promise - In This Moment
Heavy Prey - Lacey Sturm

Fav Musician

Amy Lee - Lead singer of Evanescence
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Favorite band: Megadeth
No particular song which I think is the best smile
Favorite sub-genre of metal? Trash / Folk
Favorite musician: Uh...David Lee Roth?
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i like screamo

i agree it helps me fall asleep at night sometimes
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fave band either evanescence, ozzy, or megadeth
fave song 13 by megadeth
fave sub-genre heavy or black
fave musican ozzy
heaven by warrant
band: Lamb of God
song: Hourglass
genre: nu-metal
guitarist: Willie Adler
Valhall Awaits Me by Amon Amarth, Epic Melodic Viking Death Metal!
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Liberal Dabbler

Hmmm.. Right now I'm really diggin Gojira. Their album "From Mars to Sirius" is.. out of the world, ha.
Favorite song so far... Not a bad song on here.. well, I do skip the instrumental "Unicorn" cause it's pointless in this album. Some highlights are "From the Sky", "Heaviest Matter of the Universe", and "Flying Whales".
It's like Death, Meshuggah, and maybe Pain of Salvation had a threesome and Gojira is the result.
love this band xp
Band: Black Veil Brides
Songs: Rebel Love Song, Fallen Angels, Knives And Pens heart
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He's my favorite musician <3
Favorite band? Hmmmm......At the moment I am IN LOVE with Black Veil Brides
Favorite Song. Youth and Whiskey
NickyDeath13 I Locke the way you roll xD <3

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